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Beings of Light: Your Wisest Choices Will Be Made In The Upcoming Year

Beings of Light: Your Wisest Choices Will Be Made In The Upcoming Year

We greet you, dear children of the Earth, our dear brothers and sisters in evolution. As we have often told you, we are very present with you, with earthly humanity even if you do not see us. We often act to mitigate such pollution that could have been catastrophic for you, we act by meeting some of your government leaders who, for some, listen to us, but for others deny us totally.

As you can see, we do not remain idle because our work of Love in the Universe is to bring help and comfort to your humanity but also to other lives on other planets. That is why we have come together in what you call the "Intergalactic Confederation of Beings of Light." This Confederation aims to bring Love and Peace throughout our universe and all universes.

We are telling you about this because in the new year that is coming for you in your earthly time, we are going to have many... a lot of work to be done at the Earth level. Why is that? Because, quite simply, as we have already told you many times, this year is going to be a pivotal year between the old and the new.

When we speak of the "old", that is to say this gravity of the third dimension of consciousness, and the "new" which is the Revelation of the New Earth, the Earth of Light and Love in the heart of every human being and in all kingdoms, when we speak of the "old" and the "new" it is in order to make you understand that this coming year will be the one of your most precise choices.

What will you decide to live during the months and years to come? Do you want to continue to live on third-dimensional expedients that reassure you and prevent you from seeing who you really are and prevent you from really seeing what True Life is? Or are you going to decide, now, very quickly, to let go of this heaviness of life, constraints etc. ....?

Will you decide to move forward, to let go of the burdens you have carried for millennia? Will you finally let go of the current technology that makes you conditioned robots to stop thinking?

We could find other facts again and again that can anchor you in this heaviness of life. But we prefer to talk to you about what you can gain in joys, in various happiness, in amplified knowledge about the meaning of Life etc. ....

Indeed, as we have often told you, the more you let go of your fears, your desires for powers, your desires for abundances of all kinds that reassure you, the more you will evolve in and towards the path of Light that leads you to the understanding of True Life.

But what is Real Life? Go tell yourself. We will tell you this: True Life is the one from which you originally came, that is to say that you are in your Essence beings of Pure Light who have come to live various experiences over the millennia on this planet Earth. True Life is simply understanding and especially living in your heart the Universal Love that connects everything that lives whether on Earth or in all universes;

You will say: "It's all well and good, living Love, only Love, but I don't feel it or if I feel it I don't understand it!"

How do you want to understand the True Love of True Life by thinking that the word "love" you use in your language is Love as it is experienced in the Celestial Spheres. You call "love" the fact of loving a child, your husband, your wife, your pet. You call having a physical relationship with a partner "love." Your language is poor in words capable of designating True Love, yet we use it because you have no other.

True Love is not lived physically, it is lived in the feelings of the heart. If you feel at a certain time, even for a very short time, your heart leaping for joy without knowing why, it is because you have just contacted the Universal Love Energy. Of course, after feeling this, you may feel frustrated because suddenly you don't feel it anymore and you are sorry for it because it was such a good moment, so sweet, and yet so strong that it seems to you have lost something you have been looking for a long time, since your arrival on Earth.

True Love brings a Joy, a Happiness, even fleeting, so strong that at that moment you can say to yourself; "That's it, I felt it!" But to really feel it more and more, it is important, as we said above, that you make some efforts: letting go, renouncing unjust power, renouncing the abundance of useless objects in your life but which reassure you etc. .... We're not saying to separate you from everything, right. We simply say that the important thing in your life is to have a roof to protect you, food to support your physical body, your earthly vehicle, to have friends with whom to share good times and especially to get to know yourself, to meditate in nature etc. ...

The New Earth that is coming will be offered to all those who have understood what is the meaning of life on Earth, why you have come to incarnate, not only to evolve the divine being that you are, incarnated in this physical body, but above all... especially to live the True Love of True Life.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, the new year that comes before you will be, will become what you want it to be in your life. If your fears are still very present, fears of all kinds, if you do not wish to leave this cocoon of the third dimension in which you seem to feel good and that you do not want to leave for fear of the future and the unknown, then your life will not be Pure Joy, it will not lead you to the New Earth of Light.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we may seem a little "hard" to you through what we tell you, but it is time, high time, now, to grow at the same time as your planet which is already, in part, in a dimension of consciousness such as the fifth dimension. We have already told you in many messages, you cannot live the evolution of your planet without following it with the heart, there can be no separation between you and your planet.

But each human being having his free will, you have the choice to live your life path as you wish. There are no punishments from the Divine, only your decisions create this path of evolution or stagnation.

Do not doubt that whatever you choose in your life path, you are loved, we love you and will always accompany you with our Love.

Translation By CrystalWind.ca

Marie-Josée Andichou

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