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Yeshua: Unifying Your Bodies - Part 2

Yeshua: Unifying Your Bodies - Part 2

Jim:  How does the interface occur between the Higher Self and the Sacred Heart space? There appears to be a different or new understanding in that space.

Yeshua:  Yes, there is. It has to do with the causal body.  The causal body is one of the interface mechanisms that brings the non-physical, high frequency range of Soul Spirit down through the bodies. That is what the difference is.  It is in the state of consciousness. Now, when we speak of consciousness, it has a different context to it.  We are entering a realm here of consciousness that is experiential.  And, it’s very difficult to translate that experience of higher states of consciousness into a language that is very dense and cannot accommodate the experience.

Jim:  It becomes apparent that the spinning of these Triads, as you’ve said, is really a critical practice to open up awareness in the unified field of consciousness.  That opening is what allows the awareness.

Yeshua:  Correct.  It allows that flow within the bodies and the consciousness to enter into the physicality. It begins to raise the denseness to a different state.  It has a different composition molecularly, chemically. It is a much more conducive vehicle to allow the Light frequencies to flow more fluidly and with less restriction.

In these teachings, we are just beginning to open the mind, open the consciousness, to a much greater state; a much different awareness; a much different experience of self.  This, make no mistake, is not about experiencing the outer realms of Creation (although it is.). This is about experiencing yourself from that grander, more divine essence. These reference points are very much a part of the fabric of who you are.

There are much greater aspects of those essences within every layer, every level, every body of who you are.  This work is about opening the consciousness within those layers so you experience yourself as the Creator that you are. You create this unification.  You create this unified field.  You open your consciousness.  And, you draw to you that essence of the Christed body.

Jim:  As I’m sitting in this energy, one of the things I’m observing are fibers. It’s almost as if you’re weaving. It’s like watching fine spider webs being woven. And there’s a presence within those threads of consciousness.

Yeshua:  Yes.

Jim:   There are no words for it. It creates a subtle sensation, a calm fullness.  It’s completely understood without a word being spoken.

Yeshua:  Correct.  This will be no easy task between you and I and between all the beings that will come to facilitate in the coming time.  The experience has to be had by the individualized expression of each Soul that is participating.  Our role is to give these concepts and to be very present to expand the consciousness, so that each of you can step into it at whatever level is possible for your Soul at that particular moment.  These teachings will grow and expand within each individual student at different rates.  They will go from being that individualized expression to being that magnificent Christed essence.  Some will come along more quickly than others; but as they live their life in this experience, from these reference points, it will continually grow and manifest for them according to their Soul schematic.

Jim:  This is a body of work … some assembly required here.

Yeshua:  Most definitely.  And, it is a body of work that few at this time can embark on.  But as these few embark on it and embody it and come into unity with it, it opens the door a little further for others to come also. The opportunity and the timing is perfect.  Metatron said to you that it will take many years for this transition into the new times. This will escalate according to how many are able to step into this unity process that we are developing with you.  We are laying the foundations.  As each student embodies, at whatever level they can embody, and others follow, great change will come upon your planet.  Great change will come within the physical realms of your universe, of many universes that have varying degrees of form.

I tell you, there is great excitement in the heavenly realms for what is being established.  For, it matters not how few, or how many, at this juncture. Some will find great value in this work.  And others will not see the value and will not come with us at this time.  But, they will all come at some juncture; when their consciousness and when their Soul has developed enough that they see the value.

We cannot teach the experience.  It must be had by the individual.  And, it is through that experience that you know yourself intimately and completely.  We can show you. We can hold the energetics. We can walk with you. We can broadcast great Light frequencies but it is you that must embark on the journey of the experience.

Jim:  Well, I look forward to this journey.

Yeshua:  If there’re no further questions, I will withdraw.


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Yeshua and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Yeshua to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


Jim Self is an author, international speaker, and teacher of the Tools for Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes. Jim is presenting Free in-person classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field around North America. or 775-851-8950

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