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Can a piece of jewelry make you safe?


Can wearing a pendant make you safe? Yes - if you believe five 22-year-old Delhi engineering students who have created "Safer".

On the face of it, Safer is a large-ish gem pendant set in steel casing, and worn on a steel chain.

But this piece of attractive jewellery (available in colours like blue sapphire, emerald green and onyx black) has a small triangular chip embedded in the back which, if pressed twice, connects to an app that then sends out an alert to designated mobile phones of "guardians" who can then track the wearer's location and movement on Google Maps.

Paras Batra, the sales head at Leaf, which has created the pendant, says he started thinking about a product to provide safety to women after the December 2012 gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in India's capital, Delhi.

"I live in Munirka, the area in south Delhi from where this young woman boarded the bus in which she was attacked. I was very disturbed by it and felt that we needed to do something about it, to make the city safer for women," he says.

He talked it over with his childhood friend Chiraag Kapil, who brought in his college mates Ayush Banka, Manik Mehta and Avinash Bansal, who then began discussing a product.

"We considered a shock giving jacket, but then we thought how many women would wear a jacket in the city's heat? We considered lots of other ideas and then we thought, women like to wear jewellery and that's how this beautiful pendant was born," says Mr Kapil, who heads Leaf's mobile app development and graphic design team.

Credit: bbc.com

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