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Message From The Angels: Look for the Good...

Message From The Angels: Look for the Good...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As the energies of light and "forgetting-light" vie for attention in your world, you feel that tug of war in your bodies, minds, and hearts. So many of you sensitive souls feel the density of the lower vibrational energies tugging at you now, trying to get your attention and convince you that your world is going downhill. It is not.

Thanks to each and every one of you and countless others, your world is moving towards a greater light.

Look for the good and you will see it everywhere. As you notice it and celebrate it, you empower it. As you focus upon it, it flows to you and through you. As you refuse to be drowned in the darkness you witness in this world and instead hold your focus steadfast on the good, you will find that you feel better in body, mind, and soul.

You can find good everywhere, even in the darkest of situations. There is nature in her purity beckoning you to receive the blessings of her beauty and life-affirming chemistry. There are people quietly performing acts of love and service. There are individuals who never thought they'd do anything other than live their daily lives who are stepping into the role of amazing charitable leaders. Strangers are opening their hearts and homes to one another. Caring souls are lovingly guiding the young. Loving caregivers are tending to the babies, the elderly, the disabled, and your furry. Truckers, shippers, stockers, and clerks are quietly keeping economies in motion, while farmers, bats, bees, and so many other beings, ensure that you get a cup of coffee in the morning and food on the table. Even in the midst of bombs and rubble, there are countless souls reaching into their depths to find and bring forth goodness amidst the ashes.

Everywhere you look, there is good. Everywhere you look, there is God. In some situations, the good is easy to see. In others, you must look more carefully. Nonetheless, it is always there.

There are, without question atrocities being enacted in your world right now. There are people so possessed by fear and anger that they commit crimes against their own human nature. They seek false power because they have not known the true power of love. They are sad, lost, and lonely and their souls need your prayers.

These are the few, rather than the many. There are far more people doing good upon your earth. There are far more people engaged in acts of kindness right now as we speak, than those engaging in acts of hate.

There is plenty of bad news that makes the news, yet we have good news. Love is winning. Love is the "end game." Love is what heals hearts, stops wars, and what lifts souls out of the ignorance of hate and darkness which traps them in a cage of their own creation.

Love is the only thing that will set you free and help you rise above the tugs and pulls of the various forces vying for your attention. Love is what gives you energy, connects you with guidance, and allows you to enjoy your life while dancing around the density.

When you focus on the good in your world, you focus on God. When you share the good you share God.

One social media post documenting a loving act can inspire thousands. Will you be the one to notice it and share it?

One kind word or deed with a request to "pay it forward" can start a chain of loving gain. Will you be a link in that chain?

One inspiring word to a person who is feeling down-trodden can give them the hope to carry on. Can you be such an influencer of incredible proportions by saying a kind word today?

You, dear ones, by noticing the good within you and around you kindle the light of love upon your planet earth.

Love is winning dear friends. Love is making the lost doubt in their darkness. Love is inspiring those who love to stand up for what they love. Love is creating a global family that is more united, caring, and compassionate than ever before. Look for this love in the smallest of ways. Notice it. Celebrate it. Know that in so doing, you empower it.

Your prayers, your kindness, and your choices to take tender, loving care of yourselves and one another are changing your world and the course of your history.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Within the last few months, I did a reading, that I forgot all about… until something on the recent news jarred my memory. The angels told a woman I was reading for that in her previous life she had been put to death in the gas chambers during the last world war. She had been a little girl at the time. She knew they were all going to die. She felt the fear in that room, and wanted to help everyone feel better, so she started to sing.

Her sweet, fearless, little angelic voice entranced the entire group and she sang even as people began to pass out and die. She sang until her body could sing no longer but her soul continued to sing as they crossed into the light, and the absolute beauty of that one loving act served as a point of focus to carry the entire group into the light with her. This little angel of mercy, in a simple act of goodness, lifted the entire group of souls beyond the horrors of war and into the light of heaven. I was near tears sharing the angels' words with her. I felt her goodness.

I was touched to the core, when soon after I saw a story on the news about a little girl in the Ukraine who held an entire group of families in a bomb shelter in rapt silence, as she sang “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen in her native language. Her voice was pure, angelic, innocent, and she sang with passion and zest. She had the heart of a true performer. She wasn’t focused on the bombs, the fear, and the possibility of death. She was present in the moment, singing her heart out, and clearly wanting to help everyone feel better. I'm sure she had no idea at the time that she helped an entire world feel better, or at least the thousands who saw her story. As it ends up she escaped to Poland where she 

 in front of a huge live audience and raised over $650,000 for relief efforts. One small act of goodness rippled outward into a wave of huge proportion.

There are horrible things going on in the world... but there is so much good! The angels have taught me, and constantly remind me, to look for it, to embrace it in my daily life, and to give myself permission to be happy every day so that I can be a force of light and goodness in this world as well.

Far from burying your head in the sand, looking to the good is a forward focus, beyond that which has already been created towards that which we still have the influence to empower, and to create.

I can’t change the actions of others but I can choose to focus on the vibrations I wish to empower. I can't stop tanks halfway across the world but I can stop the attacks of self-criticism. I can make certain I’m not “shooting down” anyone else’s perspective or beliefs. I can make sure I’m not invading or trying to overtake someone else’s free will choices about how they want to live their lives. I can prevent the million mini-wars that are choices throughout the day. In so doing, by connecting more and more deeply to the One love trying to express itself in all things I become, and you become a powerful force of good.

As we look for the good emerging from the horror, we empower more of it. A woman sits at her dusty white piano that is miraculously preserved in the rubble of her bombed-out apartment and plays a final, beautiful, piece of heavenly music. People sing in the streets. Celebrities give over their Instagram pages to charities to reach those in need. Polish women leave strollers and baby supplies for the Ukrainian women and babies who had to leave their homes with nothing. Strangers offer refugees food and a place to stay. Compassion, kindness, and evidence of the goodness in human hearts is everywhere. Beauty is in your backyard. Love is poured with every glass of coffee or tea. There is light everywhere.

Our focus IS powerful. We ARE able to attune ourselves and more of the collective to the loving vibrations. We DO change the world with every choice, every thought, every emanation of our own thoughts, emotions, and spirits. Best of all, in connection to love, when we focus on the good to the best of our ability, we can feel, hear, or sense our own guidance. We will know what to do – physically and spiritually – and when. We will know when it is our turn to be the heart, hands, eyes, and ears of God, and when it is our task to remain silent and peaceful and be the vibrational change… or perhaps both.

When we raise our vibe by focusing on the good, we no longer have to agonize over what to do, how to serve, what value our life has, how to make our businesses work, our relationships work, and so on. Our focus on love, our connection to the Source will give us the perfect feelings to do the perfect things, at the perfect time, for all. Source is win, win, win. Guidance from the higher realms is win-win. We hear it and feel it so much more powerfully when we choose a focus on love.

So while the world is offering more than its share of horrors, and we DO care about the people who are enduring them, it is so important to remove our focus from the horror, the minute we see it and move our focus to love. Pray for those people in bomb shelters and fleeing their homes. Pray for the ones shooting at them. Pray for the lost, possessed, and disconnected that the light of God’s love rise up within them and remind them of their true nature.

Then look for the good in your own personal life and in the world, because great good is rising up. Great movements of love are being triggered by small acts. A single child sings in a shelter, and thousands are moved to tears. Hearts and pocketbooks are opened to support those in need. Thousands look at their own lives, and question, “What simple thing can I do to make the world a better and more loving place.” We are humbled by this child. We are inspired by her. The light within her lives in you and me and all, and we, through our focus upon it, are like the sun shining on the seedling sparks of hope in every human heart. You do matter. You are important, not because of your accomplishments on this earth in human terms, but because of every single kind and loving choice you make.

Here are a few tips to help you shift your focus to the good

1. Look for good news

It is easy to swallow the news we are "spoon-fed" and think this is the majority of our reality but it is not. There is good news every day. There are websites such as, and dedicated to it. There are amazing people sharing inspiration, talent, music, and recipes on youtube and tik tok. There are quiet and simple examples of good people doing loving acts in your own home, neighborhood, or grocery store.

If you look for the good, you'll find it. Seek out the important news – all those tiny acts of love that cumulatively are moving the world forward on a kinder trajectory.

2. Have a few Vibe-Boosters on hand

Have a few books on hand that inspire you when you flip a page open and read a passage. Find a channel on youtube that inspires you. Have a few movies that lift you up or a playlist that elevates you. Save a few bags of tea or some good coffee for when you need a pick-me-up.

Sometimes you just feel overburdened by challenges in your life, dense energy, or bad news in the world. By keeping a few sources of inspiration and upliftment on hand we have access to an instant vibe-booster.

3. Focus on Joy

Give yourself permission to be happy! When you feel happy and good you focus on good, do good, and notice more good. Every day I do something no matter how small or how late at night that gives me joy. I was making easter bunny outfits last Sunday, for example. This certainly isn't meaningful in any conventional sense but I know that every time the recipients look at their cute little bunnies, they're going to feel loved. They're going to smile. My joy will inspire theirs and who knows who their joy will inspire. A small act done with joy and love ripples outwards. We never know how far.

4. Focus on Service

When you feel like there's not enough good in the world, get out of your head and do something good. Be the change. Perhaps you can leave a little note on someone's car, "Your angels love you. Just a reminder!" Perhaps you can leave a penny for someone to find. You can volunteer with an organization or simply perform random acts of kindness for friends, family, or strangers.

If you're not sure what to do, pray and ask how you can serve because God will only ask you to serve through your own joy. In our service, in sharing the good, we become it, we feel it, and we see more and more of it. We inspire ourselves.

It isn't always easy to look for the good when life is hard, the world is nuts, and the energy is chaotic, but we can, and when we do we reap the rewards and become a powerful contribution to this world. The more of us that seek it, see it, and be it, the more quickly our world shifts the balance towards a lighter and brighter future.

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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