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Adama's Insights: Chapter 14 of Telos, Love, and the Path to the Fifth Dimension

Adama's Insights: Chapter 14 of Telos, Love, and the Path to the Fifth Dimension

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today I will comment on chapter 14 of book III of Telos.

I should add that meditations corresponding to each chapter can be done. But don't forget: Everything has a limit. Listen to your hearts. Each trip to a temple starts a process, a profound transformation process. So if you do them all at the same time, what happens? An overload of actions happening at the same time. Do one every week. Let your bodies absorb everything that will be passed.

You don't want to speed up the process this way. This is not how you speed up the process. Acceleration comes from within, not from without. Understand this. It's the changes, it's the ways of thinking, it's the actions that make you move towards ascension. What comes from outside are tools, which, combined with your will, will take you to the right path. They are a support, not the process itself.

I would say that those who do nothing but change inside, look at themselves, choose the right path, will walk faster than those who don't do that and rely on external tools. They will not make you walk; What they do is expand consciousness, so that in this way you change, you make the necessary changes.

Don’t cling to tools as a lifeline or as… “Ah, this is going to lead me to evolution.” They will increase your evolution, yes, but as a support, not as an ultimate objective. They help with awareness, they help with cleaning, they help with observing everything, but they are not what make you walk. Walking has to come from within each person’s heart.

This is the way, there is no other.

And following the same reasoning, this chapter talks about Raio Rosa, where we also mention Master Paulo, the Venetian. Today the Chohan of this ray is Rowena, no matter why. Many things change. Paulo is following another path and Rowena has taken this path.

Talking about Love is a very extensive topic, and if we could, we would talk about Love for years and years. Such is its importance; such is its depth in your journey. But do not understand this Love, as this Love that you propagate; this Love that is not calm, is not patient. It is a Love driven by the ego. The ego still interferes a lot in your relationships. I can say that this is where he acts most, because when you want to be right about everything, it is a lack of Love. When your opinions want to prevail over others, it is a lack of Love. When you criticize or judge a brother, it is a lack of Love. When you ask, beg, bargain actions, it is a lack of Love.

I would stay here giving many situations. So you could ask me: “So what exactly is Love? Love was created by God the Father/Mother, unconditionally. He doesn't judge, he doesn't criticize, he doesn't separate. He just loves, all his children, everything that exists in the universe, whether of the Light or the shadows. This is a point that many of you do not accept, that Father/Mother God loves the children of the shadows. And why wouldn't he love it? They are children like everyone else.

Don't judge that son who is from the shadow. He just got lost along the way, and will reap everything he is planting or has already planted. But he remains a child of Father/Mother God. And that's how he sees it. Not as wrong, not as ugly, not as despicable; he sees him as a son. But he respects the decisions of each child. If the son chooses to follow the shadows, he loves him the same way, because that is that son's choice. And he knows that that son will reap everything he is sowing, and his Love does not change, it is unshakable.

I ask you: Do you see Love this way? Some mothers and fathers would say yes that they accept their children as they are, no matter what they do. But many do not allow the return to happen. Protect your children. They know that what they did is wrong, and in the name of excessive Love, they protect their children, where the action should be: You practiced, you will reap.

There's no way to avoid it.

Love is not the feeling that you propagate in your world. You like to have the power, you like to have the person, to have control over the person. Is this love? No, this is not and has never been any form of Love. Love is synonymous, just like that, with respect. Whoever loves does not arrest, whoever loves does not idolize, whoever loves does not impose, whoever loves does not ask, whoever loves does not bargain, whoever loves does not dominate. This is any feeling but Love. Not the pure Love of Father/Mother God that is within the heart of each one of you.

Learn to love yourself before anyone else. Those who don't love themselves can't love others. cannot understand the other, cannot accept the other. Think about it. Those who love themselves, those who are happy with themselves, look at the rosy world as you say. And what is the color pink? It is the color of the Pink Ray.

Be happy first, so that you can make those around you happy too, because you will emanate this happiness. Now when you are not happy with yourself, what do you emanate? Anger, discomfort, frustration, many negative feelings that emanate and pass on to those around you. And this snowballs. You emanate and receive, emanate and receive, emanate and receive.

And more and more you become angrier. There is no escaping what you emanate. Learn to love. To simply love, without pleas, without fights, without demands, without judgements, without criticism, without impositions; accepting everyone around the way they are. You don't change anyone. Nobody changes anyone. This is an illusion created by the ego. “Ah, if you do it like this, he will change!” No, it won't change. It will change from your point of view, because you want it to change so much, that you will see the change, but in reality it hasn't changed at all. Everything remains the same. Nobody changes anyone.

Love is respect, always. Love is looking at others as a brother. Love is understanding that even the bad things that happen to you, you attracted. Accept this. You attract everything you go through. In what way? Emanating at some point, against oneself or another. Understand this. You pass on the return of what you emanated. I wish you all had this awareness.

So, no judgments, neither against yourself nor against others. You are a Divine Spark. We are all a Divine Spark. And as such we have the Love of Father/Mother God in our hearts. So, may you learn to emanate it, as I guarantee that only this feeling will be able to take you to the Fifth Dimension. No other. It is only this that will allow you to get there. So learn to live it and emanate it. Every moment, every moment. Always remember this.

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