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In Each Moment - Teachings Of The Masters

In Each Moment - Teachings Of The Masters

You have said, " I will awaken ". Now once you say, " Yes, I will awaken ", once you commit to awakening, radical shifts will occur. No longer will you be living an ordinary existence. It is this Truth that we wish to impress upon you. No longer are you living an ordinary experience, a simple 3D reality. In each moment you are receiving a signal, an attunement as such from your Higher Self signalizing you to go upstairs, to climb the stairs to a second tier of consciousness.

Now this may take some getting used to, this higher tier of consciousness, but we assure you that is what is taking place. You are learning to attend to the Real Truth of things. You are learning to attend to your innocence.

To the degree that you come along for the ride, you will be lifted up. To the degree that you stay tethered to past idolatry and illusions, you will stamp your new contract null and void - but just temporarily.

Your new voice or consciousness is signaling you home and its pulsation or signaling is reaching you easily now. Can you identify your true coursework now?

In each moment it is for you to attend to Truth. You need not know what this Truth is. You only need to be willing to attend to it. This is what transfers consciousness to the new gateway which has already been established. You are therefore sealing your fate by learning to attend to the new signal, vibration or frequency or alternate reality if you like.

There is a new course of reality you might say that at first might seem or appear out of focus, far, far, away and almost dreamlike. As you prioritize your attendance and stay committed, you will realize this is truly a do it to yourself type of program.

In other words, the veil has been lifted quite substantially at this time, but you are still required to be responsible for your attendance. Remember school and roll call? You must show up.

In each moment you are making a decision as to which vibration you are selecting. Attend to this process, notice this choice selection. The simple act of choosing the higher vibration will set you on a DIFFERENT reality than if you continue to attend to lower vibrational awareness.

Are we making sense to you? You literally, through your light vehicle CREATE the seeming world you inhabit through vibration, by attendance. You are creating a new world order the moment you decide to. You are a bit like a tuning fork and you are tuning this world of your new creation to Love.

In each moment the choice is being offered. You are hurling in new choices at a vibratory rate quite beyond past protocol. In other words, your choices are moving things at a faster rate. This leads to a faster manifestation capability.

It is not sink or swim time as some of you fear, but OPPORTUNITY time. Sit with that for a moment. Feel the safety in that. As you attune to the words, the energy that is being delivered to you, you will see what we mean and where we are taking you.

By showing you that each moment presents an opportunity we are attuning you gently back to Love. This is our attunement to you. Do you see how easy this is? How easy it is to move about your coursework and how to take yourself out of your conditioned responses.

Each moment presents an opportunity, and so the transfer is now complete. Take this attunement, this gift or offering and use it well. Remember to attune all of life, all of consciousness to the energy, to the vibration of Love.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

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