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Stones for Empaths (and highly sensitive people)


What is an Empath? Empaths are the most energy sensitive people on earth. Being an Empath is when one is affected by the energies from other people, and having a distinctive ability to intuitively feel and perceive those energies.

An Empath’s life is unconsciously influenced by the desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods of others. But, being an Empath is not just limited to emotions however. Empaths can perceive physical sensitivities and spiritual urges, as well as just knowing the motivations and intentions of other people. Many Empaths experience things like chronic fatigue, environmental sensitivities, or unexplained aches and daily pains that are more likely to be contributed to outside influences.

At times it is difficult for an Empath to separate other’s emotions and thoughts from their own, which can lead to confusion, or to become overwhelmed or highly anxious.

Actually, one is either an Empath or isn’t - it’s not a trait that is learned.

Many having this ability say it is a curse and a blessing. Why? Empaths naturally attract people who like to dump their emotional problems, worries and energies onto them, which can be an utter nuisance. But having Empathic abilities is not all bad though, as this is a trait where highly sensitive people can help others. And in this crazy world of confusion and injustice, an Empath’s help, advice and insight is appreciatively needed.

Being high in sensitivity is common in spiritual minded people, psychics and energy healers. What is important is that the ability does not overwhelm Empaths and that they can recognize and discern external energies from your own.

It is very important that an Empath protect themselves from outside influences. Setting mental and emotional boundaries with people is essential. One method of daily psychic protection is to meditate with, carry or wear protective minerals. The following list of stones present particular protections.


Amazonite. This blue-green stone will help balance emotions and also balances any feminine and masculine energy that is trying to overpower your ability.


Amethyst. Holding a piece of amethyst can instantly calm you. It can increase our psychic ability, while also offering psychic protection.


Apache Gold. This black and gold stone strengthens your energetic boundaries. It also helps you set clearer signals to others and absorbs negative energies.


Aqua Aura. A Quartz crystal bonded with Gold. Is a psychic bullet proof shield. Harmful energies are deflected or trapped inside which then dissolve away from you.


Black Tourmaline. Is a powerful guardian stone for Empaths as it absorbs negative energies from your aura and environment? This mineral will repel black energy and psychic attacks and helps ward off emotionally-charged people.


Blue Topaz. Helps you think clearly and communicate your desires to the universe. It also helps you see the “big picture,” relieving tension caused by social gatherings, work related issues, or love life.


Citrine. This golden colored mineral acts as a strong regenerator of your energy field. It is also a shield for your aura, as Citrine can absorb bad energy from your environment.


Chrysanthemum Stone. This mineral creates a filter around your aura to reduce psychic muck and to ward off negative energies of those who are attempting to overstep into your personal energetic boundaries.


Fluorite. Is a stabilizer of the aura which can become out of balance if you've been around many unbalanced people. It helps keep healthy boundaries and overcome drama.


Rainbow Fluorite. A stone that keeps your feet anchored to the Earth, all of your chakras open and clear, and your consciousness attuned to the higher dimensions of reality. This is essential for Empaths, so that they stay centered, grounded, protected, and tuned-in.


Fossils. Not quite qualifying as a stone or crystal, fossils are still important to the well-being of an Empath’s space, as Fossils keep an Empath grounded and strong, while reminding that energy is fluid and all things will inevitably change.


Hematite. The shiny black/silver mineral is perfect for soothing emotions and it can also help you to stay centered. You can also use Hematite to create a protective shield around yourself.


Labradorite. Helps provide energetic protection so that Empaths don’t have to absorb the issues being shared with them.


Lapis Lazuli. Brings forth wisdom, and truth that can aid you into higher levels of guidance. A valuable stone to Empaths as it helps one decipher and trust the subtle intuitive impressions they are getting, while empowering them to act upon the information appropriately.


Lepidolite. This mineral has a filtering effect. It helps you to tune out extraneous energies, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb. It fortifies the emotional body and helps you to be less affected by drama or chaos that might enter into your sphere.


Magnetite. Balances the polarities within our electromagnetic field while helping with psychic overload or taking on too much energy picked up by Empaths.


Malachite. A gorgeous green and black mineral, the Malachite helps to remove stagnant emotional energy.


Obsidian. The different types of Obsidian will repel negative energies keeping unwanted energies from entering your personal space and aura. Obsidian also balance emotions, and is very grounding.


Purple Jade. This mineral is all about spiritual knowledge and is a super stone for protecting Empaths an all levels.


Rose Quartz. Sooths and heals the heart chakra and has a strong and steady energy to keep you emotionally grounded.


Sugilite. A shielding stone that forms an impermeable bubble of protection around you. Its protective quality keeps you safe from intrusive or disharmonious energy, negative emotions, and lower thought-forms from others or from your environment. It can also block psychic attack and prevent entity attachment.


Titanium Quartz. These Quartz Crystals have been bonded with Titanium and other metals. This metallic rainbow crystal keeps harmful energies out like a buffer shield.


Turquoise. The ultimate anti-negativity stone. It dispels negative energy from your space while creating a stronger bond between your body and any energy field.


Turritella Agate. This mineral is considered the bravery stone as it protects you against physical danger.


Unakite. This mineral, a pretty apple green, with orange and pink inclusions, helps balance your emotions and brings your spirit closer to the other side, keeping you connected to passed loved ones.


Zoiste. A perfect for the more artistic Empaths. It helps promote individuality, creativity, and most importantly, connectedness to others. Many artistic Empaths are introverted and shut others out. Zoiste reminds our spirits that human contact isn’t just important, but also fun.

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