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Message From The Angels: Look for the Love!

Message From The Angels: Look for the Love!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In a world that feeds you a steady stream of drama, you can be at peace. 

In a world where the news would make you think things are spiraling down by the moment, you can discern a greater truth – love is everywhere – present, emerging, expanding, and interacting in the most beautiful ways! It is present in the interactions between caring human beings. It is present in the joy between you and the animals you adore.

Love flows through you as you lovingly water and trim a houseplant or plant a seed with loving hope in your garden. It is streaming into the meals you cook with love and the meals you reheat as you look forward to nourishing your body.

Love is in the grass under your feet, growing and reaching for the light. Love is in the coffee or tea that you drink. Your beverage originated in a seed that waited patiently for the rains, pushed through the surface of the soil, reached for the light, harnessed the energy of a star millions of miles from your planet, surrendered to the harvest, processings, and packaging, rode for miles in a box or bag or container via planes, trains, ships, and trucks, and then sits her, in your mug, allowing you to extract the best of its journey, all for your morning beverage. Love lives to love you. You live to love.

There are, of course, people on your planet who have forgotten the love attempting to push up from within them, as much as the force of life pushes a seed out of the shell. They fight it, resist it, deny it, and disbelieve it. They feel they must take matters into their own hands. Can you imagine a seed straining against the growth within, trying so hard to stay in the shell and dictate how it will receive the water that could soak into it freely? Can you imagine that seed trying to build irrigation canals to funnel more rain to itself because it needs more and more water to help it break free from its own resistance? We know this is a small analogy, but perhaps it enables you to see that those who resist the love trying to rise from within are straining, stressing, manipulating, bullying, angering, even killing when all they have to do is surrender to their own hearts.

Love is in a constant flow, continually expanding. Love is always calling you towards that which you truly desire. Love is saying, "Look over here. There is a person you want to talk to who has a bit of information about that job you want." As you look for the item you want in your market, you notice a person that seems familiar. You have the urge to talk to them. Love is calling.

Love is present in the cells of your body inspiring them to inspire you by creating feelings from within. I am thirsty. Are you listening? Did you get that drink of water? Love is saying I need to stretch. You feel a tight spot and a natural impulse to move. Can you allow for this.

Love is present in the little bug on your carpet who is waiting patiently to see if you are going to kill him or carry him out. He is surrendered, knowing he can't control you but must allow for love to carry him into nature or into the light. He has instincts. He'd rather live just like you, but he has no real fear of the illusions of death. He just asks for your love either way.

Are you open to love, dear ones, or are you fighting against its desire to reach you? Are you focusing on all that makes you sad, mad, frightened, doubtful, etc.? Do you believe in those who would have you think you are going to die, experience financial ruin, or be part of disaster if you don't listen to their points of view? Or are you believing in love?

The Divine is Love. You are embodiments of the Divine, never separate from love. You breathe in love. Love makes your heart beat and your cells hum. Love is within every facet of creation – physical and otherwise, always calling you to greater love. When you are focused on feeling better and better, you are allowing love to seep into your awareness. You are like earth allowing the spring rains to soften and flow through it with nourishing waters.

Dear ones, you choose whether you believe in the ideas that being fed to you about how your world is spiraling downhill, how people are going mad, and how your earth is going to self-destruct... or whether you believe in love. We see a world, growing and expanding into greater love, even if it is going through a bit of the "teenage" phases of self-awareness. We see a world whose population is increasingly conscious of their connection with their Mother Earth and young souls coming in with a mission and inspiration to clean her up and live in harmony with her. Your problems today inspire solutions tomorrow. Generations who felt they could not change are being replaced by generations who will not settle without change. You are evolving, moving forward, not backward, into greater love.

So, what does this mean for your daily lives? Believe in love. Look for it everywhere. Feel the love in your coffee or tea, your blankets, the sunrise, the trees, the birds that sing to you, and the spouse who may be rushing to get to work because they care about the family. See love in the man who is scowling on the bus because he wants attention in his misery. He is crying for love. Pray for him. See love in the boss who is short-tempered because they care so much about doing good work, the helping hands of a clerk carrying a bag to the car for someone in need, the smile of a stranger, the person who lets you in while you are in traffic, and the one that doesn't who is attempting, albeit awkwardly to love themselves and tend to their own schedule.

Love, whether buried deep beneath bad behaviors or easily visible, is there, dear ones. Can you make it a little game in your hearts, "Look for the love?" If you do, you will begin to discern it everywhere – where it is easily visible and where it is not. Those who behave badly will feel so much less threatening and personal. You'll see them as souls crying for love. When you are connected to love, you'll be guided and impulsed in ways that help you avoid the consequences of others' bad behaviors.

You'll feel better. Your life will flow. Good will come to you by surprise, all because you chose to embrace what you know deep down. "I am a spirit, having a human experience. I am sourced from love. I live in love whether I see it or not. I am love having an experience of it or not, whether I feel it or not, and so is everyone else."

Dear ones, love is rushing to your planet now in mighty streams. You have prayed for it, called for it, and directed it with your hopes and dreams for the better, increasingly so over the past few years. Open to it. Let it flow through your hearts with this simple game: Look for the love.

You are not only gifting the world with this game but opening up to all the love you desire in all the ways you desire to experience it!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I was hiking in the forest when I stumbled on a huge pile of pinecones lodged in a log. I wasn't sure if they had tumbled there in a rainy flood or if a rambunctious squirrel had gathered them. The question was answered soon after when Ms. Squirrel appeared out of seeming nowhere and told me in no uncertain terms to leave her pile alone! She not only chattered excitedly but proceeded to drop pinecone parts on my head from her perch above! I backed away respectfully, stifling my giggles, and reassuring her that I wasn't going to touch her treasure. She scurried down, inspected her stash and decided I was ok after all. We had a nice little moment. Clearly she found her version of love on the forest floor and loved herself enough to tell me to leave it alone! I guarantee she felt no guilt about telling me it was hers, nor did she worry about messing up my hair with pinecone adornments! If only we could all love ourselves so easily!

I spend most of my life now looking for he love, but not in the sense that I did in my thirties! Back then I was looking for someone to love me and make it easy for me to love myself and them! Bad idea. I found people wanting me to do the same for them. Nonetheless I learned a lot about the true nature of love. Now I look for it everywhere, and feel it surrounding me nearly all the time. It even shows up in the form of chattering squirrels defending their pile o' pinecones!

The angels always see love. They see it beneath the surface of everyone, everything, and every interaction, like one who can see beneath the ocean waves and connect with its depth at all times. A person may be riddled with guilt over what they aren't doing or haven't done, and the angels see them working to balance self-love with love for another. A person may be raging mad at an ex who stole from them. The angels see the anger as their initial attempts to emerge into greater self-respect and self-value. They see the dishonest ex as a soul who reaches for love in a very un=evolved and unloving way but nonetheless still trying to feel better about themselves.

A person may be so hurt and violated that they want a vile perpetrator to suffer in unthinkable ways. While we would all understand that feeling and many can relate, the angels see deeper into the hearts of hurting souls. They see the pure love in the one who was ill-treated and know that this soul doesn't really want to become a perpetrator of more pain through vengeance. They see instead that the soul who was hurt wants the abuser to understand the pain they've caused, so they can learn, grow, and never again repeat their actions. The angels know that this understanding will flood into the hearts of the hurtful during their transition, if not sooner. Thet make it clear that you can rest easy. All who have wronged you will have complete understanding after this life. The angels gently guide those who have been wronged back to their own loving hearts, so they can reconnect with their own spirit, their own power, and their own ability to create and feel good.

I've watched the angels encourage many people over the years to vent their rage at people in spirit who abused them. Or if the abuser is still alive, the angels encourage venting via letters to the other soul which they will never send. They have the person write the letter, imagine giving it to the angels for develiry to the other soul, then shredding it to release the energy from their own body and mind. After giving themselves permission to truly cut loose and release the rage in a healthy way, something magical happens to people. They cry. They feel their loving hearts. They don't want the other to hurt. They want them to understand. They feel their own love and their lives begin to transform in amazing ways. These people often become influencers for good in incredible ways – if not personally, then energetically. I've watched them create miracles. Once immersed in the darkness of another's influence, they have now found the powerful light within. They know who they are. They have faced their own "Lucifer" and embraced their own "Christ."

These are extreme but poignant examples of the miraculous transformation that occurs when you "look for the love" within yourself and/or others. Sometimes "look for love" means accepting your emotions exactly where you're at before you can naturally reach for something more soothing or better. Sometimes "look for love" means distracting yourself from something painful and focusing on what is good in life, no matter how small or simple.

The subject that inspires feelings of love is less important than actually feeling the feeling of love! A good caramel apple in the Autumn can easily send me into bliss and distract me from an unpleasant person. Looking at my creations reminds me that if someone else doesn't see the beauty in me, everything I have made expresses it. Sitting with spirit, breathing, and feeling their love is perhaps the easiest way of all to feel the love behind all things.

There will always be those who are so fearful and angry that they want to make war, be it in traffic, in families, or with nation. Thankfully, there are so many more who live in peace. There will always be those so fearful about the demise of our world, they want us to join them in their fear, but we don't have to. We can see them as reaching for love and wanting company in their misery, while we choose to focus on those who are doing something useful to help solve the problems. Ssomeone may have been pretty nasty to you or disagreed with your views in unpleasant ways, but there are so many kind people far more worthy of your time and attention.

You don't need to forget the presence of love just because someone else has. You don't need to disconnect yourself from it just because others have. In the words of the angels, don't let the darkness of misunderstanding in others dim your light. Keep it burning brightly with their simple game... "Look for the love."

Here are a few tips to help you see love all around you...

1. Look for the Love in something you like

Pick one thing you like or regularly enjoy – your bed, your soap and water, your towels, your coffee, your blender, your car. Ideally this will be something you use often.

Think about the fact that someone loved the idea so much that they made it happen. Think about the resources grown, mined, or created to bring you this thing. Think about the countless souls involved in making it what it is today, the people that packaged it, labeled it and shipped it. Appreciate the love in all of the hands and hearts that worked to bring this everyday item into your life. There's a lot of love in every little thing you enjoy!

2. Look for the love inside of you

Take time to acknowledge the love you've shared with yourself or others at the end of the day. Perhaps you washed a dish with appreciation. Perhaps you took time to let someone in traffic. Maybe you cared for your child, spouse, friend, or stranger. Perhaps you went to work because you care about funding your life or your family. Maybe you signed with relief when you got home for the day and appreciated your house. Perhaps you sipped a glass of wine and savored it! Love doesn't have to look big, holy, or obvious.

Take time to appreciate the Love in YOU in all its forms. As you look for how you flow love – great and small – it will be easier to see in others.

3. Look for the love in others who make it easy

Notice the clerk who carefully packs your groceries. That is Love. Notice the person who smiles at you passing by. Notice the people on the news helping neighbors clean up their yards or those who got in a boat to save people whose houses were inundated by floods. Look for the kids sponsoring Eco movements. Look at the trashman who willingly picks up your garbage. Look at the delivery people who make your life easier by leaving packages at your door. Loving souls are everywhere if you are willing to see them.

3. "Extra Love" - Do this only if you feel good!

Pick someone in the world who is behaving in an unloving way. It can be a world leader, a person at work, or a former lover. Their bad behavior is obvious! Go deeper. Sit and pray to see them through God's eyes. If you're truly willing, you may see a hurting, scared, angry child acting through adult behaviors, trying to feel safe in the world, trying to feel abundant, and trying so hard to feel good about themselves and their lives. Don't do anything about this. Just pray for the light of love to rise up from within them.

Then, release your prayer and your thoughts about them. Focus on someone or something easier to love, knowing you've done a very loving thing today, which will ripple out as loving energy and maybe, just maybe, touch their hearts in a way that creates a tiny shift towards greater love.

When you "look for the love" often and everywhere, you don't have to wait for others to make it easy to see. You do it because you care about feeling good. You care about feeling like your real self. You care about being who you came to be... and in that reality, as if by magic, more and more love shows up in your life in ways that are easier to see, feel, and experience.

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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