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Turquoise For Throat Chakra Activation


Turquoise my favourite crystal, we go waaayy back. Carry, wear, use as a talisman for inner calm, strength and confidence. Working with the throat chakra turquoise aids clarity of thought and ease of communication helping us to express our authentic selves. The colour calms the waters of our energetic field, encouraging free flow of energy from our upper to lower chakras. It is the colour of the ocean, the sky, of Gaia. Like water, the calming effect reaches deep into our energetic mind body soul system reenergising, realigning and rebalancing us. 

Channel turquoise when you want to communicate calmly and clearly, avoiding confrontation and seeking peaceful resolution. It is the crystal to bridge the chasm of polarity evident in our world today. A crystal of compassion, clarity, beauty, depth and cleansing. In stormy cosmic seas of transformation turquiose is a good all rounder to have close by. In light and love _/\_ Namaste.

I am Morag O'Brien MA, MSc, PGCE, a certified and experienced reiki healer, and tarot reader for 25 years. 
As an intuitive medium I use crystal pendulum to channel deep energetic healing and detailed spiritual guidance. I also lead regular one to one and group guided healing meditations.
By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook, WordPress and YouTube.

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