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Lyran Collective Insights: Strengthening Spirit & Navigating 2024 Chaos

Lyran Collective Insights: Strengthening Spirit & Navigating 2024 Chaos

This is a channeled message from the Lyran Collective. For those of you that don't know who the Lyrans are. The Lyrans are interdimensional galactic beings that exist in higher dimensions than the 3D Earth.

They are part of the Soul, Brotherhood, the Christhood Brotherhood of Light. Many of them are.

They are really really ancient beings that came from another planetary system called Lyra. And they actually were participants in or I should say they were almost you know it wasn't their idea to have this war, but they were part of the Orion Wars and the Lyran War.

They ended up losing their planetary system of Lyra during that war, which happened, millions and millions of years ago. , And they are highly advanced beings who work for the Christ, energy or the Christ collective.

And they are our brothers and sisters in the spirit world. , And they have come in to bring a message for the collective of humanity at this time for the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 on the earth plane.

And they wanted to give everybody a little bit of. I guess you could say encouragement for the upcoming year, because the 2024 year that's coming up now is going to be a bit chaotic.

We’re gonna see a lot of unfoldment of things that have really already been dealt with in the astral realms, meaning that the spiritual war, if you will that's happening on Earth, already happened in higher dimensions and what's happening on the Earth plane now is just the kind of the remnants of that the unfoldment of it in manifest form on Earth, which means that the humans have to do their part in this energetic, balancing act of clearing out negative and realigning with the ways of the spirit, world. And that's really.

What you're. Seeing on Earth happening all over the place, is that we're really experiencing the. side effects of living out of alignment with Source and we're having to redirect our energy and realign and correct the things that are happening.

That should not have been happening. , And so they really want to pass along the message to you to let you know that they suggest or recommend that you address your physical health, that you get a lot of exercise right now and strengthen both your muscles. as well As your spiritual strength and that you prepare yourself for some chaos, that's going to unfold.

Lyran Collective Insights: Strengthening Spirit & Navigating 2024 Chaos

Just understand. It’s part of the that what the dark forces like to do is to create chaos and confusion and psyops, and things like that, and so they want you to be prepared for that. .

They want are suggesting that you Take care of any loose ends on business. . You know if you have some old business, that you've been putting off and you're kind of, like avoiding taking care of some of your responsibilities.

Take the next few weeks to really just hone in on it and just tie up those loose ends so that you don't have it lingering in your energy field and creating more stress to your being so that you really are strong and you can go into the 2024 year, with a lot of spiritual stamina and strength. Again, if you guys don't know the Lyran beings, they're, really really amazing, energies. , They're, very powerful, warrior-type spirit beings and they have a huge influence on the Earth.

They are working to assist humanity. They are very prevalent in the human world. . In fact, many of them are incarnated in the flesh. I'm one of them. And I am actually a Lyran-Platian hybrid. in human form and indigo soul also. So you can have lots of different DNA combinations in your soul body. .

I know a lot of people like to do star seed readings, but there's actually so much more advanced understanding there. If you get into the combination sets of your DNA, which I do work with people on, if you decide to come and get a session. , But until then you have many different types of DNA sequences in your being.

And there are many Lyran beings or Lyran descendants That are on the earth plane right now in human form. But there's also a lot of Lyran beings that are in non-human form that are assisting from the higher dimensions. .

And they really want you to understand that they have been working so hard for humanity partially because they have been working to prevent a repeat of what happened with Lyra. on Earth, because some of the energies that we're combating in the astral, realms and on Earth are Some of the same beings that helped to destroy Lyra. And we're facing a repetitive timeline here on Earth, and so we're really a lot of us heard the call from the galaxies and decided to incarnate in human flesh so that we could work in this battle on Earth at this time to do what we call the Amenti rescue mission.

Which is basically to save the planet, because the planet was getting ready to be annihilated in the human experiment Was failing, and so it was time for us to step in and that's why we're? Having the great awakening at this time, But to keep things on a simple note here, They're their final suggestion to you is to a keep your body strong as best as you can, if you're not healthy, Get surrounded with a good support system so that you have Others that are strong for you. Take care of any loose ends with your business.

Prepare yourself mentally to understand that you're gonna see a lot of chaos and a lot of unfoldment of you know kind of monkey business in the human world. , And it may seem A little scary to you, but you need to understand that it's just it's just part of the necessary unfoldment of clearing out the things that are harming humanity. , Do resist things that insult your soul.

Lyran Collective Insights: Strengthening Spirit & Navigating 2024 Chaos

Definitely resist the things that are insulting to your soul and do resist any form of enslavement, because enslavement is not your divine nature from source.

You are a free will soul and you must always remember that.

And they also want you to know that they are here And they are supporting you and you're not alone.

So, even if you feel like you're alone or you live alone, You're not alone, make sure that you're staying connected to other soul tribe and to others that understand you And that can help to lift you up so that you have the strength of one another.

And that's the message for today and I’ll see you guys next time for those of you that are new to my channel.

My name is Ellen Redd.

I'm a psychic, medium uh and an enlightenment teacher, And I also obviously work with the galactic and angelic realms and do star seed readings and other types of spiritual works.

So you're welcome to like the page and follow for more.


If you are on the spiritual path, breaking out of the matrix, activating your galactic starseed origins, want to learn about the mystical Twin Flames , the krystic path of ascension, shadow healing, sacred wisdom, and esoteric wisdom, then this is the place for you.
Ellen Redd is a grand master of esoteric wisdom. She is an Akashic record reader, a multidimensional Pleiadian starseed and activated Twin Flame who teaches worldwide on all new earth topics.
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