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10 Facts You Should Know About CBD Oil

10 Facts You Should Know About CBD Oil

Researchers have been studying CBD over the past few years, and the results clearly show that CBD does not have a range of side effects as compared to THC.Also with each subsequent study, further positive CBD effects on human health are proven. Here are 10 facts that you need to know about this unique correlation.

  1. CBD has fewer side effects than THC

CBD does not have such a range of side effects as THC does. In addition, with each subsequent study, further positive CBD effects on human health are proven.

  1. CBD is the key component of cannabis

CBD is one of over 60 hemp compounds that belong to a group of molecules called cannabinoids. Of these compounds, THC and CBD are usually present at the highest concentration and are therefore most commonly recognized and researched.

  1. CBD reduces the negative impact of THC

CBD seems to provide natural protection from getting high. Numerous studies indicate that this compound reduces intoxication caused by THC.

  1. CBD cannot overdose

In the case of CBD oil, there is no possibility of overdosing. Although the recommended dosage is not established, as it is a very individual matter, no case of overdose has been found so far.

10 Facts You Should Know About CBD Oil

  1. CBD oil supports traditional medicine

CBD oil is an agent that reduces side effects caused by traditional medicine, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

  1. CBD oil is legal

Not everyone knows that CBD oil is 100% legal in Europe.

  1. CBD oil supports the functioning of our body

CBD raises the level of immunity in your body, supports the proper functioning of your brain, takes care of your heart and circulatory system.

10 Facts You Should Know About CBD Oil

  1. CBD oil is produced from cannabis sativa

This strain is also known as "industrial cannabis".

  1. CBD has several non-invasive side effects

Although CBD is considered a safe substance, like any other health supplement it has several known side effects, such as dry mouth, light dizziness, and drowsiness.

  1. CBD oils are not medical marijuana

CBD oils have nothing to do with medical marijuana - they are made from a different plant species.

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