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The February 2024 Full Moon of 6 Pisces-Virgo Pt. 1

The February 2024 Full Moon of 6 Pisces-Virgo Pt. 1

- New Harvests, New Dedication, New Service -

The Full Moon of Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo will bring us new responsibilities as a result of our “training for mastery” of some sort this past year. This brings a new dedication, even with disappointments which are signals to pull back from your projections as well as others’ projections.

This visionary, responsible, future-oriented Full Moon occurs at 4:30 am PST, 12:30 pm GMT on February 24, and falls at the 6th degree of Virgo and Pisces. This keeps the focus on the emotional and social levels of life, and offers us a way to “structure the future” as we let go, forgive, and bless much to end these next two weeks. Continuing the theme that proceeds at each Full Moon as they move through each polarity, this one gives us the ability to express our ability to feel all there is to feel as we demonstrate timely skill in a performance of some sort in our early Virgo sector.

Today’s Full Moon post will be an overview of the Lunation and some of its primary qualities. In parts 2 and 3 we’ll cover the Sabian Symbols, aspects, distributions, and patterns.

An Overview

This Full Moon brings the Light of the Aquarius New Moon into a realization that as we turn away from disappointments and learn to manage our feelings, it opens doors to a greater compassion and maturity which allows us to let go of many things. As a result of some disappointment the past two weeks, we can experience our “indestructability” and reap a harvest from our “garden of life and mind.” While there may be some hard choice, they’re really not all that hard.

This Full Moon is another one leading us to deep insights about subconscious or unconscious factors in self and others. Look for the motive behind what is said or done. This will be good for intuitive flashes and empathic insights.

This is an intensely mobilizing Full Moon, with “spectacular developments” which will represent “cosmic visitations” which will “galvanize us to action” to deal with a challenge of some sort. There are a tremendous number of favorable aspects in play in this chart, so be willing to do whatever you have to do while hanging in there and putting your best self forward and not settling for lesser things when greater things are at stake.

As with all Full Moons, use the light you’ve been seeing and expressing since the New Moon, and give it form and focus through anchoring those themes in expression. The New Moon’s theme was related to cultivating strength and resilience in the face of disappointments, getting clear, and going for our heart’s desire. While there may have been a lot of tension or nervous energy in play these past two weeks, the T-square has helped us remove elements of the past so we can move forward. Now we can be clear as we do what we need to do.

This Full Moon brings the Light of a new collective dedication expressed through skill in good timing while executing something requiring precision and training. This is a time to intuit a greater dedication which has been building since last Summer when we all began to hear a call to renewal.

Is the Sun Following the Moon, or the Moon Following the Sun?

This Lunation is the tenth Full Moon where the Sun is in a different sign (Pisces) than it was in the Aquarius New Moon two weeks ago. We are now into “the reverse order” of the Sun/Moon relationship cycle, as the Light of the New Moon is in a different sign than the Light of the Full Moon.

There are two patterns; one is when the Full Moon Sun is the same sign as the previous New Moon Sun, and the other is when the Full Moon Sun is in the next sign from the Sun in the previous New Moon. The Sun was in the same sign in both the New Moon and Full Moon, the so-called “natural” order, between April 2019 and August 2020. At the August 2020 Full Moon we entered the “reverse pattern” of the Sun of the Full Moon occupying the sign after the New Moon Sun, since the previous New Moon Sun was at 29 Cancer and that Full Moon Sun was at 12 Leo.

August 2021 brought us the New Moon Sun at 17 Leo and Full Moon Sun is at 30 Leo, beginning a new “natural order” sequence which continued through the New Moon of late March 2023 at 1 Aries which was followed by the Full Moon at 17 Aries/Libra. This shifted back into the “reverse order” sequence in April 2023 with a New Moon at 30 Aries followed by the Wesak Festival Full Moon Sun at 15 Taurus. You can find out more about the “seed forms” of the Capricorn New Moon two weeks ago by going to the archives.

Past As Prologue

The 2020-22 Eclipses moved us all in new directions, reorienting wherever we have Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius in our charts. All Eclipses are “Cosmic recyclers,” removing what is obsolete in our lives. These losses clean out psychic and physical spaces so we can find new life substance. Due to what we’ve eliminated the past 2 years we now have a wider view of our life and the Life around us as humanity begins a new 20 year Aquarian era.

As you know from other articles, 2020 was the last year of a 200 year Earth era, with Air power building that year launching a 200 year Air era on the December Solstice with Jupiter conjuncting Saturn at 1 Aquarius. However, we will still be “under the beams” of the powerful conjunctions in Capricorn, since between January and March 2020 we began new Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, Mars/Jupiter, Mars/Pluto, and Mars/Saturn cycles. The first of these launched a new 33 year era into motion.

Due to these conjunctions in late Capricorn and both Mars/Saturn and Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions at 1 Aquarius, as well as several very important conjunctions since then at the same degree, we are in a long term period of finding wisdom by understanding transfiguration and enlightenment as verbs rather than nouns. We’ve now officially taken the first step into the coming Aquarian era.

While this is not yet “The Age of Aquarius,” this is the final intensification of those energies which will sprout seeds in the second quarter of the century which will take us across the threshold of the Great Age soon after 2050. And to note, there will be plenty of people and ideas from the Age of Pisces which will continue into the next century as part of the bridging process from past to future as humanity discovers new Aquarian ideas and sheds old Piscean ones.

Planetary Distribution

At this Full Moon, the inner planets are all inside the occupied outer planet span. We now have all the planets except the Moon in a very narrow span between Uranus and Pluto. This is about 108+ and is the last great compression of planets for centuries to come.

Because the Moon is outside the span occupied by all the other planets, in this chart we have two open spans created by the Moon’s distance from all the other planets. The span occupied by the inner planets (in this chart Pluto at 2 Aquarius through the Sun at 6 Pisces) is 34+ degrees, a very narrow span. This will be the primary area stimulated in our charts.

At this time because all the inner planets have finished their conjunction with Pluto and are closing in to their conjunctions with Saturn and Neptune, we’re definitely in the heart of a run of Bundle Jones patterns over the coming months. This will hold except for when the Moon is in the last half of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, when we have Bucket patterns. That means this coninues a run of Full Moon Bucket Jones patterns

Right now all the planets are spread out across 4 signs. This month the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo open a “nozzle” for the expression of the other planetary energies. With all the planets between Capricorn and Taurus and the Moon 105+ degrees from Uranus and 145+ degrees from Pluto we now have everything in a cluster with only the Moon at the far side of the occupied span. This creates a “Bucket” chart pattern, with the Moon as the “handle,” or nozzle.

So What is a “Bucket” Jones Pattern and how does it work?

A “Bucket Pattern” is a planetary spread with all the planets in about half the signs with one outside that span wide enough to be a handle. The energies of the occupied half are focused through the “handle,” or “nozzle,” in this case the Moon, termed the “focal determinator.” The handle, or focal determinator, represents the way to greater effectiveness, the cause to be embraced, the lack to be filled, or the way to use the total energies of this time in a focused manner. The Moon is how we're going to "get a handle on things," or focus the potential of the rest of the planets, so if you have any doubt, express Leo!

Dr. Jones states “the Bucket type indicates a particular and rather uncompromising direction in the life effort.” This pattern gives “interest in a cause,” with executive tendencies that will adapt allegiances to maximize results of the effort. He says “the Bucket type at its best reveals the real instructor and inspirer of others, and at its worst the agitator and malcontent.” This is the larger planetary pattern within which we’re all trying to do what we do.

We are also told this pattern is more about finding an effective release for energy within social settings, but also about the individual imposing their patterns on society rather than adapting to what is there. It’s about focused intention. So all of us can expect some sort of focused attention on the house where we have 6 Leo.

Pluto at 2 Aquarius leads the occupied span for months to come. This indicates that the “cosmic visitations” Saturn brought us all in 2020 are now going to be present in Plutonic form over the next few weeks. This entry to the occupied part of the Bucket tells us to think about the seeds of things, as well as hidden potentials.

This entry to the occupied part of the Bucket tells us to take a deep and broad view of seed energies at work right now, whether for building or destroying. With Uranus at 20 Taurus as the closing planet to the span, we’ll close experience hitting some very high states of awareness or inventiveness, seeing our freedom to embrace whatever makes us feel “ecstatic and happy.“ This leads with actional and material Contribution and closes with actional and material Confirmations which should show us greater ways to enjoy life on our own terms.

Is the Grand Irrationality A Factor in this Full Moon?

No, and blessedly, will never be a factor activating the collective for the rest of our lives. This was a 30 year phenomenon which has now passed out of orb, and we are finally back to Neptune sextile Pluto and the coming Uranus sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. The spiritual field has shifted for the better!

If you want to know more about this hard edged Special Evolutionary configuration in play for three decades, I created an article which sums up the three versions of the Grand Irrationality in play during those years. I discuss what it is and which zones of the zodiac have been most impacted and when. You can find all you need to know about this configuration associated with widespread irrationality and hard-edged “forks in the road of destiny” we’ve all confronted at various times by going to The Grand Irrationality is Over (1993-2023).

This evolutionary configuration has been activated over the years when any planet moved through any of the hot zones of the configuration. However, even though it’s ended remember that almost everyone on Earth born the past 30 years has this in their charts! And all the eclipses these past years have also had it, including the April and May eclipses. So we’ll still have it working in the background for years to come. I’ll speak more about the aspects in part 3 when I cover the special configurations.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

We are now solidly in the long voyage of Saturn’s transit of Pisces. While in Aquarius 2021-2022 it taught us shortcuts to illumination and instructed us in the wise use of spiritual energies for many months, as well as the spiritual power of gratitude and appreciation. This is a time of learning lessons of compassion and forgiveness shown by Pisces, following through on the call to renew something in our lives in play since June 2023.

Saturn, ruler of our Capricorn and Aquarius sectors and any natal or progressed planets we have in those signs, is now accelerating in speed, moving forward through a “new dedication” which we first encountered April-May 2023 and then got our “review” in July-August. Having sensed “elements of our indestructability” these last few weeks, we now find Saturn in a very productive and specializing phase, promising gifts and harmony as we move into new experiences related to our inner contact with “Source.”

Over the next 2 weeks Saturn will require some adjustments and sacrifices, or impose them on the forms of expression shown by the Moon. Finish what needs finishing, or release old patterns which no longer work. Moon opposed Saturn is always a wake up call to make sure we’re taking care of what’s important and not neglecting our own need for nurture and/or care. Set aside fear and sentimentality and “let go, let god.”

Though Saturn can feel heavy and bring serious life lessons, it is the part of us which can take charge of our lives and destiny by using Saturn’s virtues in the right way and time. Our ability to steer our “ship of personality” into its rightful “role of destiny” has brought us to the threshold of new parts to play on the stage of Life.

We’re now in a productive period of Jupiter making favorable aspects to Saturn over past and future months. The friction between Saturn and Uranus in 2021-2022 showed us what mattered to us and what didn’t, with our transformation into the roles we’re to play determined by how we’ve trained. Uranus awakened us to new roles to play, while Saturn brought new mutations and an accelerated evolution which are part of us learning to use spiritual power effectively through deliberation rather than instinct.

I explain how Saturn and Uranus work together to awaken us to our Higher Powers to take command of our destiny in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. Saturn helps us give form and structure to our quest for Self-realization; in Capricorn, it taught us to accept and use personal power within a socially responsible context, while in Aquarius it taught us how to make a greater contribution to our world, coming together with others in a collective effort “ensouled by a great vision.” Coupled with Uranus having awakened us to the fact that it’s already a new time, a new way, and a new day, we’re “breaking on through to the other side” into an unfolding Higher awareness.

The book was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers. Even those with little or no understanding of astrology will benefit from understanding why you had to make certain choices at crucial times that shaped your life in profound ways.

Each time you read any section of this book you will find new insights about your power to throw off all the attitudes and memories which hold you back from finding and living the life and purpose. If you’ve haven’t already gotten your copy, you can go to the Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend page on Amazon and this should be all you need to order your copy. It’s also available on Amazon and as an ebook on Kindle, so if that’s more to your liking, go for it! If you would, whether you’ve gotten the ebook or the paperback, please write a review on the Amazon site, since the more reviews, the more of a boost they give it.

On A Final Note

See you in the near future with parts two and three on this Full Moon which will help us to power and mastery by what we let go of and where we wield effective social power. With Saturn prominent it’s going to be a serious two weeks with a lot of unique gifts and qualities coming forth along with some gear grinding between Aquarius and Taurus (sounds like early 2021 all over again!)

Genius is in the air, with high specialization shown by a lot of 5th and 10th harmonic aspects which I’ll discuss in part 3. There’s going to be a LOT of activity in the Aquarius and Pisces sectors of our charts, so take the large view of what’s been launched these past 3 years and claim your harvest from your “garden of life and mind.”

Recent Solar eclipses continue to help us de-magnetize and eliminate many old things as we all launch into a new life phase! The outer planets maintain the entry into a transition between the old spiritual field and the emergent one, so practice empathy, compassion, intuition, and release all which obstructs your ability to swim in the ocean of collective consciousness. Those who have prepared will reap rewards and opportunities which will make 2024 enjoyable. Just keep in mind we’re all challenged to navigate the larger field disturbances coming in the Spring and Summer.

Venus is a key player at present due to being conjunct Mars and the ruler of Jupiter and Uranus, making it part of the “chain of dispositors" involving Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn which rule all the planets except Neptune. In this Lunation, Venus will help us see the value in pulling back from disappointing people and situations, and withdrawing from projections we’ve put on others as well as those we’ve accepted from others.

As She is square Jupiter, we are encouraged to put our best self forward and not settle for lesser things when greater things are at stake. This aspect helps us release the positive Jupiter energies through Venus and Mars, putting stress on planets we have near 7-13 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These 2 weeks are about planning anew where we need to as we launch whatever we’re launching.

If you want to know more about your Venusian power to shape your likes and affections into enjoyable interactions and friendships, please consider getting a copy of my book The Magic of Venus: Friendships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames. It is the most comprehensive book on Venus ever written, and explains why we attract who we do and how to create more satisfying relationships in the future. You will understand the foundations of long term healthy relationships and friendships, why Soul Mates come into our lives, and how to dance with your inner Beloved and mirror that to your world.

And now, a bit of final backstory to where we are today.

A View of How We Got Here

Since 2019, we’ve all seen taken on new roles and responsibilities which brought new social effectiveness in 2021-22. Where we have late Capricorn and early Aquarius in our chart is the focus of coming years. The compressions in Capricorn led us to personal power and very long wave cycles showing our work for years to come. The March 2022 Aquarius compression created cycles of learning how to fulfill a greater role in the long wave Aquarian energy.

We’ve entered a new chapter in our spiritual journey at a fork in the road of our collective destiny. 2020 was about forging our connection with the World Soul, our Wisdom, and our greater dedication. 2021 began the new era in our lives. We’re all wiser than we used to be, have been given ample opportunities to value our heart connections with our friends, and display the vaster spiritual awareness we share with our Brothers and Sisters.

2022 brought us training and skill, divine mutations, endings and beginnings. 2023 began with one last look back before the rapid acceleration that’s been happening the past 10 months. We’re now increasing the tempo over the next two weeks, so use your clarity to execute your purpose while allowing yourself to experience high states of consciousness. During this time, adjustments are favorable for continuing our journey out of “the known and familiar” as we embrace a great dream.

See you soon with parts two and three on this Full Moon which will bring us to a new sense of what we’re dedicated to and why, and how willing we are to use skill to “grab the brass ring and win a prize.” Remember we’re still moving into the new land, the new life, the new understanding, with a new sense of purpose.

Next up, Sabian Symbols, evolutionary configurations, and other important chart factors.

This article explains past, present, and future compressions, where they fall, and who they affect. The Great Compressions of early 2020, 2021, and 2022

This one explains the January 2020 compression and the multiple conjunctions setting themes for decades! The Great Compression of January 2020 – Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Pluto all Conjunct in Capricorn

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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