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The March 2023 Full Moon of 17 Pisces-Virgo Pt. 2

The March 2023 Full Moon of 17 Pisces-Virgo Pt. 2

- Sabian Symbols Showing the Light of Renewal
Expressed As a Breaking up of Complexes -

This coming Full Moon is the twenty-eighth since the December 2020 Solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 1 Aquarius which launched new 20 and 200 year eras.

This one finishes the Saturn in Aquarius era, and helps us see the dance of the inner male and female as an opportunity to allow Spirit to work through us.

I’ll speak more about the bigger picture after the Sabian Symbols. For now, let’s take a closer look at this expansive, distributive, merging and explosive Lunation which shows us our integrity and the integrity of others. We are still in a time when the old answers cannot confirm the new conditions of existence, so tune into the deeper elements of wisdom as they show themselves through a mature understanding. See the larger Light field you’re a part of, and look for your spiritual Brothers and Sisters who also shine on. Keep forgiving and blessing the old ghosts to wash down the timestream, and program your mind to hear a call to renewal, since that’s already on the way by June.

Due to the position of the Nodes and recent eclipses, through our releases and eliminations we’re stabilizing our need for ease and simplicity through looking at the past we’ve buried since 2019. This is demonstrated through our ability to see time as a factor in what we’re building. As the growth is in Taurus, take an abundant view of what to let go of, since releasing old substance creates the space to attract new substance. Enjoy the process of releasing old toxic memories, or memories of toxic relationships in the past, since they need to leave.

As the Full Moon fulfills the themes of the previous New Moon, we can use the protection and instinct for self-preservation of that Pisces Lunation to open to a life renewal demonstrated by the inner complexes we break up. This is the Light of a greater collective empathy expressed through the “education through actions” shown by the Moon. Because Pisces/Virgo is the axis of the archetype of the Healer, Shaman, and Priest(ess), we can forgive much, bless much, and be good guides, steering ourselves and others out of old ways into new lives.

The Sun in Water and the Moon in Earth shows a time of the Mutable Water (distributive feeling flow of experience) of Pisces expressing its unifying Light through the Mutable Earth (distributive practical service) of Virgo. Because we have 6 planets within a 48+ degree span, expect a lot of activity and focus on the houses where we have Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. This continues a run of Full Moon themes of getting clear on the actional and material levels of our existence.

At this time, 1 planet is in the first third of its sign, 5 planets are in the second third of their signs, and 4 planets are in the last third of their signs. This indicates a huge emphasis on the social/emotional and the individual, mental, and spiritual fields. Mercury in Pisces is the only planet in the actional-material field. So while the position of the Full Moon is actional, overall the next two weeks will be very social-spiritual in nature.

Why Are Full Moons So Important?

At a Full Moon, that which has opened since the previous New Moon surfaces in a public form, and heads toward the culmination and fruition symbolized by the second half of any cycle. First half, birth into form and field. Second half, culmination and completion of the purpose of that cycle.

That’s why it’s important to regard the New and Full Moon charts as “God’s Footprints in Time,” since one follows the other in an unending sequence of births of newer and newer seeds. The New Moons show us the seeds that will flourish under the reflected light of the Full Moon.

Full Moons heighten feelings, due to the opposition of the Moon and the Sun. We are now in a time of the year when the inner planets are making conjunctions with the outer planets, so there are no planetary oppositions other than those made by the Moon. The 2 forming oppositions in this chart involve the Moon opposed the Sun and Neptune. Those oppositions are this chart’s “Tension of Opposites,” creating an “awareness generator” between 15-27 Pisces and Virgo.

Dispositors - What's the Backdrop to the Energies?

The Sun is in Pisces, making Jupiter its worldly ruler and Neptune its spiritual ruler. The Moon is in Virgo, making Mercury its ruler. As the ruler of the Sun is Jupiter in Aries, it is ruled by Mars in Gemini, itself ruled by Mercury in Pisces, which is in turn ruled by Jupiter, creating a “chain of dispositors” which rules all the other planets except Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. The Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is ruled by Jupiter. That makes Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars the main backdrop energy.

At this time, we have two final dispositors affecting none of the other planets, those being Saturn and Neptune. So in this Lunation, besides what we’ve already covered, Venus is ruled by Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, Uranus is ruled by Venus, and Pluto is ruled by Saturn. As usual, Neptune is a “standalone” planet, ruling itself and bringing a vaster spiritual experience to the Sun and Mercury.

By looking at how “chains of dispositors,” “final dispositors,” and “mutual reception” are in play between the planets, we get a clear picture of the backdrop for how each planet operates. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to Astrology Class – What Is A Dispositor and What Is Mutual Reception Between Two Planets?

The Magic of Venus: Friendships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

Venus in Aries ruling Uranus is very important in how Uranus expresses itself. It is on a degree of us needing “a strife transcending and unattached outlook” on everyday life. Venus is helping us find a metaphoric “magic carpet” where we may get a broader view of what is and what could be.

This month, Venus is completely unafflicted except for the quincunx from the Moon. And with the sextile to Mars, it helps bring humor, truth, and vision to the Moon in Virgo. In this dance, because Mars rules Venus and Jupiter, ruler of the Lunation, Mars is helping Venus adapt and multitask.

If you want to know more about how to shape your Venus power to attract better friends and relations in the future, please consider getting your copy of my new book The Magic of Venus: Friendships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames. It is the most comprehensive book on Venus ever written, and explains why we attract who we do and how to create more satisfying relationships in the future. You will understand the foundations of long term healthy relationships and friendships, why Soul Mates come into our lives, and learn how to shape your attractive power to have happy relationships in the future. Even if you’re not looking for a partner, this book will explain why certain people with certain traits came into your life and what they taught you about yourself.

It has chapters on the qualities of each sign’s natural mate, the qualities of Venus in each sign, and when crucial choices and changes are made, affecting who we attract in the future. It was written for both astrologers and lay people, and as it has a thousand gems for better relationships, with self, others, and Source, please consider getting your copy by going to the link above! (And when you’re done, please leave a review on Amazon, since it helps the book and all other books on astrology as well!)

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon

This Full Moon falls at 17 Pisces and 17 Virgo. It is said that the second third (decan) of any sign deals with the social and emotional levels of life, and as the Lunation is in the second decan of those signs, invokes a sub-influence of Cancer and Capricorn.

Since the Moon always focuses the light of the Sun in specific forms, the degree symbols for both are important. The Sun degree is the illumination or enlightenment of the Lunation, whereas the Moon shows us the potential forms that enlightenment will take. Though I’ve given you a sense of what this is about up to now, here’s where we go into detail.

The Solar Sabian symbol for the 17th degree of Pisces is “An Easter promenade.” In the original notes from the Marc Jones class on the symbols he published in The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this degree is one of “a symbol of ‘high moments’ in life, when (we) challenge (ourselves) and renew (our) faith in circumstances,” and “self-improvement.”

In his Astrological Mandala he states this degree is one of “the capacity inherent in all great sociocultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.” He goes on to say this is about “the unifying power of great myths and symbols in truly organic and self-perpetuating culture,” with a focus on the “Image of the Resurrection” helping all to show their best Self in a renewal aligned with Nature.

He offers that this degree “emphasizes the value of attuning one’s life activities… to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth Nature” rather than acting independently. Here “the Collective dominates the Individual, Yin overpowers Yang,” and we are told it’s time to participate in “collective peak experiences.” He states this degree falls in the Span of Protection, Act of Capitalization, and Scene of Perpetuation on the Actional level.

Dr. Jones says this degree is about a “constant expansion of self and experience” in terms of individual self-expression. He speaks of “Implicit in all the ridiculous extremes of man’s vanity and self-exhibition is a realization that each least manifestation of his personal excellencies must be shared widely and generously” so they can develop.

He offers the keyword of CELEBRATION. He states that when this degree works positively, it is “tireless self-refinement in an effective inspiration of others.”

The Lunar Sabian Symbol for the 17th degree of Virgo is "A volcano in eruption.” In the original Jones class notes from The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this is a degree of “Irresistible outbursting of pent-up impulses, creatively or regeneratively,” “breaking up of complexes,” and “will to wholeness.”

In the Astrological Mandala, he goes on to say that this degree symbolizes “the explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.” He states this is about “the dramatic release of energies” which have been repressed by the ego, leading to a catharsis. He goes on to say this is about a “form of purification by fire,” releasing the “inner pressure of the karmic past” in an explosion!

He speaks of “the objective confrontation with an image of the karmic past is replaced by a subjective irruption of repressed memories,” where “everything must be released from the psyche seeking to attain the transfigured state.” He says this degree falls in the Span of Experimentation, Act of Stabilization, and Scene of Education on the Actional level.

Dr. Jones says this is a degree of the “constant expansion of self and nature” which fundamentally involves “physical force and the blind urge of life to continue to be.” He goes on to state that “implicit in the wonder and destructiveness is (our) ease of self-recovery in the critical phases of (our) experience, often aided by the sheer violence with which (we) act to meet some major issue.”

He says the “irresistible outbursts may be merely the total mobilization of (our) deeper potentials.” He offers us the keyword EXPLOSION. He states that when operating in a positive manner, this degree “is creative passion as a rejection of superficiality and a genuine ordering of self.”

These symbols imply that during the next two weeks the Light will lead us to the vast “feeling field” where we learn to navigate the fogs and mists of reality associated with Neptune. Themes include self-improvement and showing up for the symbolic “worship service” where we can have a sense of togetherness which renews us. These will express through the Lunar themes of dramatic releases of energy, where our “will to wholeness” breaks up old complexes. This should bring us some sort of “reordering of self.”

The Sun is in Pisces, where we feel all there is to feel at the end of the end of the year experience. The Moon is in Virgo, where we learn to focus on our wholeness and let go of anything blocked deep within. The Sun shows the Light of perpetuation through action, expressed through the education indicated by the Moon. There is a lot of spiritual energy to be stabilized these coming two weeks through letting go of old repressed material.

We’re in an Era of Overlapping Capricorn and Aquarius Cycles

As you know by now, we had numerous important long wave conjunctions in January 2020 which were set into motion in March 2020, including a 12 year cycle and a 33 year cycle! Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all made conjunctions in Capricorn in January and March 2020 which were activated by Mars in March 2020. Mars completed its run at its conjunction with Saturn at 1 Aquarius which also set long wave preliminary Aquarian structures into play which are expanding and currently taking shape.

We’re seeing the competition between the Capricorn and Aquarian cycles play out in the world between the regressives and the progressives, between the forces of control and the forces which resist control, and between the materialists and the idealists. The Capricorn cycles will be in play for many years to come, but by mid-century they will wane while the Aquarian cycles will have become dominant.

That “Great Compression” of planets in early 2020 created a very crowded house in a very narrow span of degrees, impacting where we have late Capricorn for many years to come. Add the three conjunctions of Jupiter with Pluto as it transited back and forth over the January and March degree points, and we’ve had a lot of long wave Pluto energies expanded which will show effects over the next decade! If you’re wondering how this Great Compression and those to come will impact us, please check out the linked articles on the bottom of Part 1 of this series published yesterday.

TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Tests of Human Redemption

I’ve included this section for many years to keep you all aware of the workings of Divine Mother on our Earth in this Age in Transition. Rather than simply reprint it each month, I created this material as a separate article unto itself a while back. If you want to know more about the vast spiritual field coaxing us toward a great redemption of the promise of Life itself, please take a new look at TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Spiritual Lessons of 2023. We have now entered a long period of getting over our prejudices and preconceptions, and approaching others from an angle of “the fellowship of humanity.”


At the 2020 World Teacher Full Moon of Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius I gave you a universal prayer/meditation offered to us by the Tibetan Master D.K. in April 1945 at the end of the war. Tens of millions around the world do this prayer every Full Moon, tuning into the Whole which we ALL are together. I said it every day for many years, and still say it every Full Moon. (It was a real trip to see eyes suddenly open and/or lightbulbs go on over people’s heads when I did it countless times riding the NYC subways when I lived there in the early 80s!)

In 1976 I changed a few words to make it more universal. For your consideration,

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of All,
Let Light descend on Earth

From the point of Love within the heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of All
May Christ return to Earth

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little Wills of All
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve

From the center which we call the Human Race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Again, as I’ve offered you many times before, when you see the title "The Christ" if you are so inclined please substitute "World Teacher," "Bodhisattva," "Imam Madhi," "Krishna," “Kristos,” "Avalokiteshvara," "Maitreya," "Messiah," or any other term used to describe this Great Being. And if you substitute “Enlightened Ones” or “Wise Ones” for “Masters” I doubt it would offend anyone.

See you soon with part 3 covering aspects, planetary sequencing, and other important factors in this Full Moon.

Here's part 1: The March 2023 Full Moon of 17 Pisces - Virgo Pt. 1 – The Power of Renewal and Release As We Demonstrate Integrity

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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