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Adama: Reaping What We Sow

Adama: Reaping What We Sow

The Consequences of Humanity's Actions on the Planet.

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Let's continue with the comments on chapter 15 of the book One of Telos. This chapter is dedicated to redwoods.

Many wonder why Father/Mother God made such a diverse planet, why so many species of plants, animals, why, what's the point? Many serve the same function, but why so much variety? Father / Mother God in his infinite wisdom created an environment in total balance, and this balance is dependent on the climate, the position of the rivers, the position of the sea.

Each vegetable on this planet has its function, has its structure linked to everything that happens on the planet. In the same way, you were created with the same elements as the planet, otherwise you would die because you would have nothing to eat. The food that Gaia, planet Earth, gives to all humans is enough to keep them alive and healthy, because it comes from the same structure as the planet itself.

Then what happens? After the fall of consciousness of human civilization, the breaking of the connection with the Source also brings other disconnections, among them the connection with Mother Earth. Man thinks he is superior to everything, superior to Earth, superior to animals and thinks he can do what he wants and what he supposedly believes is for his evolution. And the whole process of disequilibrium of the planet begins to happen.

So all that balance created by Father/Mother God to keep your mountains upright, without any kind of collapse, to keep your rivers clean without anything filling the bed they pass through causing them to overflow, all this balance was broken. The garbage thrown into your seas killing the animals that exist there and bringing all sorts of problems for yourselves; today you eat fish totally contaminated by the garbage thrown into the oceans.

You have created a chain of self-destruction. Yes, we are aware that all of this was very well designed, very well planned, but we always noticed that you liked it. You have always attacked the planet without mercy. Many may answer: “But we didn't have the consciousness we have today” We agree with that too, but it's important to know that your souls always knew what the planet was, that it was a living spirit, a living being. What do you think a lifeless orb would be? Nothing would flourish, no food would come out of the bowels of the Earth for human consumption, the air would become dirty because there would be no wind, there would be nothing; it would be a totally inhospitable world for you humans.

So this was always a living being who gave everything he had to humans. And you deforest, you kill animals, in favor of a development that is killing them, not evolving them. The cry of the redwoods is just a part of what man decides to do for the planet. It destroys its entrails, contaminates its waters, the air, but everything moves towards evolution. Some today have woken up to the problem, they are fighting for the planet. It seems that at this moment souls have remembered where they actually lived millennia ago, they are trying to do their part, but unfortunately it is like a chemical reaction, it starts and it is very difficult to stop it, almost impossible.

So you've been fueling a great chemical reaction that is bringing results today. No, Gaia is not vengeful. Gaia is pure Love, if it weren't for her, she would have already extinguished the humans from her surface, because what you've already done with her, she wouldn't have the slightest reason to keep you alive in her body, but she kept them and continues to feed them, continues to nurture them in every way. And what do you return? More imbalance, more depredation, more degradation.

And what does man hope to reap from all this? Balance, the supposed evolution? You are already seeing the results. What is happening on your planet today is a set of situations. They are the results of the reactions that you provoked, of the imbalance provoked, added to the changes of the planet for the ascension. Yes, Gaia needs energy to ascend. She is huge and she needs all the positive energy she can get to make the ascension. And for that she needs to eliminate a lot of negative energy, transmuting part by part.

So, all this you are living now and you will live more and more. Each one reaping what they sowed. Each one reaping their own carelessness in relation to the planet, their own carelessness in relation to everything that happened. You might say, “No, I never cut down a tree,” but what did you do to prevent another one from being cut down? Maybe nothing. You bother, you are indignant, but what do you do? So don't look to the skies wondering why what is happening. Each one will reap his share, each one will reap all that he sowed; some more others less, because the big decisions of those who govern this planet, they know exactly why they did all that, and they will have their harvest.

Now you who got carried away, you who never did anything, you who simply think it's absurd, but don't get out of your armchair to do anything, don't act, don't try to change anything, you will also reap, because your inertia helped everything to keep happening . You did nothing to stop it. And don't tell me you weren't aware. Consciousness is something innate in your souls. I would say that it was more comfortable to let yourself be carried away by everything, to experience what they presented to you, to experience the supposed development, evolution, but what brought you to where? I brought you to addictions, drugs, totally contaminated food, diseases, total imbalance. Is this evolution? Is this effectively having balance? Obviously not.

So each one of you will reap yes, nothing will go unnoticed. It's not revenge, it's return, it's the Law of Action and Reaction; there is no way to run away from it, there is no way to say, “I have nothing to do with it.” Everyone has, everyone has. Every chemical powder you put on Earth to make your crops more beautiful, bigger and more profitable, you are planting there, and you will reap every ounce of what you used in Gaia's soil. Nothing in Gaia's soil needs supplements to grow. If there are contaminations and plagues, man himself created them, they did not exist, because everything was in balance.

So everyone has something to reap. Nobody will go unpunished. Let's say that those who are changing their habits and being aware of everything they caused and what they didn't do, are on the right path, because they will help in the reverse process, they will help bring awareness to others. Not that this simply erases everything you've done, but it will be of great value, of great help in changing consciousness, because this also needs to be done.

It's like we always say: Never think you're too little to do something. If everyone does something for good, whatever it may be, this generates a wave of Light and Love that contaminates others, and this only increases with the passage of time. Take the first step and you will definitely see the result.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


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