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Uranus Awakened the Age of Aquarius

Uranus Awakened the Age of Aquarius

Neptune Dreamed It Into Collective Consciousness, and Pluto Will Sprout It Into Life

Today we continue our discussion about this mini-era I call our “Age in Transition” between the rapidly fading Age of Pisces and the ever-stronger emergent patterns of the coming Age of Aquarius.

As we discussed yesterday, we must take a vaster perspective if we are to understand how Cosmic Time works. Even when we conservatively estimate the end phase of a previous Age with the entry phase of the subsequent Age, we still find that any transitional period between Ages is several hundred years. It takes many generations to pass before all the patterns of ancient times are finally stilled and new patterns are accepted in collective consciousness.

Our Current “Age in Transition”

I offered that we began to move into the transition zone leading us out of the Age of Pisces about 240 years ago, around the time of Uranus' discovery, the American and French Revolutions, and the end of the "divine right" of kings, queens, and the priesthood that allowed them to believe they were better than the rest of humanity. Every generation since then has lived in the current “Age in Transition,” with conflicting signals between the inertia of old Piscean belief systems and emergent Aquarian ideals associated with “Enlightenment thinking.”

Because we all have been and will be living our lives entirely within the larger transitional era, many things will seem uncertain. There will be many emergent ideas which are mere “bridge forms” and only serve to coax future developments to come forth. We know we are in “the in-betweens” of the old Piscean era with its superstitions and obsolete belief systems and the new Aquarian era which will focus on the ideal of the greatest good for the greatest number.

As the old Piscean patterns are not yet dead, it means we’ll confront many older ways which are dying a slow death even as we experience prototypical Aquarian manifestations of things we have never dreamed of. How much we experience both entirely depends on our state of consciousness. Many are confused because they are experiencing both, with conflict between points of view which are wildly divergent. This is where grounding in the NOW can give us perspective about the fading nightmare being the illusion and the global awareness of our Oneness becoming stronger every day.

The qualities of the coming Era are in fact entirely different than the dying one. The synthesizing quality of the Fixed Air of Aquarius is a much different energy than the restless ambiguity of the Mutable Water of Pisces. Aquarius is clear; Pisces is murky. Both are totally identified with collective consciousness, but the collective belief systems of the past 2000 years are inadequate to further the advances in human awareness and consciousness which have been patterns established in collective consciousness with the transits of Uranus and Neptune through Aquarius.

And so in our Age in Transition, while we are on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, it’s going to be a while before we will finally bid adieu to the old, rapidly-fading Age of Pisces. The good news is that those who have learned to tune into the coming global awareness these past 25 years are actually participating in strengthening the approach of the coming era by embodying facets of that awareness in their lives.

Awakening To The Aquarian Age

We have already had emergent patterns and elements of the coming Aquarian Age awakened and spread into collective consciousness by Uranus and Neptune over the 17-year period between 1995 and 2012. As I offered yesterday, Uranus transited Aquarius between April 1995 and December 2003. During that span, Uranus awakened a new Aquarian response in all of us, helping us to discover facets of our individuality and unique talents and place in Life, awakening to new ways to live and do our Being.

As Uranus symbolizes the Brahamic Divine creative impulse, many unique qualities associated with the Aquarian ideal were awakened in collective consciousness which resonated with us in countless ways. If any of your planetary expressions were impacted during Uranus’ stay in Aquarius, your life was revolutionized resulting in the very different life you’ve been living since 1995. You awakened to the larger Aquarian patterns in collective consciousness, and now are practicing your particular Aquarian ideal, grounding Spirit in matter in our own unique way.

Feeling The Oneness Of the Aquarian Dream

After 3 years of Uranus awakening the Aquarian patterns in collective consciousness, Neptune entered Aquarius, occupying that sign from early 1998 through early 2012. Neptune represents Transpersonal Collective Feeling-Awareness, a Vishnu type of homeostatic all-encompassing collective consciousness of the great dream of existence. Neptune merges and blends, so during those 14 years it dreamed its journey through Aquarius into the holographic matrix of both collective consciousness as well as the collective unconscious.

Please remember that during that time Neptune was in a septile with Pluto. The septile is a 7th harmonic aspect which is inherently non-rational and represents “forks in the road of destiny.” With transiting Neptune septile transiting Pluto during those years which I’ve termed The Grand Irrationality, all of humanity went through a very weird period which didn’t make much sense. Obviously we all had to deal with irrational people and situations during that time as well.

Remember that because we’re still in the larger transitional era with elements of the old and new simultaneously competing for our attention in collective consciousness, we still have not established any sort of concrete Aquarian ideal, even if we have prototypical elements already manifest in forms. As Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are invisible spiritual fields of Divine energy, much of the Aquarian ideal is still not visible in our world. But it will be soon!

Pluto in Aquarius During “the Spring of the 21st Century”

What was awakened by Uranus and “tag teamed” into collective consciousness by Neptune will begin to sprout into widespread global transformative pulses beginning in 2023 and intensify in 2024 with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. This marks the advent of the "Spring of the 21st Century," when Pluto will activate the seeds of the coming era. The last time Pluto transited Aquarius was the beginning of this transitional era between Great Ages about 230 years ago, and like then, we confront the edge of a huge historical shift in mass consciousness which completely transformed humanity.

Pluto, the Shivaic transformer, symbolizes the seed-core of whatever is left over from previous cycles. It is concentrating, purifying, and like a seed, contains within itself the entire pattern of all that has gone before, stripped of obsolete forms. No seed ever exactly duplicates the plant from which is came, but it does encompass all the primary qualities of that generic plant species, plus the special qualities of the specific plant that produced it.

It was last in Aquarius between 1778 and 1798. Again, revolution was in the air, as were revolutionary ideas about individuality, law, liberty, and equality. These initial Aquarian patterns have been clarified and strengthened with each pass of the planets through Aquarius in the past 220 years. We approach the final Jupiter and Saturn transit of Aquarius in the Plutonic cycle which began then, which also marks the beginning of a new 200 year Era with the Grand Mutation at 1 Aquarius beginning December 2020!

How the Outermost Spiritual Planets Have Strengthened Aquarian Energies the Past 200 Years

The outer Triad, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while subtle and far-reaching in their influence in the lives of individuals, symbolize the pulses of radical Transpersonal Transformative change in the collective life of humanity. As Uranus moves the fastest of these 3, taking only 84 years to make a complete cycle, it awakens patterns, and individuates all it touches through its revolutionary qualities.

Neptune moves more slowly than Uranus, and through its dissolving while preserving quality spreads the energies throughout a larger field. Its association with the oceans is not inaccurate; it is the vastness, fluidity, and all-encompassing nature of Neptune to diffuse all it touches. Yet nothing at all is lost, as it is merely spread out throughout the entire field, whether of ocean, space, or consciousness itself.

Neptune takes about 165 years to make a complete cycle, and Pluto takes about 250 years to do the same. So the initial transitional Plutonic Aquarian energies of the last part of the 18th century were awakened in some form during the three periods Uranus has been in Aquarius since then. Uranus was in Aquarius between 1828-1836, 1912-1920, and 1995-2003. All of these eras awakened Aquarius energies, and revolutionized our world with implications for everything that followed.

The world of 1910 was very different from 1922, just as the world of 1993 was radically different from the world of 2005. These transits awakened Aquarian energies that have affected all we think we know and believe today.

Since the Plutonic Aquarian seeds of the 18th century made their appearance, Neptune has transited Aquarius twice, once 1834-1848 and more recently, 1998-2012. Both these periods saw the dreaming of forms of the Aquarian ideal, and both were significant points in the larger human evolutionary scheme. During those times, Neptune diffused the Aquarian energy into the collective unconscious, as dream-forms and subtle ideal patterns of that energy.

It could be said that during those years, Neptune established various textures of the Aquarian Age to come, which will show as the qualities of collective Contribution and Management within a larger sphere of synthesized, synergistic cooperation and impersonal Love. And of course, I’ve written about the various qualities of the energies of the coming Age in many articles, offering some signs and signals of its constantly strengthening approach.

So we see that in this larger transitional Era, Pluto sets “seeds of Aquarius” 220 years ago which were initially awakened by Uranus between 1828 and 1836, with Neptune coming along soon after and dreaming those Aquarian patterns into collective consciousness between 1834 and 1848. Those took various shapes as Saturn gave form and structure to the Aquarian impulses during its transits of Aquarius in 1844-1847 and again 1873-1876 and 1903-1906.

Because Uranus then made another trip through Aquarius between 1912 and 1920, it revolutionized all that had been structured by Saturn up to that point, giving the world a new iteration of Aquarius energies more suitable to the 20th century. Since then Saturn has transited Aquarius 3 times, in 1932-1935, 1962-1964 and 1991-1993. Each of these passes brought forth Aquarian structures based in what was awakened in the second decade of the 20th century.

The Threshold of A New “Season of the Century”

All the Aquarian patterns were re-set with the latest Uranus and Neptune transits of Aquarius at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries. Saturn will soon give us brand new structures as it makes its first transit of Aquarius in this new Uranus/Neptune awakened Aquarian dream. These will be the structures which Pluto will use to begin a new 250 year Aquarian era after it enters that sign in 2023 and stays through 2044.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, in the “century cycle” each century has 4 “seasons.” The first 25 years are the “Winter” of a century, while the second 25 years are the “Spring” of that century. So when Pluto enters Aquarius, it will launch the “Spring” of the 21st century, when collectively we shall awaken from the “Winter” of 2000-2025, and see the growth of what this coming century is all about. It will certainly be a welcome change from the barrenness of what has been and is, and will be a period where much that is good will be redeemed from the wreckage of the destroyed failed systems we presently live within.

During that season of 2025-2050, Pluto will reawaken the seeds of life-light that humanity is in its collective nature, and we shall see things not dreamed of in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The collective will become aware of things that up to now have been revolutionary ideas and ideals dreamed and revealed by the trailblazers who have tuned into the Uranian and Neptunian patterns.

As befits the qualities of Aquarius (and coincidentally, the dawning Dwapara Yuga, or the “Age of Electromagnetic Remembrance”), new forms will show us new ways of being alive and using the miraculous electromagnetic principles of creation to bring forth a much more effective and loving way of being Spirits in this material world. We will re-discover miracles of how the natural world works, and find solutions to everything that plagues humanity.

The workings of the outermost Spiritual planets have been and continue to prepare us for a radically new era in human history, which will be as different from our present mechanistic collective delusion as we are from the inquisitors of the 15th century. On a final note, I can definitely tell you that the long-term future of humanity is very bright, but don’t count on it looking anything like what we value or think today.

© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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