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Candle Color Meanings

Candle Color Meanings

Candles, when combined with prayer and faith, can produce miracles.

"Candle Color Believers"

The Colors of Candles have a deep meaning and there are those who know what they mean and stand behind their meaning. These people will use certain color candles to help them focus and meditate on problems in their life or in others lives. Candles are not just used for problems though. Candles are used to bring peace, comfort and balance to our life and are used in ceremonies just for this purpose as well. Candle colors are also used for healing based on what the problem actually is. "Candle Color Believers" will usually burn candles along with other forms of beliefs as well. For Example: a Christian will burn a candle as they read and study the Bible and the candle is usually white. A healer may burn a certain color candle as they give a sick person a healing potion to drink in the belief that the color of the candle will help. A witch will burn certain color candles as they meditate or perform rituals and casting spells. Another form of this is what we know as Aromatherapy. This is a belief that certain smells will help us in certain ways as well and many times all of these are all combined together.

The belief of candle color burning is not something new to us at all. Candle color beliefs have been around for centuries all over the world and contrary to many peoples beliefs, candle color believers are not all evil people. In fact most of them are very spiritual people and that's why candles are a main stay in their life. It must be said though that even evil people will use candles just like everyone else.

Paint Color


Abundance, growth, money, success, wealth, physical healing, health, marriage, fertility, employment, balance, Stimulates growth, healing, financial success, good luck, new job, good harvest, nature appreciation, love.


Intellect, wisdom and honor, action, inspiration and creativity, studying and intelligence, concentration, memory, logic, learning, attraction, confidence, Mental powers, intellect, inspiration, concentration, retention of memory, energy, cheerfulness, sunny disposition, changes, endurance, stability and security.

Yellow strengthens the imagination and concentration in a ritual. Is used in rituals in which the trust of a person is gained or in which one wants to convince someone.


Energy, vitality, and strength, health, passion, sex, love, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood, Physical love and passion, courage, warmth, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength, power, willpower.

Strengthens magnetism in a ritual, creates Ram and Scorpio energies.


The Balance of all colors: Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth-seeking, purity, innocence, clarity and unity, Dawn, purification, peace, truth, protection, spirituality, General work, cleansing, repels negativity; use to bring peace, spiritual strength, truth, purity; heals emotions, and provides protection.

Note: White can be used in place of any other candle color and is suitable for any ritual.


Devotion, love, tenderness and faith, friendship, romance, honor, spiritual healing, caring, affection, forming partnerships, peace, emotional healing, Universal love, purest form of love, love that is unconditional, spiritual love without sex connotation, raises vibrations, sensitivity, healing.

Designed to attract attention and achieve a purpose in rituals. The color of femininity, Honor, Pleasantness – enhances joyful and lively conversation.


Enlightenment, protection, success, wealth, money, masculinity, playfulness, luck, divination, victory.

Enhances communication and attracts the power of cosmic influences; Useful in rituals which are designed to gain fortune or money


Mother consciousness, manifestation and selflessness, Spirituality, compassion, understanding, inspiration, make contact with Higher-Self, attract spiritual assistance, very calming.


Communication, truth, peace, calm, loosing weight, wisdom, understanding, protection, harmony, inspiration, truth, patience, health and happiness, luck, communication, loyalty, peaceful, cooling, contentment, healing, idealism, harmony, devotion, meditation,


Cleanses negative attitudes, situations and places, Happiness, business deals, attracting good things, success, career, goals, stimulation, attraction, power, luck, sudden changes, Warmth, energy building, enthusiasm, attracts success and prosperity, emotional healing, attracts friends, courage and ambition.


Earth, a balanced color. Rituals for material gain, eliminates indecisiveness, furthers powers of concentration, learning, telepathy. Expands financial success, finds lost items. Material prosperity, Home, friendships, balance, animal magic, earth magic, concentration and studying, wealth, success, intuition, psychic powers and ESP. Protecting pets, Said to help find lost items.


Use with white candle to neutralize effects of karma and ego. Ancient wisdom, the third eye, psychic powers, meditation, spirituality, success, confidence, hidden knowledge, protection, divination, All forms of expansion, expands what you already have, spiritual protection, power, wisdom, healing, recognition, enhances psychic ability, Recognition in work, contact with spirit world.


Compassion for self and others, higher mystical powers, humor, Love, romance, opening the heart, forgiveness, compassion, healing, joy, creativity, endurance, strength, stability and security.


restoration and rejuvenation


Strength, Success, Idealism, psychic revelation; Ideal for rituals which are designed to secure Ambition, Independence and financial success or to establish contact with the other, spiritual world; Enhances Neptune energy.


(beige): neutrality, balance and harmlessness


Burning black with any other color dissolves negative energies! Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

Silver (Light Grey)

Victory, Stability, Meditation, Developing Psychic Ability, Removal of Negative Power, Repelling Destruction, Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate. Silver is primarily associated with female deities.


Candles And Time

Candles have been a part of our culture for many many years. They have made it in our History books time and time again. Candles have been a part of religious beliefs for generations and in every part of the world for centuries. Candle burning is a form of therapy and brings us peace of mind. Candles are used in ceremonies, spell casting and in the spirit world as well. Candles were used as part of healing and continue to be even now.


Candles and Day to Day Life

Candle burning is part of our day to day life and many of us don't even realize how much. In our day to day life candles are lit at church, lit at funerals and always lit at the top of our birthday cakes that we blow out each and every year. Now how about those candles that are lit for the calming atmosphere at your favorite restaurant. You see candles play an important role to all of us and many of us didn't even realize just how much either.

July 25 is National Candles on a Cake Day (First Birthday Cake 55BC)

Candle Blue

Safety with candles

Never leave candles burning unattended. Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets. If pet's are inside it is very easy for a pets tail to catch on fire. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch on fire. Always burn candles on a protected, heat resistant surfaces.


Fun Candle Facts

  • Prior to the mid 19th century, the majority of candles were tallow (a byproduct of beef fat rendering). The fuel now is nearly always some form of wax, with paraffin wax being the most common. Soy and vegetable-based candles are also available.
  • The Egyptians and Cretans made candles from beeswax, as early as 3000 BC. Early candles were made from various forms of natural fat, tallow, and wax.
  • In the 18th century, spermaceti, an oil produced by the sperm whale, was used to produce superior candles. Late in the 18th century, colza oil and rapeseed oil came into use as much cheaper substitutes.
  • Paraffin was first distilled in 1830, and revolutionized candle-making, as it was an inexpensive material which produced high-quality, odorless candles that burned reasonably cleanly and were used during the colonial days.
  • In Christianity, candles are commonly used in worship both for decoration and ambiance, and as symbols that represent the light of God, or specifically the light of Christ. Candles are often placed on the altar. Votive candles may be lit as an accompaniment to prayer.
  • Candles were traditionally used to light up Christmas trees before the advent of electric lights.
  • In Wicca and related forms of Neopaganism, candles are frequently used on the altar to represent the presence of the God and Goddess, and in the four corners of a ritual circle to represent the presence of the four elements.


Dreaming about Candles?

In dreams they symbolize light and where there is light, there is hope. A lit candle suggests that you are unconsciously seeking comfort and some sort of spiritual enlightenment. An unlit candle suggests that you may be feeling rejection and disappointment or can't see anything positive or "light" in a situation or in yourself. If in your dream you watch the candle burn down to nothing, it suggests that you may have fears of getting older and dying. For men it may connote a fear about waning sexual abilities.


Reasons why we burn candles

  • To talk to God
  • Develop Spiritual Understanding
  • Clearing of our minds / meditate
  • Religious services of all kinds.
  • Observing religious holidays.
  • Romance, like candlelight dinners.
  • Relaxation and stress relief.
  • Reasons why we use candles
  • Worship
  • Spells
  • Healing


"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Higher Consciousness, Crystals and Gems, Spiritual Awakening

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