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How To Treat Insomnia Using CBD Herbs And Supplements

How To Treat Insomnia Using CBD Herbs And Supplements

Sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of the human body. Unfortunately, due to the fast-paced lifestyle, we all compromise on our sleep to milk the day as much as possible, making us feel tired the next day. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects almost 35% of adults. This problem makes it difficult for a person to stay asleep throughout the night, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness. Patients with insomnia are also at a higher risk of auto accidents. The most common reasons for insomnia are stress, mental disorder, pain, certain medications, and physical illnesses. Even though there are medicines to manage insomnia, they can cause certain side-effects in people.

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A plant-based herb and supplement like cannabidiol (CBD), obtained from the cannabis plant, can be an effective way to treat insomnia. CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to balance body functionalities.  Let's look at the various causes of insomnia and how CBD herbs and supplements help treat it.

1. Smoking Medical Marijuana for Insomnia due to Stress

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Stress is one of the primary causes of sleep disorders. People experience difficulty in sleep when they go through stressful situations in their life. Prolonged stress can gradually lead to anxiety and depression. Smoking medical marijuana might be beneficial in reducing the signs of stress and depression in people.

Smoking medical marijuana can give immediate relief from stress and anxiety. Research recommends that cannabis has anti-stress and antidepressant properties that help alleviate stress levels. Smoking medical marijuana in small doses, it interacts with the brain receptors called serotonin. Serotonin plays a vital role in mood regulation and produces sentiments of happiness and prosperity. Thus, smoking medical marijuana can help treat insomnia by releiving stress.

2. CBD Cream/gel for Insomnia due to Pain

Whether you are suffering from an injury, arthritis, cancer, or any other medical condition, the pain from these conditions can disrupt sleep architecture. The pain sensation stimulates the brain, which keeps you conscious. Joint and muscular aches can often give rise to insomnia. Lack of sleep can enhance pain-sensitivity due to the heightened creation of inflammatory substances.

CBD has been used for many years to manage pain. As per an animal study, applying CBD cream/gel topically on the affected area for four days could significantly reduce inflammation and pain.

3. CBD capsules for Insomnia due to Alzheimer's

People with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia can often find it difficult to sleep. Sleep changes often occur due to the impact of Alzheimer's on the brain. It makes the person anxious, restless, and aggressive, making it even more challenging for them to sleep. They wake up frequently and stay conscious for longer during the night. When the brain's immune cells fail to clear blockages, it responds by causing inflammation. This causes a fast drop and damage of brain cells in Alzheimer's patients.

CBD edibles like capsules, gummies, and CBD mints contain full-spectrum CBD making it an excellent method for treating anxiety and restlessness in Alzheimer's patients. The use of CBD capsules can aid in decreasing the consequence of Alzheimer's. Studies show that CBD can stop and change the adverse consequence of Alzheimer's by reducing swelling and brain cell damage. Check with your doctor to know the right dosage of CBD capsules to help you sleep.

4. CBD tinctures to treat Insomnia due to Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea and parasomnias can interfere with your sleep pattern and cause insomnia. Evidence reveals that people with sleep apnea are at greater risk of getting chronic insomnia due to elevated disorganized breathing motions during a nap. The standard method of managing sleep apnea is CPAP use that provides a steady stream of air to keep the airway clear. However, CBD might be able to manage sleep apnea.

Research states that taking CBD tinctures in the right dosage can help patients with sleep apnea. It can loosen your muscle and keep the airways open. CBD and the CPAP machine can work together to help you sleep faster without any disturbance.

5. CBD oil for Insomnia due to Heart Problems

A good diet will ensure a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. Heart complications start appearing when there is an increase in blood sugar levels, weight, and higher bad cholesterol. Frequent need to drink water, urination, and variation in blood sugar levels can disturb your sleep. Heart complications can also cause sleep disorders, which contribute to insomnia. CBD's therapeutic properties can help treat heart disease.

Placing CBD oil under the tongue or sprayed in the cheek are safer and produce faster as compared to taking CBD oil by adding to the food.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil help reduce inflammation of the heart, restricting the damage of cardiovascular cells. It can also widen the blood vessels to lower the blood pressure and boost blood flow. Thus, a healthy heart will let you sleep peacefully at night.


Sleepless nights can make our minds and bodies exhausted, affecting our brain health, immunity, and cognitive powers. CBD has numerous medical and therapeutic benefits that support the healthy functioning of the body. The above mentioned are the various ways in which you can take CBD to treat insomnia. Apart from taking CBD herbs and supplements, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle like daily exercise, reading, taking a hot shower before bedtime, and avoiding fatty foods. All help you get adequate sleep and wake up fresh.


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