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Message from The Angels - Alligators On The Path :)

Message from The Angels - Alligators On The Path :)

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Suppose you wanted to go for a beautiful walk to a lovely destination. You are eager for the journey. It is a beautiful day. 

The air is fresh and clear, and you anticipate a wonderful time. However, not far upon the path, you encounter a huge alligator! You can't believe it. The creature is large and blocks the entire path. There is no way around him. What to do? You wait a bit, but he's not budging. You get frustrated and start to throw stones, and he becomes menacing. You say, "Get on! Go! Shoo!" and he growls. So here you are. You've been anticipating a fantastic walk, and now you've got a huge alligator in the path. Fighting him doesn't work. Wishing he wasn't there doesn't make a difference. What to do?

Dear ones, this alligator represents the various things in life that show up and seem to block or thwart you from achieving your dreams. They are the financial challenges that seem to make things impossible for you, the seemingly insurmountable diagnosis, the people whose demands on your time appear to prevent you from having any of your own, and the challenges that seem to interrupt your positive progress. Each one of you has your "alligators on the path," and like the one we imagined before, wishing they weren't there doesn't change them. Fighting them only makes them more challenging.

If you ran across this alligator or your life's challenges, many of you would be inclined to give up on what you originally wished for. You'd turn back and give up on the walk. You'd tell yourself you can't have that vacation or home you want. You'll never enjoy good health again. Your dreams don't matter because everyone else's need do. Even as we say these untruths, we feel your energy and your lights dim, so let us quickly help you shift your vibration back to truth. In spite of any "alligator" you encounter, you can turn back to the love that lives within all things and beings and ask for assistance in creating a solution.

In our example, you could back off a bit, sit down, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful day. You could send love to this alligator on the path, who would sense your good intentions, your love, and your desire for them to move, and they would eventually wander off the trail. Your willingness to believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator's desire for all beings to exist in harmony would align you with that reality. You would fulfill your intention to enjoy the day, have a little magic on the path, and reach your destination.

Likewise, if you have a financial challenge, take a step back and enjoy your day. Count the blessings you do have. Look forward to the thing you can't afford now due to the "alligator on your path" and wait for guidance as to how to proceed or the miracle that will assist. If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator's desire for you to have all the good you wish, then you will aligned with this reality.

If you have a health challenge that someone has told you you must live with, take a step back from the struggle for a bit. What you can enjoy right here and now? What you can you do? What can you focus on that feels healthier and happier? If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator's desire for you to experience your wholeness, then in spite of any "alligator on the path," you will be guided to the solutions.

Even if you have challenges with very unpleasant and intractable individuals, the heavens can help you work around these "alligators on your path." Perhaps you live with one — someone who snaps at you when you oppose them. Maybe you work with one — someone who won't budge. Perhaps your child is married to one — someone who guards their "turf," so to speak. In any case, you can take a step back, avoid opposing them, enjoy what you can, and send love. In this reality, if you believe in the good, in your worthiness to receive help, and in the Creator's desire for all to exist in peace and harmony, then eventually, solutions will be revealed. Your heart will change. Their heart will change. You will receive guidance on how to communicate with or work around them.

The Creator of universes lives within all things and all beings — you and the "alligators" on your path. No matter how stubborn, unwilling to shift, or impossible they seem, the Divine can work around them. If you get in touch with Divinity, simply through your willingness to look for what feels better, is better, or even to imaging what could be better, then you are in a space to receive help, and to resonate with all good—even the divinity buried deeply within these scary and unpleasant "alligators" that appear to block the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I wondered where the angels were going when they started this week's message and then had to laugh. The imagery of a huge alligator is a good representation of what some of our challenges can feel like at times—huge, threatening, impossible to get around. I didn't have an alligator photo so had to make one. He's kind of cute even if he is blocking the path. I'm going to think about this next time I run into an obstacle!

Despite our seemingly large obstacles in life, the adage, "All things are possible with God," remains true. Every time I find myself facing a challenge, I remind myself that I am not limited by my knowledge, human knowledge, widely accepted truths about "the way things work," or even the so-called "rules" of the physical universe and biology. I am only as limited as I am willing to believe. God is unlimited.

This spring, the neighborhood wasps decided to build their nest right outside the front door, next to the office window where I do readings! "Of course," I thought. They're sensitive souls, and they like the energy. Nonetheless, the delivery folks who bring supplies weren't as comfy with them as I was. They had to go. So, I faced the "alligator on the path." I went outside and stood under the nest. The little wasps buzzed around me, telling me in no uncertain terms that this was their territory. I stood my ground in peace and sent them love. I told them how precious they were and that I didn't want them to be harmed. I pictured smoke blowing towards their nest, which is a wasp warning to leave (like a wildfire alert), and gave them three weeks notice. I imagined the babies hatching and everyone leaving peacefully. Lo and behold, three weeks later, they left and found a new home in the cucumber patch! We were all much happier.

There are certainly many large alligators on the path these days. A family member has a serious health challenge, and I can do nothing about it in the human sense. I can only take a step back, enjoy the day, and focus on all I love about this soul—their strength, their grace, their future health, and the light within. The alligator of their condition may just leave with all that love, as they, too, are taking the same steps and receiving good guidance.

I've had numerous technical challenges lately, but after taking a step back, enjoying my day, and trusting that all turns to good, the situation has turned to good. I had to reschedule a few clients due to my calendar deleting them, and it ends up that the new times and conditions were better for all. I had to get a new email app, and it has features that are making life easier. I have had numerous obstacles on the learning curve to open an Etsy shop, and yet, one by one challenge, I'm gaining knowledge that will serve me far into the future. I'm actually enjoying the journey.

When I got my water bill this month, and it was unreasonably huge, that felt like an alligator. There are so many places where the leak might have been. I took a step back, enjoyed a glass of water, and trusted God to help me figure it out. Later that day, I randomly got up from my desk to retreive the mail, just in time to see the geyser in a random place in the front yard! The gentlemen who came to fix it found an even more significant leak in the back and repaired it for a very reasonable fee. I didn't wrestle with the metaphorical "alligator" so it left the path!

Even in physical areas, the Divine can move the alligator. So many times in my life, conditions have appeared, I've refocused on enjoying my days, listened to guidance, and then the conditions disappeared.

The angels like to humorously say to people who explain why they can't have what they want (can't heal, can't afford something, can't deal with someone, etc.) "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do." No matter how logical or true our reasons are for not being able to have what we want, it is a mighty big assumption to think the creator of universes can't figure it out :)

  • I have an incurable disease. There's no way I'll get through this. "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do."
  • I have a huge bill that I'll never pay off. "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do."
  • My spouse will never change. I'm stuck with them. "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do."
  • I hate my job! There's nothing else for me out there. I've looked everywhere. "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do."
  • I've given up on finding a relationship. I've tried. There's no one that I could stand. "Don't tell the Divine what it can't do."

I have seen so many miracles, insanely elegant solutions, and changes of heart that I no longer doubt the power of the Divine to remove any obstacle.

So next time you feel defeated, remember you don't have to know how to solve something. You don't have to understand how the money will come, how the body will heal, how the intractable and unpleasant human being can be worked around or assisted. You don't have to know how you'll manage if this candidate or the other gets into office. You don't have to know anything really except that taking a step back, enjoying the day, and remaining filled with a faith in something much larger is the key to receiving your solutions.

That alone is enough to move mountains... or life's "alligators."

Here are a few tips to help you face your "alligators."

1.  Accept the "Alligators"

When seeming obstacles show up on the path, accept that this is here and now, but not necessarily forever. These things show up for a reason. They are either helping us by delaying us, shifting us to new directions, or turning us away from thoughts that don't work and back to thoughts of God, good, and love. They are never without purpose.

Accept where you're at and accept that something in this is trying to steer you towards the good.

2. Take a step back

It is all too easy to go into a mental spin trying to solve our problems. If the solution is not easy, apparent, and obvious, wait. Wait until ideas or solutions arrive organically. Take a step back, release the problem temporarily, and focus on enjoying what you can. Look around. There is good in your life unrelated to the problem, even if only the warm cup of coffee on your desk, the puffy cloud in the sky, or a smooth stone you picked up years ago.

Chances are there are many more things to enjoy in life if you look, and are willing to focus on the good. Instead of fixating on what youI can't do right now, ask yourself, "What can I enjoy about this day or this moment?" Challenge yourself.

In doing so, you consciously and intentionally allow love into your life and feelings and, therefore, vibration. You'll get better guidance, ideas, and solutions to work around the "alligator" in that higher vibe.

3. Trust that higher power has higher wisdom

We agonize when we don't know how to solve something. We settle for what we know and talk ourselves out of wanting what we don't know how to get. I imagine God watches us as we would watch a two-year-old screaming or pouting about being unable to reach a cookie on the counter instead of calmly asking for help from someone with higher reach.

When you don't know how to solve something, have faith that the Divine does. Be expectant that good will arrive. My favorite way of praying when I don't know what to do is humorous. I made up a little sing-song rhyme prayer that helps me not take myself and my challenges so seriously:

I know you know what to do.
When I don't even have a clue.
I know you know what to do.
You'll tell me what and when it's true!

My inner child gets into this, and I calm down, give my alligators to the divine, and enjoy my day. Solutions will arrive.

b as I like to say, and give your problems to the Divine. The love and wisdom that creates our bodies, the galaxies, and the entire known universe might just be able to figure out something we can't :)

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
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