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Energy Update – Time to Remember Who We Are

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This is a very important time as we head into the August timeline split. We are being challenged in so many ways to be our most authentic self and to leave all our “stuff” behind.

I was shown last December how the frequencies would no longer be together, that they would separate and lead us to make distinct choices within. Since then, we have seen this more and more. Where once we could easily bounce between frequencies, we are now finding that this is no longer the case. If we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in things that lower our vibration, it can be a struggle to achieve that high vibrating peaceful feeling again.  Think of it as a radio dial of frequencies. Before the stations were next to one another, just one number (frequency) up or down. We could seamlessly go from 95.1 to 96.4 and 97.7 with just simple tactics and tools. Now as the frequencies have separated and are continuing to separate the stations (frequencies) are no longer close. Instead of radio stations side by side, they are further apart 95.1 to 100.7 to 106.5. We have to really work at monitoring what is coming into our energy field, our thoughts, particularly the ones that seem to run unnoticed, our beliefs and roles we are playing into.

All of this is pushing us to be our most authentic self, to put ourselves first and leave behind the self-sacrifice paradigm that ruled in the lower frequencies. It is understanding that as we put ourselves first, honoring the commitment to embody our soul on earth that we are being of service to the whole. It is understanding that stepping into all we are is our mission and in doing so we help to be the example for all around us. As we do this it changes all who comes into contact with our energy. How it changes another varies depending on what the person is ready to accept. For some our embodied energy will act as a catalyst, a spark to help awaken, for others it will simply plant a seed that will grow when the person is ready. Some will come in contact with our energy and it will cause deep discomfort within them and they may react by lashing out, yet this too plants seeds.

In every moment we are being asked to embody our highest aspect and truth. This was hit home for me during a camping trip where I spent 4 days in nature, unplugging from all the distractions of the world and connecting deeply within myself. I am finding the need to unplug more and more.

At one point during my camping trip, a group of us went on a hike in the woods. After a bit I separated from the group with my oldest daughter. She is struggling because she just got word that her husband has orders to go to Turkey for a year and she is unable to go. This camping trip was 2 days after she got the news and her grief was visible.

As we walked in the forest we were amazed at the magic feel it had.  It was so easy to see the personality behind the trees, the flowers and rocks. Faces were so visible and the colors were vibrant. I felt like we had gone into a different dimension or the fairy realm. It was simply amazing. We started to head back to camp because it began to rain. As we walked it was like an energetic wall was placed in front of me, asking me to stop, pay attention, and look. I stopped in my tracks feeling the energy and turned to look at my daughter telling her that there was more going on here than we realized. I changed my vision and saw 2 soul pieces that had popped out since she received the news of her husband’s deployment. (I say changed my vision, because I choose not to constantly “see” people’s stuff. I don’t want to peak into their pain or their dysfunction as it feels rude and intrusive. I choose to see when I am working with a client or in a rare case like this where the universe makes it clear my skills are needed.) 

I looked at her and said “He will come back to you. You will get through this and be ok.”

Her eyes teared up as she said “I don’t want to have to get through.”

I told her “I know that you don’t understand it, but you both need this time to grow, to become who you really are.”

She says “I know, but what if I change so much he doesn’t want me anymore?”

There it was the heart of the fear. I knew that fear well when I started my own journey to self.  I remember that fear well and the times I thought: What if my marriage can’t survive the changes I’m making within? What if my husband will no longer love me?

“You wrapped your identity around him… you left my home and made one with him. You haven’t figured out who you are.” I said really seeing the issue.

She nodded her head as the tears flowed freely now. It started raining harder but it was so odd, I didn’t feel it nor the temperature dropping.

I looked her straight in the eyes and said “That boy loves you. He fell in love with your soul, not your bullshit (we all have bullshit), not your stories and the things you tell yourself. So you take this time and find you, bring forth more of your soul, that’s what he fell in love with anyway.”

As she was telling me that she didn’t think she could do it, I saw more of her soul leaving, her light dimming further.

At the same time, I started to see more beings come in. I thought it was her ascension team coming in as support, but then I realized that standing behind her were all these versions of her. Each holding more light than the next, each more confident, secure, and powerful. I saw her angelic self and her I AM presence burning brighter than a thousand suns.  That’s when I really got it.

Each of us has a line of our soul waiting to be embodied moment by moment. Each vibrating higher than the last, each leading us closer to our truth. Each holding greater and greater potential until it reaches infinite possibilities. Our job is to get rid of our stories, beliefs and limitations that keep us from embodying our soul. It’s a dance between walking in our power and getting out of our own way. It is also realizing that we have our own backs and that we can count on our soul.

The mom in me wanted to hug her and tell her that all would be ok, that her dad and I would be there for her… but that wasn’t what she needed.

I looked at her forcefully and said “Stop this. You have already lost two pieces and you were about to lose a third. You are stronger than this. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.  You are stronger than this. Remember the you who wants to hike the Appalachian Trail, the you who wants to backpack Europe, the you who knows they are here to change things. He will return to you and he will love the real you even more.”

With that I saw her straighten, her energy change as she welcomed the pieces of her soul back in and even embodied one more higher vibrating piece from the line standing behind her. She immediately brightened and smiled.  With a hug, I told her I loved her and would be there for her to remind her who she is when she has forgotten.

I asked her if she felt the soul pieces return and if she was aware of what was behind her. She said yes and with a big smile she said “I got my braid back.”

As a child, she would tell me that she would live to be 107, have a long silver braid and still play kickball. Then life got her down. She became very ill with an autonomic disorder to the point she was home schooled her junior and senior year of high school. She has had a long road to health and at one point I know she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay on earth.  Hearing that she was able to access the strong resolve she once had in her childhood made my heart leap for joy.

At that moment, I heard our names being called by friends and the energetic pull of my husband who had stayed behind at camp. We answered the calls and were surprised to find that they had been calling our names for a while without us hearing. We had truly been in another realm, one of deep, deep healing, magic and truth. I told them we were coming and started heading back. Within a few minutes I saw my husband coming down the path towards us, looking worried and sopping wet. As he reached us he looked inquisitively at me as he knows I am not fond of getting rained on, especially cold rain. I smiled, told him all was well and that our daughter got her braid back and I promised to fill him in.  We returned to camp to get dry, simply in awe of what happened in the woods.

This leads me to the point of this blog. Now is the time that we all need to get rid of our bullshit, straighten our shoulders and REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. Connect within to the one you know you can be, the one that is full of hope and joy. It won’t mean that your journey will be perfect and pain free, but it does mean that you will have the courage and strength to get through it. It is time to leave behind all the labels, identities and stories we have aligned with and open to our totality. We are here for a reason and it is time we walk in the truth of all we are.

Sending you all love and fortitude as we clear ourselves of our stuff so that we can handle the timeline split with ease and grace.


Jenny Schiltz is a Bridger between the dimensions, she is able to hear and see those in other dimensions, creating a bridge for the information to flow. She channels some of the Ascended Masters delivering messages for humanity during this exciting time. She also uses this ability to help others get in touch with their spirit guides, who offer support and guidance for the journey. 

If you are interested in a reading or Ascension guidance sessions please email her at 

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