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Blue Apatite Dream Orbs


These orbs are just beautiful and the blue- green hues unite into a nice healing that will help soothe the savage beast within. When I bought these orbs from Madagascar I could feel a day on the sea or at the beach, soothing and healing filling all the senses of the body with relaxation and acceptance. These orbs take one back to a place of safety, pre-birth on earth. A place that is round and full and healing. I feel the Arcturian energies around these orbs like an SOS to the stars that says send some us healing, some love, some hope don’t forget about me, in other words phone home!

Energies are so complicated anymore we don’t even know what planet we are on, the sites and sounds ands words of the world swirl like a drunk in a gulf casino. Too much input, too much shift, and sensory overload. I feel these orbs allow a reprieve from the overload as you align with the greatest place of healing within your own thought kingdom. These wonderful healers allow you entrance into your own state room.

All Apatite creates ‘a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people and objects’, as it simultaneously enhances dormant psychic abilities. This stone allows one to see the real truth within the matter being displayed. Blue apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance that is not easy to come by. Being associated with the throat chakra, it allows one to speak truth, both publicly and to self.

Blue Apatite increases motivation ‘to know, to be, to do’.  It draws negativity from the ‘slacker self’. This stone clears confusion and frustration, reducing irritability, allowing knowledge to enter the crown chakra.  Blue apatite can stimulate meditative visionary states.  Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects us to the past.  It stimulates a deep spiritual connection  to the Source.

Use this stone for exploring past lives and their karmic patterns. Blue apaptite is a perfect dream stone. This stone accesses the subconscious allowing for creative problem solving. One is able to see the multiple choices and levels of consciousness within the human being as they gain access to the Akashic records. Apatite has a very cleansing effect on the auric field; it is also know to suppress hunger; clearing past lives trauma associated with hunger and not enough food.

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
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