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Message from God: Your Deepest Longing

Message from God: Your Deepest Longing

Your longing releases a lot of love energy and although you are painfully touched, your longing - your call for unity - has a great resonance in the universe.

Your longing never goes unnoticed, your call never goes unheard. Longing is the purest intention, the purest expression of your human being. This intention is absolutely noble and comes directly from the core of your heart, it is your jewel, the essence of your essences. There is no intention purer or nobler than your desire.

Call of the heart

Longing is the call of your heart for your homeland. You experience separation particularly intensely, you feel that your true home is far away and you know that you are far away from it on earth.

Your longing is your homesickness. You long for the place from which you came, because you are fully aware that your tasks brought you here and that your actual origin lies beyond the world you can perceive.

Your tears are the bleeding heart, the sweet pain - and in your longing this inner turning towards unity finds its expression.

Longing stops as soon as you are reconnected with your home, as soon as you draw and live from unity.

However, it is also true that the longing keeps returning to your heart until your fusion is complete and your return to your eternal home is permanent. As long as you remain in the expression of the earth as a human being among human beings, the longing will accompany you and remind you whose descent you are.

You may briefly “forget” through necessary everyday activities, but as soon as you are back in your silence and turning to your original source, this longing suddenly bursts out, it literally overcomes you - and this homesickness cannot be compared with anything.

The longing remains,

as long as we contribute in and with our bodies in this form of expression to the growth and development of creation.

We fulfill our tasks and have traveled from far away - again and again, life after life - so that we can complete our tasks and finally return to our starting point forever.

The longing for home reminds us again and again, it keeps us awake and its pain pierces our hearts until we find comfort again by establishing the connection to our homeland.

Through meditation and contemplation of our hearts we are able to connect, and this loving encounter gives us the strength we need to persevere. But the longing remains because only a complete merger, a complete return to your true home, can fulfill you.

Until then, however, it is still important to dissolve and bring yourself into the light, to clarify yourself comprehensively and to achieve mastery on this level of being.

The longed-for, complete and lasting return is no longer possible.

Your longing releases a lot of love energy and although you are painfully touched, your longing - your call for unity - has a great resonance in the universe. Your longing never goes unnoticed, your call never goes unheard.

Longing is the purest intention, the purest expression of your human being. This intention is absolutely noble and comes directly from the core of your heart, it is your jewel, the essence of your essences. There is no intention purer or nobler than your desire.

So it's no surprise that as soon as your longing awakens, movement and an incredible amount of dynamism come into your life. A deeply felt longing for unity immediately summons YOUR heavenly siblings, YOUR family - and you are tenderly brought back into your understanding, into your recognition of the connections.

THEIR loving energies continually flow to you because they know what it means to do this service. They too were exposed to this experience and many lives were active in the reality of Earth or elsewhere.

They know your service, so they know exactly what to do and how to get you up again when pain and homesickness overtake you. They know your pain and act immediately so that you can reconnect, establish direct contact with home. Then you are calm again until you feel a new longing.

Again your family comes into your room or wherever you are to give you support, support, strength and love. Angels and beings of light assigned to you, who are equipped with specific tasks, accompany your homecoming and help you to fulfill your tasks and achieve your liberation.

Your desire is the unspoken, purest intention from your heart - nothing is purer or more effective.

The deeper your longing, the closer you are to your essence, your complete awakening is imminent, every call will be heard and answered.

Everything that is possible now will be done!

Your energy bodies are flooded with light to bring resolution so that you are one step closer to your final homecoming.

No call goes unheard!

This silent call is heard throughout the universe - an intention born of the feeling and pain of longing resonates so high that all levels of being become aware of it.

Longing is the most direct way back to the origin, the stronger your longing, the more unconditionally and absolutely you follow your path on earth and the more determined and clear you complete your tasks.

The very fact of your emerging longing dissolves illusions as so much light energy is released that transformation can occur instantly. Longing is the only pain that only completely leaves you when your homecoming and your merging with Oneness are complete and absolute on all your levels.

Until then, it's important to hold on and stay in constant contact with your homeland. Make sure that your “line” does not break off, that you always stay connected so that the loving energies from your home can reach you. You will be provided with everything you need for your return journey.

Patience and dedication, trust and unconditionality are the qualities that are important.

Your longing is your most primal and pure feeling. Make sure she can express herself freely and keep coming forward.

Your longing is the breathing of the soul. Give it the space it deserves and rejoice as it rises from within you to remind you - whose lineage you truly are and where your eternal home is.

Every tear of longing is a tear of love like dewdrops - as soon as the light comes, they dissolve and release you.

Rejoice in every tear and rejoice in the light! Enjoy the longing and be aware of its power! Longing is the breathing of your soul and the burning of your heart.

Give this process the space it needs to continue reminding you of where you come from and who you are - for your full, joyful and celebratory return to unity is at hand.


Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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