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3 Essential Crystals For Earth Day

earth day crystals

We are so blessed to live on a beautiful planet that is literally made of jewels. We all walk on sacred ground and rely upon Mother Earth to provide life-giving water, food, air, and all we need for survival on the physical plane. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd as an invitation to become more conscious of your connection with, and impact upon, Mother Earth. Ideally, it is a call to action for each of us to respect and care for this planet every day by taking deliberate steps to leave a lighter ecological footprint.

Since crystals are literally the body of Earth, connecting with them is a powerful way to open your heart and mind to the beauty and consciousness of Gaia. Here are some of the best crystals to help you attune to the loving transmission of Mother Earth and to become a better planetary steward--on Earth Day and every day.

chrys malaChrysocolla Malachite: This beautiful stone actually manifests the physical appearance of the Earth. The Malachite present in this combination stone looks like verdant continents, which appear to be floating in the turquoise blue Chrysocolla oceans. Chrysocolla Malachite is a super-stone for clearing, healing, balance, integration, and wholeness. As a top-level clearing stone, it can help you to clean up your act. It has a high copper content, which clears out any negative energy, thoughts, emotions, patterns, and blockages that stand in your way.

Chrysocolla has a feminine, gentle, nurturing, and receptive quality that resonates with the heart and throat chakras. Its peaceful energy helps you to slow down and tune in, so that you can access and express healing, love, and wisdom. In contrast, Malachite has a masculine, empowering, and active energy. It is a great healing and protection stone that strengthens the solar plexus chakra and encourages you to make things happen. Chrysocolla and Malachite beautifully balance and compliment each other, and this stone models for us how to integrate and harmonize our inner polarities and seemingly disparate personality aspects.

Chrysocolla Malachite is also the perfect stone for those who are on a mission to help heal the planet and her ecosystems. Chrysocolla is known to help plants grow, and it can even produce an energy that positively affects the atmosphere. It opens a line of communication with the Earth and helps you to empathically connect, especially for the purpose of discovering how you can best facilitate environmental healing and cleanup. Malachite will encourage you to effectively act upon any ideas that Chrysocolla brings you for helping the environment, while strengthening the power of your Earth healing work.


Serpentine: Serpentine is perhaps best known for its ability to strengthen, clear, and activate the chakras and various aspects of the human energy system, while initiating a Kundalini awakening. However, I think one of Serpentine’s most interesting qualities is that it serves as a record-keeper for the planet. According to Naisha Ahsian, it holds within its matrix the stories of the natural world. Meditating with it can open the book of Earth, so that you can access information about the evolution of the various kingdoms–such as the plants, animals, minerals, and natures spirits. The appearance of Magnetite in Serpentine may be a function of how it stores the memory of the Earth, since Magnetite naturally records energy and information. It might also be a key in how we can retrieve it, since our brains are literally full of millions of Magnetite crystals.

Serpentine opens a line of multidimensional communication with representatives of the different Earth kingdoms, and the Earth herself. This can assist you in understanding how to work with nature for healing and balance, and how to decipher the special energies made available at certain vortexes and power spots on the planet. With the help of Serpentine, it is possible to better understand how to live in harmony with the natural environment, how we fit into the bigger picture, and how we can serve a positive role in planetary evolution. 

moss aggy

Moss Agate: This especially earthy form of Agate contains beautiful mineral inclusions that can mimic the appearance of foliage or moss. Like Serpentine, Moss Agate can help you communicate with Gaia and her kingdoms—the plants, minerals, animals, and elementals. It is an essential stone for those who work with plants in any way, such as farming, gardening, herbalism, or aromatherapy. On a metaphysical level, it can help you tune into the medicinal and energetic properties of the plants. Also, when you place Moss Agate in the soil, it emits a fertilizing energy that helps plants to grow and promotes their general health. 

Moss Agate is known to assist with environmental concerns in a few ways. According to crystal expert, Melody, Moss Agate can be used for cloud-busting and to bring weather patterns back into balance. It has also been used to promote the natural cleansing process of pollution in the environment. If you are sensitive to the weather and to pollution, Moss Agate has been known to reduce negative symptoms and effects.

Moss Agate is also a perfect stone for helping with matters relating to the Earth plane. It is a stone of abundance, helping to magnetize greater prosperity and success in business. It provides a calming, balancing, and grounding energy that helps to alleviate stress and instability. It is also an excellent healing stone that strengthens the body and helps with recovery.

April 22nd is the perfect time to work with these three stones to send love and healing to our beautiful world. If you are a social butterfly, you could throw an Earth Day party and put your friends and these crystals to work on a planetary mission. Or if you work best alone, you could create your own sacred Earth Day ritual that incorporates these stones. Here are some fun ideas for Earth Day crystal activities:

Earth Day Meditation: One of the best ways to honor the planet is to simply tune in, open your heart, and listen to her. With these three stones, it is much easier to connect via meditation for the purpose of receiving and sending love and healing. Here’s one way to do it:

Cleanse the stones before you begin, and then lie down. Place Serpentine at the third eye chakra (located at the center of your forehead). Place Chrysocolla Malachite at the heart chakra (located at the center of your chest), and place Moss Agate at the root chakra (public bone area). Breathe deeply, and consciously relax all of your muscles, from head to feet. Next, imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature, in whatever type of landscape makes your heart happy—the ocean, the mountains, the desert, etc. Use all of your senses to explore and appreciate this beautiful scene. Next, imagine a bright light in the distance that begins to move closer to you. This is the consciousness of Mother Earth. As the light gets closer, you might notice more details about how she is presenting herself to you. Once she is in front of you, you can send love and open a dialog with her. Feel free to ask any questions, especially about what you can do to serve and assist the planet. You might decide to bathe her in healing energy or to visualize healing energy circulating the globe and going wherever it is most needed. Be open, and see where this meditation might take you.

Earth Healing Field Trip: Is there a place in nature near you that seems to be polluted or could use an infusion of healing energy? Gather your crew and a pile of these three stones (as many as you want of each), and visit this location. The participants can form a sacred circle and place the stones in the center. Instruct everyone to call in their higher selves and their spirit team. Each person can place their hands over the stones and infuse them with love, healing, and cleansing energy. You can say prayers for the planet and visualize the Earth, and this specific location, being restored to its pristine condition. Finally, instruct the participants to open their hearts and to walk around in this location with the intention of tuning into the landscape. If anyone senses a specific area that needs special attention, he or she can leave one or more of the stones there to assist with healing and cleansing the area.

Earth Healing Crystal Grid: This fun activity is a way to send long distance crystal healing energy to specific Earth locations. Gather a group of these three stones (you can get multiples of each, the smaller the better), and acquire a map of the world. Cleanse the stones before you begin. You can also place your hands over the stones and channel healing and cleansing energy into them. Place the map of the world in front of you, and use your intuition to place a stone over any location that you feel needs healing or cleanup. (For example, you could place a stone over an area that you know has been experiencing pollution, such as Flint, Michigan. You could also place stones over areas that are experiencing warfare or political unrest. Don’t forget to place stones in the oceans where there have been oil spills and in the area of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.) When you feel complete with placing the crystals, visualize healing energy flowing into these areas. You can also bathe the entire map in healing frequencies, while visualizing the total cleanup of the planet.

Thank you for loving and honoring Mother Earth—it does make a difference!


Adrienne Goff is a celebrated author, healer, and teacher with over fifteen years of experience as a crystal energy expert. For seven years, she has been a featured healer and speaker at the Earth- Keeper conferences hosted by James Tyberonn (www.earth-keeper.com). Adrienne has also been interviewed on the popular radio shows, Healing Conversations by Lauren Galey, The Cosmic Awakening Show by Michelle Walling, and others. She has written two books and a library of free articles that comprehensively cover the mineral kingdom, available at adriennegoff.com. You can also find her informative crystal healing articles on major metaphysical websites such as in5d.com, lovehaswon.org, and theeventchronicle.com--and on the popular youtube channel, Higher Self.

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