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The Angels: Expanding the Universe

The Angels: Expanding the Universe

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your hearts dear ones, there is a bridge between heaven and earth. In fact, you are a bridge. You are an embodiment of the Divine experiencing a human reality. You are pure consciousness taking a beautiful form, interacting with consciousness in other forms, and creating new forms.

It is easy at times to wonder about your value upon this earth and yet we reassure you that there is not a moment in your life or even a breath that is wasted. In every moment, you have tremendous value. In every moment, you are part of the unfolding creation. In every moment you are either adding to the vibration of love on the planet or calling for more. It is through your willingness to be upon the earth, to experience diversity and contrast, and to desire more, that you become creators within creation.

It is through your free will that you expand the love that you, we, and the Divine collectively are. It is through your willingness to experience the contrasting environment of this earthly world, that you create ideas and dreams for the better. Whether you dream of a new job, a new home, a new car, a better haircut, or a better world, each one of you is expanding creation. Each one of you is taking the raw stuff of love and molding it into something new. Even within your complaints are hidden desires for more love.

Although you might not think of yourself as doing something so magnificent and important as expanding the created universe, you are doing just that.

There is value in every situation. The things you don't like motivate you to reach for better thoughts, better ideas, and better experiences. The challenges motivate you to create solutions. The difficult relationships challenge you to love yourselves more. The conditions you do not like inspire you to find ways to create new conditions that you do.

Just as a seed buried in the ground reaches for light, grows, and produces more seeds, and as well, stronger seeds, all of life is expanding, growing, adapting, and creating. So are you!

You may think to yourself, "Well I'm not creating much. I get up, brush my teeth, eat, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, and go to bed. I repeat that every day! How is that creating?" We want to assure you dear ones that with every single desire you have, whether it is for a better experience in traffic, kinder drivers, more time to relax, your dreams of a vacation, you desire for kind interactions with co-workers or even your desire for a better breakfast, you are creating.

When you conceive of an idea that is born of love or have a desire for better – whether it be a better you, a better life, a better way to do something, or a better world – you are building an energetic "blueprint" for better and setting up streams of consciousness that will guide you right to it! You are the engineers of your 3D reality and it is through the 5D mechanisms of energy that you create. Each time you create such a "blueprint" you are expanding creation. You are allowing more love to flow through you and into the reality between the formless and the form. You are taking pure love, using your thoughts to mold patterns of energy, and in time allowing this energy to create form.

The step most of you are most interested in is not the formation of blueprints, but rather watching the energetic "blueprint" turn into form, or in plain terms, watching the things you have dreamed about show up in your lives! It is far simpler than you might think. You don't have to focus obsessively, once a pure desire has been born. You can't "bully" the universe into "giving" you what you want. Begging, pleading, supplicating, bargaining –  while all very human ways to get what you want – have little impact on your creations other than to block yourself from receiving them because all of these behaviors are simply a lack of faith in one way or another.

Instead, dream your dreams. When you think of them look forward to them with great anticipation. Love your dreams. Love the thought of them. Love the idea of seeing them come true. Imagine the feeling of having your desires fulfilled. Luxuriate in anticipation.

Stop worrying about how they will reach you, when they will reach you, if they will reach you. The less you worry and the more you simply trust that once you have had a desire born of love, patterns of light and energy have been formed into its blueprint, and streams of grace have been set up to guide you. Get out of God's way with fear, doubt, and reason that says you can't have what you want. Enjoy the journey. Your only job is to stay in a high vibration which allows you to perceive and receive.

If enough of you dream of a better world – and you are – a better world will eventually manifest in front of you. If you dream of a healthy world, a world where you enjoy your freedom, a world of peace and tolerance, and allow yourselves to love that thought, feel that thought, and expect that reality, then in time you will see it come to pass – first in your own lives and then in a larger scale.

Beneath your worry; beneath your fear; beneath your upset, frustration, jealousy, resignation, and anger, we see only your desires for love creating beautiful blueprints for the future. To the degree you enjoy your lives and stay in a high vibration you allow these blueprints to take form. To the degree you stay focused on lower vibrations you block them or slow them down.

With every loving daydream, every loving thought, every loving idea, and every loving wish for better, even if that love is buried deep beneath a painful complaint, you are creating patterns of light and energy, that will, if you allow them to turn into the things, situations, and wonderful world you desire. With each loving desire, you have expanded the universe, molding the formless love, into form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I used to joke that the universe had big ears. I'd talk to a friend and whatever we were talking about would suddenly become trendy. I'd say, "Someone needs to create xyz," ( like a quilting design software program) and see it on the market months later. I'd laugh with a dear one only to see the subject of our laugher show up in advertisements and commercials within days to weeks. I'd dream of having something that I wasn't attached to, forget about it, and find it at the thrift store within weeks. I know I'm not the only one! I've heard this from so many of you.

It seems our creations happen much more easily when we're not attached to the "when," "how," and exactly "what" it all has to look like. It makes sense. No attachment means no fear. So for example, when I sat on the back patio and thought I'd like one of those cute little mosaic tables on wrought iron legs, looked it up in the catalogs, and decided it was too much to buy, I just gave it to the universe. It was no big deal. On the way home from a filming trip a few months later, the angels gave me the strong urge to stop at a thrift store on the way home from the airport. I wasn't inclined because I wanted to get home but the feeling was nagging. There was the table I'd seen for over $100 in the catalogs for $15. It needed one screw! Things like this happen all the time.

However, when we get too attached to how and when something has to occur, and how exactly it "has" to look, then there's an all-too-human fear that arises. What if it doesn't happen" when you want, how you want, exactly as you think it should? What if you can't afford it? You've been wanting it for years and you're focused on not having it, blaming the universe for not delivering instead of realizing it was the bad-feeling focus of impatience, then the worse-feeling focus on fear, and the terribly unpleasant feeling of doubt and resignation that created a vibration that keeps blocking exactly what you want. I've done it :) We all have.

Here's a concrete example. Years ago I lived in a house. that I loved. I dreamed of a few improvements but was quite happy with it. After a divorce, I moved into an apartment that I truly loved. It offered me a lot of freedom. Then after four years, I started dreaming of owning a house. I wasn't attached to how and when. I just knew my desires, my price, and my area. One day I woke up with a huge urge to drive around and look so I hopped in the car. I found a house I loved... except it had no tub and was $10K more than I could afford. I started to get into my head. I started to redo the math. I started to figure out if I could remodel. Thank God, the angels interrupted me. "Ann! It isn't what you desired. Period. Stop it! Focus on what you truly want." They were right. I didn't want to do the work and be house-poor. So I sat down and refocused on what I did want until I felt glorious again.

Within minutes the phone rang. The Realtor from the "not quite right" house called me. He asked me if he could send a few listings. "Sure, why not?" I had no Realtor yet. He sent me a dozen houses to consider. The first one on the list felt like home! I wanted so badly to see it but I was working without a break that week and knew it would sell so I gave it to God. A client called and canceled the next morning. I called the Realtor who happens to have a cancellation. He showed me the house. My jaw dropped. It was the same model as my house from years ago, by the same builder, with all the improvements I had wanted way back when. I didn't need to look much further. I took a quick walk-through, put an offer on the house and it was accepted before my lunch break.

That is the power of "getting out of God's way!" Had I stayed fixated on the "not quite right" house I would have missed the right one. There would have been others, but each time we block our own manifestations with fear, doubt, or resigning ourselves to settling for less than what we want, we "get in God's way." Each time we enjoy our days and just let the process unfold with faith and trust, we let the universe bring those blueprints the angels talked about into reality.

It isn't easy to think of yourself as one with the creator of universes, filled with a power that, if you aim it and maintain it, can expand the created universe and bring anything wonderful into being, but we are.

That's why I feel so good about where the world is headed. I'm helping, along with billions of others to dream that into being. A great many of us are and the more we remove our focus from the problems and imagine with great love a world that is healthy, happy, connected, in harmony with the environment and one another, the quicker it will come. Your desire for that is expanding creation. Your anticipation of it is expanding love's outreach.

So, next time you think you're not "doing" much, remember what the angels say – that you are shaping the formless into form, and allowing the Divine to express love in new and wonderful ways with every wish, every desire, and every dream for more.

Here are a few pointers on how to embrace your inner creator more powerfully...

1. Dare to dream

Dare to dream. Don't worry about how your dreams will come true. That belongs to the creator of universes. Don't worry about disappointment – once you learn the laws of the universe you'll know how to allow.

The angels remind me often that most of us don't know how our lungs breathe, our heart beats, and how the seasons know when to change. Most of us don't really know how the moon controls the tides or even how our bodies relate to gravity and stay upright! We don't have to. The Creator of universes has designed and manages all that quite nicely.

Allow yourself to revel in your dreams and feel good dreaming them.

2. Don't wait for pain

Contrast definitely inspires us to create. If you have a health challenge it is great motivation to slow down and care for your body. If you have serious relationship problems that's good incentive to grow. If you see something you can't stand on the news, it might just motivate you to become part of the solution, whether in 3D or 5D.

Pain is a great motivator. When the jeans become too tight after dinner we find the elastic pants, and when something in life becomes unbearable we are seriously motivated to find a better way to be.

We don't have to wait for things to become painful to create. We can pay attention the minute we have a slight desire for better and instead of saying, "Oh things are fine. I can put up with this. It's OK," we can be more honest and admit that we want something easier, better, kinder, more abundant, or more loving. Then dream it. Imagine it. Raise your vibe and give it to the universe. Get out of the way with the doubts and fears.

Play a little game with yourself. When you're not completely satisfied with something, just imagine how it might be better. Don't focus on the complaint. Relish the thought of an improvement. Then let it go as if you're releasing a balloon, and giving it to the universe. See what shows up.

Life will pull us with pleasure and push us with pain. We can create joyfully if we pay attention to the thoughts of expansion that give us pleasure before current reality causes pain.

3. Gift the world with your dreams

Some dreams cannot possibly be achieved by one person or even a million. However, when enough people dream them, humanity reaches a tipping point and suddenly this dream enters the mass consciousness. There are many examples.

The angels explained to a client a few weeks ago that commercializing organic food in modern times was a dream held by a small segment of the population. In time, more and more people desired this, and in time the "calling" for it, led to the "answering." Now organic food is readily available in many places.

Last year the desire for a kinder, more connected world was sent out into the universe by millions. Little by little this dream is being made manifest. The more of us that focus on better, the better the focus manifests.

Your global dreams for the better are a gift to the human race. If you desire, you will be guided to take inspired action along the way. In any case, someday after this life, in the other realms, you will see that while your actions might last a lifetime or even for centuries to come, your loving energy lasts for eternity. It is of immeasurable value.

We're creating quickly these days due to the intense energies on the planet, so have a little fun playing with your ability to "mold energy into form" as the angels say. Dream of something you'd like to experience or something you'd like to see in the world. Play at first with things that are easily believable and things you aren't too attached to. See what shows up. As you develop your confidence in the smaller creations, larger ones will become just as easy.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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