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Mercury Is Entering Its Shadow Zone at 11 Libra

Mercury Is Entering Its Shadow Zone at 11 Libra

Signs and Signals About Transforming How We Communicate

Mercury is rapidly slowing, preparing to go retrograde soon! Lots of Libra action ahead!

The shadow zone is defined by the span between where a planet goes retrograde, and where it goes direct after the retrograde period. In this case, Mercury goes retrograde at 26 Libra on September 26/27. It will retrograde back to 11 Libra, where it goes stationary direct on October 18.

That puts the shadow zone between 11 and 26 Libra, and as of about 11 am PDT September 6, Mercury will enter 11 Libra, the degree where it’ll go SD in mid-October. I’ll be writing quite a few articles about the coming retrograde which will post as it comes closer.

We’ll have returns of old relationships, old standards of measurement, old ideas and ideals, with a sense of finding new riches in old perspectives. This is “a look back” at past relationships and issues of fairness and balance giving us a new understanding of the theme of the year. By the time we’re done looking back we’ll be in a position of seeing how to send and receive information in new ways.

As you know from past articles, this theme has to do with the alternating use of “soft power” and “hard power,” using mind when needed followed by heart when needed followed by mind. We’ve all be doing a dance learning about when to be “Yang” and when to be “Yin” since last November, and this retrograde gives us a look back and a “final exam” related to our skill alternating between these two energies.

During a Mercury retrograde, we often see how we dealt with something in the past and come to new insights about how it affected our ways of relating to similar things since then, or we could come to a new way to apply those old insights into life experiences. The sign where Mercury “looks back” opens us to new ways to view those things, giving opportunities to weave, unweave, or re-weave our understanding of how to apply our “second sight” as we are “guided to our Soul.”

Since Mercury last went stationary direct in May, we’ve been in a period of understanding how we have shaped and are re-shaping our expression, cutting back some things to reveal to others something of our inner life, purpose, and sense of the form of what others see. We’ve been in a period of using vitality to build “mind power,” or our ability to shape our thoughts into forms which serve our unfolding sense of purpose.

As mentioned earlier, this is happening within the larger 2021 theme showing us how to demonstrate “the alternating use of hard power and soft power” in our interactions. We’ve had to see when we needed to express our heart, and other times our mind. We’ve been expressing our ability to be “an adept” in some way in our lives related to where 26 Libra falls in our chart, and we can use that skill to navigate the coming Mercury retrograde period. As this retrograde station trines the previous direct station, expect lots of new interactions and ideas!

This Mercury retrograde period will definitely bridge the past and future! Its retrograde track through the past gives us all a new look at how previous Libra transits shaped our lives. We may get glimpses of a new understanding of what we went through between October 2010 and August 2012 when Saturn transited between 11-26 Libra, and a new look at higher awareness which opened for us when Jupiter was last in this part of Libra in late October 2016 through late September 2017.

Time To Adjust to A Different Pace

The Mercurial data you notice over the next 3+ weeks will be clarified after the Sun crosses the Mercury SRX degree around October 18/19 about the time Mercury goes SD. So during the rest of September adapt to the slowing pace of things, get all your papers in order, finish what you can in the next 3 weeks, and prepare to put some things on hold for a little while.

Take a look at what's been set into motion with an eye to building in delays, rehearsals, or more research before things again begin to move forward in late October. The time before Mercury goes retrograde is good for doing what must be done so that other related things can be done later, as well as reconnecting with people and activities from the past that are somehow related to the future.

With Mercury’s retrograde station at 26 Libra, get ready to go inward and explore your view of how you’ve become more adept at moving between “Yin” power and “Yang” power these past 10 months. Be willing to get new perspectives, a new sense of what’s fair and what’s not, and a new rhythm to how you express yourself. Move backward, sideways, or to a different view to open to offering what you know to others. The coming review will show you different angles on previous relationships, and allow you to take a last look back on past interactions which made you more flexible in your self-expression. I’ll give you more about Mercury’s SRX degree in a week or so.

if you want to know more about Mercury retrograde and how it may operate in Libra and how it affects your chart, please consider getting your copy of the 2nd edition of A New Look at Mercury Retrograde where you can find out all you need about this retrograde, as well as past and future retrogrades. Here's the Amazon link to where you can order the paperback 2nd edition of A New Look at Mercury Retrograde, and if you want an Kindle ebook copy you can get it there as well, or if you prefer, go to B&N's site and get their copy in Nook. Just make sure you get the much improved 2nd edition rather than the earlier one from 1997.

A Look Back At Our “Graduation into a new realm of Being” since March 2020!

In 2020, Mercury went retrograde in February-March which launched a transfiguration phase in all our lives which is still impacting us through 2023! So I figured I’d leave it in so you can take a new look at how we’ve “graduated into a new realm of Being” since March 2020 which was activated by Mars’ transit through the Transfiguration Zone in mid-May 2020. However we chose to transfigure our lives since then has now expanded into greater truths, opportunities, and adventures due to Jupiter’s first transit of the zone. Jupiter has blessed and expanded the promise twice this year, the first time April 28-May 13, and the second time July 28-August 14. We’ll make our third and last passage between December 18-29.

The theme of the “Transfiguration Zone” at the last two degrees of Aquarius is the future of humanity, as it is the entry zone to the coming Age of Aquarius. You ARE a “Being of Light.” WE are “Beings of Light.” We are One Light/Life all together, simultaneously existing in a vast field of Light/Life. And our nature, and the nature of “All-That-Is,” is Love. Unconditional, eternal, dancing waves of Love across dimensions, an infinite perfection of harmony, movement and all enveloping Love. This is the nature of humanity and all of Life. These were the themes cut loose globally between January and May 2020 which will be made manifest in many ways over the next two years as Saturn also moves through the zone.

A look back to look forward at the emergent Age. Originally published on January 30, 2020, for your reconsideration,

The End of Aquarius is the Beginning of the New Age

Mercury is the second inner planet to enter the last two degrees of Aquarius in 2020. This zone is one of transfiguration and entrance into a greater realm of Light/Life, where we can catch glimpses of the Age to come, as well as what’s up for the years between 2050 and 2190.

So at 10 pm PST February 1, 2020, Mercury enters the 29th degree of Aquarius, occupying the last two degrees of Aquarius until 3:37 am PST when it enters Pisces. This year the Sun will be the next to transit this span between 10:55 pm PST February 16 and 8:57 pm February 18 when it too enters Pisces.

Due to our global precession from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, we leave Pisces at the beginning of the first degree of that sign, and enter the Age of Aquarius via the last degree of that sign. By my calculations, at this point between Ages we are still at the first degree of Pisces and will enter the Age of Aquarius sometime in the third quarter of this century.

Since a Great Age is about 2160 years, mas o menos, it means each degree of a great Age equals about 72 years. Thus the transition between Ages runs around 210-360 years. We’re directly in the heart of that transitional era.

The New Age began to “pre-form” some of its bridging structures when Saturn occupied 29 and 30 Aquarius and 1 Pisces between mid-April and early August 1993 and January 1994. Jupiter expanded our growth in those late Aquarian themes in late January and early February 1998 and again in January 2010. After 2010, Mars activated these “cusp of the Age” themes in late February 2011, late January and early February 2013, January 2015, December 2016, and November 2018. It will activate them again in early May 2020.

After that, these late Aquarian themes will begin to be expressed in new long terms forms which will bridge the current Age and the coming Age when Jupiter again transits the last 2 degrees of Aquarius and first degree of Pisces between late April and mid-August 2021 and late December 2021. Mars will activate those expanded and renewed themes of 29 and 30 Aquarius in April 2022, with Saturn crystallizing the Mars-activated Jupiter pulses when it transits the last 2 degrees of Aquarius in February and March 2023.

Those will be set into motion by subsequent Mars transits, and expanded in newer forms at the next Jupiter transit in 2033. Pluto eventually transits this span of degrees in 2041-2044, which will initiate the seeds of the Age of Aquarius sprouting in widespread forms.

Anyway, on February 1 and 2 Mercury transits the last two degrees of Aquarius, giving us Mercurial signs and signals about the 140+ era to come in the last half of this century and the beginning of the next. The last two degrees of Aquarius are “Butterfly emerging from chrysalis” and “The field of Ardath in bloom.” I’m not going to go extensively into these portentous degrees today, but will note that the former is a degree of transfiguration and “graduation into a new realm of being,” and the latter is one where “everyone may count on the inherent friendliness of the universe” and find the fruits of their more positive labors as "we all shine on, like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun, and we all shine on, on and on and on and on...."

In these degrees we find our ability to emanate our Light through our lives, find “an uncompromising faith in the promise of existence itself and in the wonders of a continuing creation,” as well as “self-illumination through exceptional service to others.” Here we transform the implications of our Light/Life through our new ability to self-transcend, and can experience ourselves as Lights within a greater field of Light, with infinite particles within waves showing the vaster unified field of existence.

Imagine this is the future of humanity. This is the Mercurial signal of this Cosmic Moment in Time.

You can find out more about this larger transitional Era between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius by revisiting these two recent articles:

Are We In The Age of Pisces Or Have We Begun The Age of Aquarius?

Uranus Awakened the Age of Aquarius, Neptune Dreamed It Into Collective Consciousness, and Pluto Will Sprout It Into Life

Reprinted on with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson


© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson -

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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