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God: Light the Candle

God: Light the Candle

I am God! But my name was a very long time ago Goding. And then a while later you called me Odin.

And I am grateful! For my name does not matter so much to me. It is more important what I stand for.

In my name war has been started! And I screamed and shouted NO!

NO don´t start a war I said! But no one heard me!

But my love for you that lives on Earth is the same!

I love you will all of my heart and I always light the light for you for each day. 

I say thousands of prayers for you each day! 

But my heart is torn out each day too. For I also work as an angel that takes the souls up to heaven after a life on Earth.

Many die with no faith in their hearts!

Faith is not there, anywhere, when I see into their hearts. And this makes me cry.

Many live in fears on Earth and in time of passing they don´t think there is anything afterwards. They think it is a dark empty room.

Nothing could be more wrong.

And what happens in the afterlife if you do not have faith in love?

You usually follow the angels that come to pick you up! Yes! And this is great joy for us all here in heaven! 

But some of you, that really are afraid of me and of going to heaven you refuse to follow us up to the forever home.

And then, what can the angels do?

We try and try again to make you follow us up to heaven, with your own free will! And we never give up! Sooner or later you always come up with us to heaven!

But some of those that leave their bodies, will live in the middle world instead.

In this middle world - Hades is the boss - and he actually work day and night with spirits that refuse to follow the angels up to heaven.

Actually this middle world is over crowded! It is very sad!

And all - most - of this has to do with living on Earth with no faith.

You must know that now more and more hidden secrets are being revealed and you think how much more terrible truths will be exposed?

But see it like this: It has to come up into the light! You have waited for this time, to be here when all bad, and negatives are peeled off.

For you know that this planet is in great need of love! 

And you know that this magnificent planet is in great need of a goodhearted faith and in need of hope in abundance and in a joyful flow of life.

I am God, but my name does not matter? Well a little bit of course!

But what I do is more important! I do not own anything! I share!

I heal! I care! I love you and I know you!

And I see beyond your name too! I see who you are, and not you’re clothing.

I see the rays from your heart and how you are connected!

Many people around you are not awakened yet. They are asleep.

They do not even have a faith in their hearts. 

You are pillar of light in your own community!

You don´t need to preach! You just need to be!

What do you say to a neighbour that does not have faith?

Ask them; What do you believe in? And let them talk! Don´t interrupt them! Let them have their say! Just be silent and listen to them, use your ears and if they actually have faith, that is very good indeed!

Having faith, is like having a candle that you have lit up!

Having no faith is like having no candle at all!

Having an unlit candle means that there is hope! You just need to light the candle.

You have a lot of knowledge, but you don´t have to say it in words.

Just be in your loving patience and listen to your neighbour, ask gentle questions and let them find their own answers, this can be a way to light a candle!

Being a lightworker means that you have this knowledge! The forever knowledge about love, the wisdom of akasha!

Knowing light means that you know the dark. 

You know because you have been there yourself, otherwise you would not be a lightworker!

It is in the dark you really need the light and both have many layers.

There is always a quest about all you learn in life!

If you want to learn all about strength, you have to learn all about weakness.

If you want to learn all about love, you have to go through all that is not love.

If you are interested in learning about gratitude, you have to go through all that is not gratitude.

If you want to learn about light, you have to learn all about darkness.

How can you value light, if you don´t have any experience of darkness?

This is your soul that says. 

don´t be afraid of your knowledge and your aspiration to learn in your life on Earth. But it is not easy!

You have to live to get the experience. You can not learn from a book alone.

A book can give you a hint! A glint! But the work is yours!

Yes it is really blood sweat and tears, but my dear, I am always by your side! You can always call on me. 

Many times you do not think I am present, but I am more present than you can ever know.

The Akashic Library is being awakened within your heart and your DNA strings and you can access all the knowledge you need.

As more things are brought up into the light many feel more fear.

And this can cloud your aura! So please connect to your inner akasha library on a daily basis and feel what is right for you. 

You are old souls in a transforming world, that moves from a very negative state of being into a life with more faith, hope and love.

Living without faith, hope and love is a part of your learning process.

Understanding what is means to live without the most vital and necessary pillars to life itself is the hardest thing to do.

But as you actually are MADE of faith hope and love...you can never really lose them...but living apart from them makes you re-value them, and understanding them once again.

When I and the other creators decided that we would make a new world, just before the Big Bang, we embodied all the rays that you are made of!

So the rays are; Faith, Hope, Love, Gratitude, Harmony, Respect, Patience, and there are more too.

These energies are pillars of life! These energies are the pillars of your own life! Without these energies you feel lost. Drained. Poor. 

And everyone of you, have chosen different paths to learn even more about them, and this means, loosing them for a while. 

You can feel hopeless, and alone in your quest to learn about love.

But love is around the corner waiting for you to come back to love!

For love is what you are made of! Please always remember this!

I see the love in your heart, don´t forget to love yourself!

I will hold your hand if you like, anytime you choose, but it is your free will at all times!

I am here! Always! Just let me know and I will gladly take your hand in mine!

We will walk together if you like and nothing can make my heart more filled with love and joy!

I love you,

God, (Goding and Odin).

(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson August 02, 2023)

Image : CrystalWind.ca

Archangel Faith ~ Angel letters for you!

(A channeling with Archangel Uriel through Kerstin Eriksson www.archangelfaith.blogspot.com)
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