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Archangel Metatron: Your Heartfelt Joy, Your True Essence

Archangel Metatron: Your Heartfelt Joy, Your True Essence

I am archangel Metatron and today I hold something in my heart that I really need to address!

A long time ago I lived on Earth as a human being and I had a lot to do. Certain things came my way and I learned from it, like different sceneries that I walked through on my path of life.

It is easy to forget that you are right now doing the very same! 

I can whenever I like to take a view of my life on Earth and se it like if I am at a movie theatre. If there is something I don´t remember about a particular life, I can just sit down and re-view it, just like that!

Please beloved friend: Don´t forget to laugh, do not forget to enjoy your life exactly as it is! It can be too easy to be too serious about it and forgetting to just feel your own hearts joy.

Because you just have to do this and you just have to do that - first? And then, you will probably have some time over to just allow yourself to enjoy your own precious moment?

No please! Do it now! Enjoy your life every day! I beg of you! To feel your heartfelt joy is not a crime! It is your right; it is your birth right! Why waste another minute, into the deep seriousness of life, which is important of course but not obligatory every second, and not obligatory in your every breath.

You have an obligation to your soul to feel your own unique heartfelt joy each day, and taking your own time for this, you should really stand up for this, stand up for your right to do this, hopefully every day. 

Why do I bring up the importance of joy? Why do I talk about the joy that you have in your heart?

True joy gives you protection! And how does it work?

Do you believe in the good energies, and you believe in the energy of love and you are dedicated to do good things in your life as you live on Earth, but it is not so easy, as you might have discovered?

Do you meet hinders to do this every day? Some people do not understand you. Well, that is how it is! When you are dedicated to the good energies, as is gratefulness, harmony, faith, hope, love, and joy you will face resistance from those that: are living in negativity.

The negative energies are fear of different sorts, denial of love and denial of all the positive energies that I mentioned above. 

Those people that go the negative path: will try to separate you, from your good-hearted joy and from your faith in goodness and love and more.

You who are standing up for the very essences of the meaning of life will be a target of negative energies that will try and make you forget about it firstly, by frightening you.

Yes, it is like a war. It is a war between the good and the negatives. 

And every time you make a conscious space of joy where you can relax and have a break and just allow yourself to be, to exist in your true form, in your true essence of love, you make more room for yourself that will protect you.

Maybe you think that if you hide your joy, and if you hide your good faith, and your hope and love, you will slide under the "negative radar" and negative energies will not discover you? 

But then you will deny yourself your true essence, what you came here to be and foremost what you already are and always have been.

You came here to hold the torch! You came to Earth to hold the torch of freedom and love! You can not just be like the others that have not awakened yet, because they slumber in the wheel of negativities. 

Yes, you are awaited, to step up for YOU! Yourself awaits you, your higher self awaits you to do what you really love to do!

Don´t deny yourself of this natural essence that you are created of. 

Jesus did it! Others do it. What are you really afraid of? When you deny yourself, you will feel unsatisfied, you will feel like you can not quench your thirst, no matter how much water you drink. You will feel empty, hollow.

It is because you hold your true essence on an arm´s length, and you can not help but feeling that things does not add up for you. 

So, you have to make a choice my dear! On who’s side do you stand?

You are a lightworker, a hard worker of good deeds, you are a loving soul and without you knowing it, you are a lot more negative than you thought, because you do not stand up for yourself enough.

You have to ask yourself: what are you really afraid of? You have to get rid of the shackles.

You don´t have to change much, oh no, just that little thing that hinders you on a daily basis, to allow yourself really to feel your true hearts joy.

Just ask me if you have any questions! I am waiting for you to ask me because I really want you to be your true self always!

I love you very much,


(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson 24 October 2022)

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(A channeling with Archangel Uriel through Kerstin Eriksson www.archangelfaith.blogspot.com)
Since the year 2014 written 3 books. Channelings with God, Mary Magdalene and Thor the Archangels.

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