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SYLAH - URIEL: Your Heart's Call to Action, Embrace Your Values!

SYLAH - URIEL: Your Heart's Call to Action, Embrace Your Values!

Spirits of Light and Love, I greet you all in the energy that is yours, in the center of energies that your body represents, in the Spirit of fullness, in the Spirit of divine Love and in the Spirit of the Peace of Heaven.

I am Sylah, the Higher Consciousness of Sylvain. I may be the equivalent of what you call an angel in another dimension, but you know, you often complicate things on your Earth, in this place of learning that is the human experience.

We are used as Light Guides to give speeches to try to bring you to the greater Spirit, again, of Peace, Joy and Love, and yet often in your experience, you live things and events that seem to oppose this. There you are, you are experiencing things which are opposed to your divine Nature, which are opposed to this Peace, this Joy and this Love in appearance.

Dear friends, this opposition that we are talking about here, you wrote it, you programmed it, prepared to overcome it. In fact, you are your own teacher and your own student. Through exercise, the experience of life, you wish to grow in your ability to overcome events, evils, circumstances of the body, of life, in order to pursue this path of Love which is yours, because yes, Life is a great path towards Love in the literal and figurative sense, a path in learning this energy, this emotion of connection that is love, and a path towards your Love, your true Christic Love on the other side, as you say. This is necessary.

This field of energy, this field of learning of the soul, of Consciousness, is a wonderful field. I am trying to tell you that your life is wonderful, and what we, souls, spirits, angels, Guides or Masters of Ascension sometimes, do with you, what they do with you, is to try to bring your own answers on each of the paths.

So, there is of course a kind of royal path, a united path that concerns 80% of your population incarnated on your plane, in your Earth, in your time. However, there are also people who do not follow the same path, who do not follow the same method, who are explorers, let's say hyper adventurers in this experience. Obviously, it is understandable, all paths can lead to Love. And if I say this, first, it is to tell you that my speech, or that of the other Masters who come regularly to speak to you, does not correspond to all of you, does not systematically correspond to you who listen to me, who read me, systematically, on the other hand to many. In any case, this royal path of which we try to be the teachers is there to help you move forward, to progress towards your own path, your own path of learning.

Today, this path of learning is very disrupted in your time, not by real events even if there are of course, but above all by fears. Many, many fears in your world at this time are present. These fears are dominant, dominating I would say, to use the right word. Some people try to scare you by threatening to be under the influence of something when they themselves are. Some scare you by making you believe that you will lack anything, vitality, money, this flow of energy, food, friendship, even forgiveness sometimes, fear of lacking forgiveness, yes .

See, we hear all this, and I repeat, it is very often part of the path that you have written for yourself to overcome these fears. However, your time requires courage, self-sacrifice, voluntarism, patience, generosity, benevolence . See, these virtues that I have just spoken are those that you have come to learn in this particular time.

Becoming more courageous, more valiant, more willful, more benevolent, more generous, generous, this is all that you came to learn, and not to wait . "  Let's wait for things to get better  ", I see this, to the extent that you often tell us: "  Dear Guides, Beings of Light, we would like to know when things will get better, when they will be over.  " There you have it, dear friends - allow me to call you that - there you have it, dear friends, a very passive attitude, an attitude that is still looking for a savior other than the one you have designated exactly for you, that is to say you . Of course we could give clues, possibilities in the eras and times, since times evolve, of course.

Your Earth makes and has made a choice leading it to its expansion more and more rapidly, more and more important, more and more visible. But you, dear souls, what choice have you made? Did you decide to wait until things got better or did you decide to take action to make things better  ? For if you wait, then he who waits will wait again, and again, and again.

Do not believe that your actions are weak. Each of your actions, of your actions not reactions, the most minimal it may be, each of your actions reveals you to yourself, allows you to highlight what you are through what you do, and through a system and a path of values.

From then on, this path of values, your world is in the process of destroying it. Your world is trying to suppress everything that is important markers for each of you, markers as difficult as what is right and what is wrong, what is a man, what is a woman, what is which is enviable, of what is not enviable – enviable: which keeps you alive. We try to mix it up, to tell you where the good is, where the bad is. Once again, here, for 80% of the population, the good is in the same place, for 20%, it is not there. Therefore, it is about positioning yourself on your scale of values.

What do you decide to emphasize – not in having but in being? Since having it you will not take it to Heaven, ever, at any time. None of you left with your castle in Heaven. You could reproduce it, but you won't walk away with it. On the other hand, each of you will leave with what he or she is, with what he or she learned, and with what he or she actually did, the actions . When you see yourself in your life review complaining about something without taking action, you yourself will be quick to say, “  why didn’t I get up indignant – why didn’t I didn't ask the questions at the right time, in the right place?  »

So even if you have billions of extenuating circumstances and occasionally plan not to react, being asked too often indicates that action is necessary , that this is God's calling, the call of Christ in you: ʺAct! Get moving. Don't wait for a better time, a better circumstance, a better possibility. Start now to envision your life as you want it.ʺ Oh! It is not a question of upsetting everything overnight or of being in absolute and useless fanaticism but rather of setting your voice/path - with an X or with an E -, of showing your path, of being example as much as possible, to keep this same direction in a deep, sincere, real personal and intimate faith.

This life path of yours leads you to challenges that you have decided and chosen to overcome, and you have given yourself the solutions to overcome or experience them. There are no mortal trials on this Earth. They may be difficult to live with, difficult to get through. They will sometimes ask you, yes, 3, 5 or 10 years to repair your energy. I don't dare tell you that for us 10 years is nothing, I know that for you it matters enormously, yet what 'happiness' in quotation marks, to see this inner upheaval, this energy which will have evolved, these forgiveness which will come into play. instead, these states of absolute resilience to existence, returning to existence not as before, better than before .

You know, your body has this intelligence too. When one of your bones fractures, it solidifies and becomes even stronger than before, harder than before, more resistant than before. This happens to you too.

You are therefore, yes, subject to permanent tests. And here too I know that I am not necessarily going to please everyone the right way, as you say. I am a superior Consciousness, consequently I do not have the same discourse perhaps as the usual Masters that you hear, I do not necessarily have their perspective either. However, I know this, if anyone desires a calm, peaceful, quiet life, they are in the wrong world, and I know you are not wrong. I know that each of you, I repeat, chose this time, this era, this moment, this incarnation, the person you are, even the personality, the way it was composed was part of your very choices. ʺincarnatoryʺ. Each of you has chosen.

“  Why, why, why?”  » To get through the why, you have to act , not just by knowing the why, in this case by putting in place actions , I repeat, which are in line with your personal values, yours , your desires, your desires of values, not your desires to have , your desire to be , to be, alone , and to be, in community . Don't forget yourself. You are not asked here to sacrifice yourself . You are asked to hear and understand that if you choose your personal path you will not be alone. You will be accompanied by all these beings that you designated before your birth, before the beginning of this personal plan of yours.

You know, the dark hates hearing this talk, really, really does, because the non-light loves to make you believe that you are going to be saved; saved by people, by aliens, by entities. Of course, everything pushes this world and everything pushes you to your best. This is why I remind you at this moment, and I invite you again, again, again, to action, in your heart, in your values , I repeat. We repeat it often at the moment.

“  Why do you remind us to be in action? What are you waiting for to act?  » Would you say to someone who is teaching you a recipe “  why are you asking me to make the recipe?” Do it yourself.  » We are here to show, possibly demonstrate, in parallel, you are the action, you are this world, you are the living , and we, your higher Consciousnesses, we shake you from time to time as I am doing this evening.

Many are lulled by words of: ʺYou are wonderful – You are beings of Love – You are beings of Peace – You are sensitive beings – You can save the planetʺ. All this is not false, and these Beings of Light are right to recall your Divine Nature, it is obvious! But can you be content with being reassured about your Divine Nature? Does knowing that you are God change your world, right now, right now? Yes and no. It's important, yes. Does this change your world? No.

The world is only changed by action through energy and the exploitation of a body and an experience . An experience that you invest as much as your body, and here too, this reminder is perhaps important.

You have not only invested a body; you have also invested experience. This means that the experience that happens to you is also a body , a subtle body, the body of experience .

You are used to incorporating a physical body. Do you understand that you also incorporate a body of experience? A set of facts, circumstances that will always bring you back to “  Am I applying the values ​​that I came to learn or implement here?”  »

If you look at your History, dear souls, if you look at those on your Earth who 'became saints', they were always people who were told that their values ​​were very pretty but that they were idealistic, that they were outside of any normal range. Their ideas have tormented many people. Their ways have tormented so many. Christ when he came to Earth, I'm talking about Christ Jesus because there are others, well this one was really shaken by his crazy ideas, it was said. And you know, Buddha was told the same thing. He was told ʺthis idea of ​​non-action, this idea of ​​the Middle Way will lead to nothingʺ. It was the right action. Right action is always neither too much nor too little, not excess. [1]

When I ask you for an action, or when we ask for an action, we are not asking to overreact, to overreact, to overact, just to keep one lane, to stay a course, and to make a movement towards that lane, towards that course, towards these values ​​as soon as possible, without being lulled by illusions, however knowing your divine Nature and knowing that when you set a course, when you give energy, if you respect that in your life you will change your personal world . Your body of experience will change.

See, I look at this human body and I say to myself this: if every day I pressed my finger against a wall for 3 minutes, a finger of this body, every day — every day I create microtrauma on this finger — , it would strengthen. The bones would become thicker, and maybe the tip of that finger would become flatter to accommodate the shock, the energy, or will it strengthen, wedge itself, bring more skin to the outside? The body, its intelligence, will rectify this.

See, what I'm telling you is that there is an intelligence of the physical body, and in the same way, there is also an intelligence of the experiential body. And as much as the physical body does not need you to say, 'you need to strengthen yourself, you need to heal', it does it alone most of the time, this body of experience itself , if you repeat actions that go into the sense of your values ​​will self-correct, will self-repair, and the experiences will also self-repair .

You will see it. If the repair is quick, you'll call it a miracle. If the repair is rather slow, you will call it, what? The law of attraction ? So, repair is entirely possible, you have to direct what you feel you are, what you want to be towards something else . It is important, extremely important to keep this direction within yourself, to keep this energy within yourself, not to give up as soon as a speech seems to go elsewhere than what you want to hear, on the contrary, to dig a little deeper. this path of Light which is yours.

As I speak to you, as I speak to you, I am associated with the angel Uriel, Archangel Uriel some of you would say, seeking to further give grades to these wonderful energies. It is with him that I leave you to continue this path by listening to your questions. In any case, it seemed important to me in this time, in this moment, to intervene as we all do, each of your higher Consciousnesses, very regularly.

I salute you in energy. And I hope, even if my speech is more human, that it will not have shocked you too much, only just brought back to the reality of the divine Spirit in action that you are on this Earth.

Dear souls of Light and Love, I greet each and every one of you. I am Uriel.

I salute Sylah's speech, and yes, even if I would probably have used other words, other means, I agree with him, with this Being of Light, in agreement on the fact that action is posed in this era and in this time, that it is not time to watch the landscape evolve, but to make it evolve too, your inner landscape, just as Nature lets its outer landscape evolve.

So, through this channel and through your questions, I would like to help you view this world or some aspects of it from a different perspective. I'm listening to you. Ask the questions that suit you for this humanity, we will start on the basis that has been given to us and we will continue this path. I let my canal work.

Can we trust the channels that give us contact with our deceased, how do we know if they are being interfered with  ?

This is a question that is not simple here, because it cannot lead to a single answer and a single possibility, but multiple answers, multiple personalities.

We would say this, the heart. The heart, the movement of the heart is important . So the real question is, what is the channel, the medium, looking for in doing this? You can imagine that if there is an insistence on winning, and I insist, a lot of money, there is a problem. We have no problem with making a living from what you do, moreover, you have to find regulation, help, and be able to help as much as possible. This is why, if someone starts asking you for 3 or 4 figure amounts, ask yourself this question first. Yes, it is a subject of interference with non-light that of the possession of objects and money. And so, yes, this kind of channel or medium, as you say, can be interfered with by entities able to pass themselves off as what they are not.

I repeat, the key is above all the heart, recognition, connection . Do you feel connected to the message? Of course, when we say connected to the message, some of you will seem to not connect to messages because they don't fit, as you say, don't match your values ​​or what you wanted to hear. That's not what I'm talking about. A channel or medium can convey a message from a deceased person that is not at all what you expected, knowing that in the Beyond there are many different paths of evolution, many paths different understandings. So I'm talking about the heart, that part inside of you that says, “  It's right. Maybe I don't understand, maybe I don't accept what is said – this ʺIʺ which represents the character – but it's right . »

Ultimately, for a medium to be investigated and interfered with by energies that are not very dense, not very positive, once again it depends on their primary intention, their desire to help, to love, their capacity to love, of his capacity for kindness, of his capacity also to question himself from time to time. But could you recognize it yourself? Once again, it's about listening to that little voice that says, 'it's right.'

A medium is an interpreter of energy, and an interpreter can make errors in interpretation. Apart from mediums which are totally 100% integrated by a being from Beyond or a Being of Light, there will always be a translation. Here, now, with this channel I am in this space of translation, which is its own, which we like very much because it is wide, nevertheless it remains a space of translation. For what ? Because I need the intermediary of this being, this man to read your questions.

We are Beings of Light, I don't know how to tell you, we understand a language which is a language of Light, not an interpreted language. In fact, everything you see is interpreted from your Consciousness, you live in a field of information. We don't see the same thing as you. We see a field of information, a complete matrix of information, not living beings, we do not see objects. Therefore, we need a medium, an intermediary, to interpret energy into words and words/illnesses into energy , when it comes to healing, for example.

So, the interpreter is important, the questioning, the change of energy, the acceptance of different energies, of words which are not systematically the same, systematically his own. We regularly disagree with this channel on a few points. He goes his way, we go ours, and it's perfect. Nothing actually prevents him from channeling words that are not his own. On the other hand, if someone lives with an ego that is too powerful, at that moment, they will not be able to channel anything other than what their ego will agree to filter. However, a mediumistic or channeling message does not have to be filtered by the ego . For the person who channels, or who carries out this work as a medium, it is a question of really letting each word, each energy pass as it is, not as he or she would like it to be, indeed as it is. that it is.

In addition, there are elements that are important even for the mediums who hear us or who read me, understand this: if you are too tired, if you are hungry, if you are thirsty, if you are super annoyed by an external situation , you are not necessarily in a condition to correctly interpret what is happening. You have to be in a state of being ready to receive the message too.

It's the same thing also on the part of the receiver. If he is too hungry, if he is too thirsty, if he is too tired, if he is in a completely irrational fear, the person is not ready to hear the words that are going to be said either. Be in good condition. Do not go to see a medium out of fear or eagerness, but out of work that has already started on both sides. This is what I could indicate as an energy field and answer to this question.

How do the Guides adapt to our dimension and communicate  ?

I have just partly answered this question. To communicate through a living being, we use a brain, a transmission and reception tool, we use words, a vocabulary, a translation into energy understandable by you of the primary energy, of the primary information.

In order to adapt to your dimension, we are on our side obliged to lower our vibrational state. It is not very important to lower our vibrational state. It just means not being weaker but fitting into your time. This is probably what is most difficult for us. We live in a time of non-time. I cannot say it any other way. A time where all your eras are as if simultaneous and multiple, and all present, the past, the present, the future, one way or another way, everything is already there for us. Everything is already present, a kind of reading. This is why we must adapt to the time frame in which you are, to the time in which you are, to the vocabulary, as this passes through the medium we have no problem with that, and there we act accordingly. We must adapt our words, our vocabulary, even our rhythm, to the possibility of the medium or the channel who receives us. So lowering our vibration does not mean weakening ourselves, but forcing ourselves to look at only one path, one time and one space at a time.

For you, it is obvious, inside a human body, a body of experience, to only live a time, a space. This is obvious to you, but not to us. This does not mean that it is not simple, it means that it is a reduction of the reality in which we live daily .

It's as if you were a being who spoke 300 or 400 different languages ​​every day, and you were asked to adapt to only one language. It's possible, you know how to speak only one language, however you would feel inside you that this language, this language, has restrictions, possibilities, which exist or would not exist in another language. It's a bit like that about us, we are limited by your time, limited by your space. However, it does us honor to come and see you, to discuss with you in your time, in your era and in your language too, in order to help you and bring understanding, and this has also been the contracts that we have signed with each of you. This is how we reach you, dear souls.

Let's continue this path of questions, my friend.

I feel you are disturbed. I feel you have to choose. Choose. Choose yourself.

You are asking questions about events you call elections. You ask questions of sovereignty asking whether the vote is compatible with sovereignty .

In your time and in your time, yes, for a while yet. For a while you will continue to be represented this way. Now, soon, I am obliged to say soon because it is another time, another epoch, soon you will be represented by people who know and know exactly what they are talking about, who have experience of it. You live, for example, in a time when the people who talk to you about war have never experienced war. This will stop soon, but continue to exercise your free will, your choice, through all the possibilities available to you now. So.

What to do with the mind that always wants to control us  ?

I was going to, on my level, simply tell you: stop giving him control . Understand that the mind is a voice in your head that you have decided to listen to. "  I can not do otherwise !  " It's true. It's true, I agree. However, you can get past this.

If you live next to a road where cars pass, you cannot stop cars from passing at any time unless you put yourself in the very middle of that road. Yet, are you focused only on the road? Are you focused on each passing vehicle, thinking about its color, who's driving it, what its mood is, where it's coming from, where it's going? No, because you have decided to put your mind on something else. And your mind, let me reduce it to this, is nothing more, nothing less, than a superhighway of information that passes in front of what you really are .

This is why learning to concentrate, to direct one's thoughts is the way, not to silence the mind, simply to consider it only as what it is , that is to say background noise or a proposal concerning you. So.

Is the Great Central Sun what is called the Divine I Am Presence  ?

No. No sir. The I Am Divine Presence is not incarnate.

The Great Central Sun represents two things: a point in the universe where energy and information are so dense that it contains all the relevant information of the universe, in a luminous form or a non-luminous form for that matter , both counterparts exist, what you would call black hole and white hole.

The Divine Presence I Am is the Holy Spirit, the Higher Spirit, the Great Spirit who, above you, creates this divine connection with the Supreme Being, with the Source. That's something else, dear friend.

You have so many questions. I see that.

How can everyone know what action to start with to transform the world  ?

What action to begin with to transform the world always begins with what action to begin to transform YOURSELF, YOURSELF. The first transformation is not THE world but YOUR world, your personal world , the one you perceive, the one you experience, the one you reveal . So the first actions are around your own development in energy, in Consciousness .

Afterwards, actions that concern the world or a larger population will come more instinctively and less reactively.

Start by transforming yourself. Don't try to transform THE world, try to transform your space, your understanding of the world. Your inner world also deserves this transformation , of course. Of course.

What relationship should you have with your parents as adults  ?

A relationship of respect, close respect or distant respect, you are not obligated or required to see them or sacrifice yourself for them. This is false. It depends on the path of values ​​that you want to put forward, and the path of values ​​that they themselves have put forward for you.

I would like you to understand that your earthly parents are the ones who created 50% of your character, and therefore they were totally chosen by you. A man and a woman, whether they are present in your life or not, were chosen because, whether you see them or not I repeat, they will create 50% of what you are. The other 50% depends on the friendly, personal relationships you have with your friends, with your companions and with the world. In this way, you have chosen them with great respect and love. Continue to respect them. Continue to love them, even if you move away from them because your character is no longer compatible with them perhaps in some cases , however, maintain great respect.

And understand that your Father to all is your Higher Consciousness. Each of you has as Father your higher Consciousness, it is this higher Consciousness that Jesus called ʺthe Father who is in Heavenʺ. As for the Mother, she will quite easily become Mother Earth, quite easily your living space, your nurturing space. Thus, you only have a debt towards your Heavenly Father and your Earth Mother, a 'debt' in quotation marks, that is to say a contract.

On the other hand, with your parents, the contract halfway through your life almost no longer exists. There is a notion, I repeat, of respect, of love, which I invite you to preserve whatever happens and whatever happens. Sometimes this involves forgiveness, but does not necessarily involve an obvious or perpetual relationship. Perhaps this is my invitation. Furthermore, I invite you to this with multiple relationships, not just with your own parents.

You ask this question: Can one end up having an experience that cannot be overcome in the event of a serious error in the incarnation  ?

You cannot make a serious mistake without writing “  I will make this serious mistake of…  ” in your existence contract. This means that when you made a serious mistake in incarnation, whether you believed it or not, you decided to make that serious mistake in incarnation, however, and I repeat, you planned to overcome this ordeal. You planned to find a space there to love, to forgive on occasion , but it is planned, it is written. And if you connect to your deep Nature, your true Nature, to your Guides, to your inner space of Peace, this has so many names, you find answers to these questions which once again seem serious to you, however, which are in fact carriers and sources of a love much greater than you imagine. So.

Before incarnation we choose our trials. Can we stop living this experience, to change this destiny  ?

The answer is yes. You may have turns in your life that take you to another experience. On the other hand, if, here, you talk about this element that you call suicide, in this case, almost, and I said almost, not all, almost all suicides are not planned. These are unforeseen events, moments when you, as a being, stopped wanting to love, stopped connecting to love, or believed that he was no longer there or that she was no longer there. there around you in one form or another. This despair does not lead you into very complicated twists and turns, simply to start the experience again quite quickly, reliving the same ordeal but perhaps having a different understanding of this ordeal that you will not have gone through.

Consequently, here, suicide is absolutely not expected in the majority of cases. In cases where this is planned, it concerns the lesson that it will give to the people who remain, certainly not a lesson of revenge. At no time is suicide by revenge ʺplannedʺ, that is to say with the absolute idea of ​​harming someone other than yourself. This is an understanding of love sometimes, again.

I repeat, if you can change, indeed in certain intersections, your life, relatively quickly by a game of coincidences which would set in motion, aligned with these values ​​towards which you are going and to which you are invited, suicide is absolutely not a solution since in fact it would only waste your time, but you would be systematically forgiven. Because it is all the same understandable, and it is rare that in a sum of existences, which sometimes contains thousands of existences, there is not at least one time where you have made this error. On the other hand, it is not programmed, I repeat, in the vast majority of cases.

Why should we pray out loud? Is it also effective to pray silently in thought  ?

Praying out loud brings your words to be heard by yourself through your senses, through your physical body, and it allows you to stay in this precious moment of exercise that is the present moment.

You can't speak in the past or speak in the future. You can't talk and think about 10,000 things at the same time. In thought, this is possible, you can have one front thought and ten background thoughts. The word leads you to manifest in the world of manifestation , therefore , yes, prayer spoken aloud, I tell you, is more effective than prayer in thought .

To tell the truth, a prayer in thought where there would only be this prayer inside you, and where you would be totally registered in the present moment would be just as effective. It's still quite rare in an experienced body. So.

Action means remaining humble, radiating and spreading love around us  ?

For some, yes, for others, no. Action means getting moving, and in a movement that goes in the direction of values ​​that you want to see or that you no longer want to see. Staying in your corner, doing nothing and shining out is already a form of action, all the same it is not the quickest or the most effective, but it is already an action and a beautiful action.

This radiance, for a very enlightened being who understands that this whole experience is perfect, is entirely possible. For someone who still wants to correct the perfection of his or her experience, because he or she does not have a superior understanding of the whole plot, the action of which I speak here will be an action in movements, in words, in gestures. That said, outreach, of course, is already an action . I was talking about all types of actions.

Can we know if a loved one who has just left us is held between two worlds? How can we help him  ?

You can help him by praying and asking the angels, his Guides, to come and get him or take care of him. This is the action you could take very quickly.

As for knowing for yourself whether or not he has arrived on the other side, you need to have the gift of reading the energy between two worlds, therefore a medium's ability. There are no other real ways, perhaps certain coincidences or certain impressions will tell you. However, overall, beings who are in contact with the Other World are the most able to answer this question.

Understand all the same, so as not to worry, that 99% of the people who leave your plane, join the other one without any problem , and that those who remain stuck are people who would have experienced either an extremely violent shock, or people who would not have been prepared, that is to say without the slightest vision of what the Beyond can be, or people who would have remained possessed by their possessions on Earth. Apart from these cases, each one of you will join Heaven without any problem, of course.

Is it possible to chat with extraterrestrials in a dream, even though these beings are not yet here  ?

Even though they will be, it is part of your path and the ways that I see. Of course. You have always , and I emphasize always, been in communication with your galactic brothers, obviously, I want to say. Some of you do it through dreams, others through channeling, sometimes healing, of course it is possible.

You can communicate with any being in your universe . It is more difficult with parallel universes or different universes, conversely, it is entirely possible with beings located in your universe, of course. Of course.

If we want to change the world, should we start by changing the education of our children  ?

It will happen, don't worry. Your children's education will be changed in a few years. For the moment, it is a little misguided, and your children are a little sacrificed on the altar of knowledge or values ​​which are chosen by something other than themselves. But in a few years, a different movement will be put in place and will lead them to be more lively, more interactive with their teachers , in general. So yes, of course it will start and change for children. So.

How do I know if I am on the path to the New World  ?

Dear friend, do you feel on the path to the New World? If the answer is yes, then you are on your way to the New World. If the answer is no, then your actions are not leading you to a New World. You must therefore modify your actions. So.

Sylvain, I voluntarily choose this last question.

If everything is planned, what about free will  ?

Understand this, dear soul, yes, everything is planned. Every one of your experiences almost up to the minute is planned. But the branching roads are planned, it's a bit as if all the roads on the same map were already drawn. This is what is planned, all the roads on your life map are already drawn , the roads. But which route will you take? Which city are you going to visit? Which side road will you either build or cross? This is not written. That is, if certain experiences are indicated on this card, you will not be able to exceed the sum of the experiences you have written on your own card . If you have not written an experience on a card, you cannot go to that experience that is not written in your own card with multiple bifurcations, from one timeline to another, from one space to another, from one time to another even possibly.

And so, your free will is to choose what values, what energies you want to put forward. Depending on those values, those energies you want to put forward, you will follow one path or another path, but which path will you take? The truth is, we don't know.

We know, when you have created soul contracts with certain people that you will have to meet, that we have planned this possibility with you of meeting on multiple spaces in this same map, and that there are plenty of places where you will be able to meet as planned. But where will you meet? We do not know. Are you going to cross paths? Yes. We know you're going to cross paths, but when and where? This still remains your decision.

So see that this notion of ʺeverything is writtenʺ means a map of entanglement. You are wrong to believe that everything is written straight, with only one road. There are major axes that we could call highways which are written, and a whole bunch of small parallel axes which are also written. So, the path you are going to follow is yours, the one you have chosen through your emotions, through your actions, through the movement of your heart . So.

This is what is, and your free will therefore indeed exists in what you will accept as thoughts, what you will accept as emotions, what you will accept as behavior. It is completely yours and defines you, and will also define the path on one of the paths that, yes, you will have already built before your arrival.

So don't think you're a puppet. You are in a free space that you have defined, protected for yourself, to be sure to go through certain experiences. You will have placed on each of your routes exactly what you wanted to encounter there. It is true that this is placed, nevertheless, the way in which you are going to live, the way in which you are going to cross, is up to you .

How you get through this time is up to you collectively, because there is an overall plan, and how you get through your life is part of a more specific plan. And all your cards get tangled up. See.

Imagine that your map, for example, dear friends, your life map, is the map of France, and therefore, it is up to you to determine where you are going on this map of France. And there is also a world map with everyone. And these maps become entangled, some roads go from one to the other, some roads cross as if these countries were crisscrossed with each other. Here lies the perfection of the divine Plan, but you cannot envisage it because its multitude is so great, being only 'possible' to access the appearance of a single path.

I told you earlier, this is part of the difficulty we have in coming to see you. The difficulty is to go on this road where you are, in this time and space where you are, knowing that there are a multitude of roads that we can show you, in any case, that we do not have to choose for you.

So, souls of Light and Love, I leave you with this speech of responsibilities but also of help and mutual assistance on our part. We can actually give you the instinct, the words of these paths that you have written alongside the one that you are living. But it will be up to you to put yourself into action, in movement and on your path, to lead you exactly where your heart and your motivation in energy wants to take you: to remain alive, to remain useful and sensitive to each of you, together, in the multitude of Peace which comes to settle little by little on your plane, do not be afraid.

I salute you in energy. Be blessed.

Translation By CrystalWind.ca

From Crystalwind.ca : Background on Archangel Uriel. 
Archangel Uriel is often considered one of the seven archangels in various spiritual traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Uriel's name means "God is my light," and he is associated with wisdom, enlightenment, guidance, and illumination. In some traditions, Uriel is also seen as an angel of repentance, helping people seek forgiveness and divine mercy. Uriel is often depicted with a book or a scroll, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.

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