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Confront Your Negative Self-Image with Ashtar

Confront Your Negative Self-Image with Ashtar

April Full Moon: Deep Pain, Masks of Illusion


You are now entering the energy of the full moon and it evokes situations in which a deep transformation process is present. It is good to know that this shadow part allows the emotions to emerge from a hidden layer. This wave opens a new layer.


The full moon of April 24, 2024, opens the gate of self-reflection in the lower self-image, the shadow image that is anchored with the many masks of illusion arise. This is a profound purification of self-awareness. Both individually and in group processes, work is being done on the economic level to transform a new political consciousness.

Wave Transformation Process

This wave causes a deep transformation process in which people turn themselves inside out, but special challenging situations also arise in other areas such as economics and politics. This can cause a lot of pain and sadness. Your negative self-image is tackled and triggered, so that all of this can be set down in a new reset.

When you find yourself in the middle of a very deep process, you suddenly discover an opening that leads to real reality, a reality that you have lost. This includes the illusion about the negative self-image, this shadow part arose because you could not be yourself. The real self was pushed aside and was hidden and left in a dark cellar of the void. In this void you manifested the masks of illusion from pain and frustration.


The young child's freedom and imagination were compromised, causing an internal dilemma. Many masks were formed, usually out of survival in order to be accepted. You were put into a program of oppression at a young age and your defenses were tackled.

The rebel became the unruly child who did little at school, the ones who kept themselves very sweet and quiet ended up in a major adjustment and later became very stuck. Notice the invisible one, she didn't want to be seen and disappeared into the crowd. Where are they?

The need of every child and every person is to receive love and recognition. Many masks were created because you were not understood as a child and also because you often reacted differently in situations that arose. This was the starlight that opened up, but unfortunately this was not accepted and a negative self-image emerged, often hidden behind a mask.

The mask expressed a certain feeling that should not be there.

Masks in the Silence

In the silence of rejection many other masks were formed, the mask of concealment of the truth created a blockage in the young consciousness. The more often the mask was presented, the greater and firmer this belief became. The outside world affected your mind and you had to bow down.

Belief in the illusion and negative self-image arose and eventually you forgot who you were. Some rebels rise but carry a great burden on their shoulders. They are not loved, rather caught in a lonely struggle.


Silence consciousness is therefore so confrontational for everyone, too painful. Too difficult to go there and open the true inner voice. The sadness that is then released is sometimes too great to bear. Going crazy from sadness can then occur (temporarily).

The Mask: 'Silence' and the Mask: 'Invisibility' were also chosen. The older you got, the bigger the mask of silence became. This did not just happen naturally, behind it was a deep sadness. This is the sorrow of the hidden truth, hidden far away and suddenly left along with childhood when the adult consciousness took its place.


These waves of denial and disempowerment of the true self have been created in the child through many steps, each step containing a deep sadness in which the negative self-image grew. The physical body reacted from a cramp and many were imprisoned, the forgotten starlight was hidden in a moralistic fairy tale. Like a game to touch you in the heart again. WAKE UP.


The digital mask is still new and many do not know that a split in consciousness is made when a digital avatar is created. Especially for those who do not feel at home on earth, in today's civilization this child lacks 'natural attention'.

The younger the child becomes entangled in the digital mask, the more he or she will develop in it, an artificial connection is created with the self. It becomes a double reality in the illusion, which is very confusing, especially if the educators do not explain this and do not provide natural things. Many children (an entire generation) will experience confusion, especially if there is a lot of stress in their environment.

No room for feelings and how to deal with them..

The digital mask can be used in the physical world and this can expand further, so far that they flee into it. Now find true consciousness again... first it must be disconnected from the digital world, they cannot simply disconnect this part, this mask is oh, so fun and many social contacts are also connected to it. Part of their lives takes place digitally and is connected to emotions and the anchoring of the digital avatar, it is a psychological connection that comes to life. Are you going to kill them then?


This disconnection results in a deep grieving process and should be treated with great care. The steps that may be taken will always be coordinated in consultation with the child. The underlying sadness is underlying desires and needs that could not be fulfilled in the physical world and have therefore now emerged in a digital form. If this is not handled properly, new trauma may arise. Getting rid of this digital world will then fail, it is more than pulling the plug from the socket.


The older person in today's society is under great oppression, being old means silently accepting everything. That is expected, wasn't it true that as a child or as a young person you wanted to fight for your freedom and ideals? Now it is your own children who are working against this. How traumatic is this repetition? You once fought for your individuality and now it is being suppressed again. Many develop complaints and deteriorate.


The older ones have a lot of life experience and wisdom, which should be embraced and respected. For parents and children with trauma, there is care that turns the tables, the care provider now becomes the wise parent with their own programming from a book. Very straightforward and limited.

Light children are now being programmed again and they are not understood. They can become very confused by this and become even more outside of themselves. The highly sensitive and gifted child in particular often falls victim to this. Independence training can have a very negative effect if it is imposed from outside, this must arise from the energy of the parent and the child.

It is a kind of second birth, the child is separated from the parents and goes out into the wide world. Has he developed the right luggage to survive in this wilderness? Then the release will go smoothly.

When they became estranged from their parents, they lost the thread: 'Why did they end up here?' Earth parents and family lines play a crucial role in the discovery of the true Earth self. The knowledge of the ancestors should be passed on orally, so that every person on earth recognizes the family line.

There are many glitches and mists laid upon this information. There is a reason for this, because the more ignorance, the more miscommunication, the more misunderstanding, the more distance that arises, the more alienation that takes place.

Estrangement is when the emotional love line is severed by rejection.

Light children and light people need these love connections.

Negative Self-Image and the Shadow Mask

Many family ties are disrupted and many become estranged. A healthy, loving family bond can have a very healing effect and form a strong foundation on which one can fall back in life. Even when one is an adult, you need each other on earth until death and beyond...


Farewell to humanity has again become disturbed in this area and the image of death has been affected. Transitioning to another light body is not mentioned here either. Contact with the ancestors is something that is not accepted.


The shadow opens in everything and this moon will bring back the memory of where you really come from: 'earthly or from the light'. Many family lines are being cleaned up and restored on earth or in another energetic layer.

The sting of this moon in Scorpio can be poisonous and you travel through a completely different layer than you are used to, with an unreal feeling. The recovery may be intense, but it will be accomplished, the medicine will be given to you from the light of the ancestors. Deep inside, the inner voice of the intact child speaks, she knows where the right medicine is hidden.

Arthura Hector

20 April 2024

©Arthura Hector www.ashtar-rose.com All rights reserved.


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura


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