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Manifestation Magic: Attract What You Want with Mindfulness & Heart

Manifestation Magic: Attract What You Want with Mindfulness & Heart

Q: Various techniques are recommended to create or co-create a desired reality, so to speak.

But which technique is recommended and effective here in order to resonate with an actually desirable reality and consequently co-create it?

M: It depends on your point of view, but it is always love and the more you can connect with love, the easier it is to manifest and change everything you want. All other techniques are refinements to get to that place. It is up to each person to decide which technique they connect with. That’s the beauty of so many possibilities.

Q: Is the technique of visualization advisable and effective?

M: It’s a wonderful technique on a human level to reach the frequency you want with images. In this respect, visualizations are very helpful. With visualizations, the individual details of what something looks like are not so relevant. It only helps the human mind to connect with it. What is relevant here is the heart level, how it feels, how high the frequency is that connects to it. And when you have reached this state, where it feels completely comfortable, then you should let go of this thought again. Because that’s how the interplay between the universe and the individual can take place, to then create it.

Q: Have I got it right? If you let the feeling arise, let it come to life, when the feeling is the strongest and the most beautiful, when you have visualized something, then you should let go of the image and this feeling?

M: Exactly, you shouldn’t hold on to it, because that creates tension. So that it is as open as possible and can be created through all the possibilities that are available at that moment, we have to let it go, because otherwise it becomes limited and also limits the possibility of creation. The most helpful thing is to let it flow, not to hold on to it, because this makes it much easier to manifest.

Q: Are there any exercises or techniques that can help?

M: It is really for each individual to find what is in harmony with their personality, with their energy. Anything that helps you to connect to your heart is right for you. It doesn’t matter what technique it is; it can be an animal; it can be a tree. It’s really just the internal process, anything that helps you connect with your heart.

Q: What is the importance of being mindful of your thoughts and your words?

M: That’s the basic essence of keeping your energy balanced. Because every human being creates and every human being manifests, and the frequency indicates the direction in which the energy is manifested and with how much interference it is presented.

Q: What kind of manifestation has already occurred through the collective consciousness that is of critical importance to humanity?

M: External events are not relevant; they only indicate where the energy is and what form it is taking. It is only helpful for further manifestation.

Q: Do people in the 3rd dimension experience influence from other currents or actions that occur in other dimensions?

M: Yes.

Q: Does that mean that all dimensions are connected?

M: Everything at any time in any place, everything, absolutely everything is One, just different representations of it.

Q: Finally, I’d like to ask, is there anything else that would be relevant here that hasn’t come up?

M: What people are now ready to understand is the relevance of their inner world. Many are still too focussed on the outside world to get certain results, but it’s really only when people go within and learn to let go of those layers that they carry, that take them away from their true nature, that they are in the clear and completely in tune to manifest powerfully. It’s always the heart, listening to the heart and connecting with the heart, that’s the most important thing, no matter how it may look in the external world.

Q: I have a question about “listening to the heart”. What do people find the most difficult about that? Do people or the majority of people know what it feels like to listen to the heart or is there a confusion? And what do people confuse it with?

M: We would say that every single person has experienced or perceived this state, maybe not consciously, but everyone has been connected to this energy. Someone who is immersed in their worries, their fears, their insecurities. These are all just human layers that are put on top and they distort the picture and make people go in directions that are not in harmony with themselves. Another important point is the authority that you perceive that others represent for you. This is a point that influences how much a person can hold it or not. Because every heart has a different way and we can all support each other in that, but you can’t tell someone else what is important to them, that’s the job for each individual to find out what it is. The voice of the heart is always a calm voice, so people can recognise if they are on the right path for themselves.

Q: Thank you very much. Finally, is there anything else that has not been discussed but is now relevant?

M: We would like to say that it was a very nice first meeting and we are already looking forward to working together in the future. And we are always open to any questions. As we have said many times in the past, the answers may not always be the ones that are expected or that want to be heard, but they are the answers that are most helpful in the present moment from the present frequency. We can’t always share all the information because where we come from, free will is respected and we don’t want to interfere with free will in any way and always remember the power of love, love for yourself as well as for others, that’s the most important thing. 

Q: With love, thank you very much. I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this exchange, for the information we have received. And I’m really looking forward to the next meeting. Thank you very much.

My hope is that this information supports the increase of love frequency on earth during the current time of big changes for humanity  

Much love to you


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