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Keshe Plasma Generator: A Real “Free Energy” Device?


Scientists have known for a long time that plasma energy is real and that there is enough energy in the vacuum of a single hydrogen atom to power the whole world for many years. Even with this knowledge, mainstream scientists still refuse to believe that “free energy” is real. They don’t believe it is real, because according to these scientists, “free energy” technology violates the laws of thermodynamics. What most mainstream scientists don’t realize is that the laws of thermodynamics only apply to a closed system. Free energy technologies are often built to harness energy from an open system.

If you have a hard time believing that free energy generators are real, read my article titled Aquapol Dehydration System Proves “Free Energy” is Real or Five “Free Energy” Devices that Could Save You Thousands of Dollars. These two articles will show you proof that free energy generators are real, so be prepared for some revolutionary energy technologies that will soon make “fossil fuel” irrelevant.

What is the Keshe Plasma Generator?

For many years, Dr. Mehran Tavakoli (M.T.) Keshe, a nuclear physicist who is an expert in antigravity, plasma energy, and free energy, has been trying to build a plasma generator to harness the energy stored within atoms. People who have been following Dr. Keshe’s work know that he has been privately testing his plasma generator for a few years now. However, most of the public is unaware of his plasma and free energy technologies. That could all change this year (2015).

The Keshe Plasma Generator is a self-nourishing energy system that generates energy using plasmatic magnetic fields, atoms, and other substances to create a reaction that allows atoms to release energy. This energy is then absorbed using copper wire, and then transferred into the desired location to power electrical equipments. According to Dr. Keshe’s supporters, this “free energy” generator works anywhere in the world and it doesn’t rely on any “fossil fuel.” Does the Keshe Plasma Generator work? We won’t know for sure until it becomes available to the public.

As published at PESN.com.

The Keshe Generator is a self-nourishing system that consists of a rotating plasmatic magnetic field within a coil of copper wire, and has been developed from our new understanding of the creation of gravity. Just as our electrons spin naturally within our atoms, so too does the Keshe Electric Generator spin naturally within the laws of nature.

This is precisely how this technology has made the human race independent of burning fuel. The Keshe Electric Generator is roughly 7 cm in length – a little bigger than a roll of quarters.

It contains zero radioactive material, thus gives off no radiation, and it is as safe as a household battery. This is the new paradigm we are now entering, and it is mind blowing.

Why We Need to Support “Free Energy” Inventors

I have heard that the Controllers (the leaders of the New World Order) are trying to silence Dr. Keshe’s free energy technologies by threatening him and his family with death threats. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because in the past they have done this to many free energy inventors. Nikola Tesla was one of the many free energy inventors who they silenced. Why would they do this you may ask? Because free energy technology is a threat to their criminal oil empire.

Free energy generators are important for freeing humanity and helping us to achieve world peace. Because of these things, we need to support Dr. Keshe and other free energy inventors, so that they can make their energy devices available to the public. Once this happens, we will soon experience an economic boom like we have never seen before.


Credit: energyfanatics.com

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