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The Collective: Awakening Hearts

The Collective: Awakening Hearts

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to speak with you once again today. This week our writer has some questions she would like to ask, which we are happy to speak on.

COR: My friends, I know you can’t give us any actual dates, because that would be to interfere with human life and the current Earth timeline. And that would break cosmic law. But if you could tell us where we are regarding NESARA’s unfolding, any information there would be greatly appreciated!

THE COLLECTIVE: We speak [energetically] on this subject with all who are open to such, though mainly in their sleep state.

So that that aspect of a person's spirit and psyche, so powerfully connected to their soul, and fully aware of their Earth mission, takes in the coded information energetically.

These are “updates” you might say, that are not only relevant to your own energetic transmissions and evolvement, but relevant to what is occurring on the Earth now, and all around Her. And in various places in the Universe where much is being decided by galactic councils. Some of you sit on those councils, and are meeting nightly with those who are highly instrumental now in furthering the unfolding of NESARA.

So in reality, on a deep level, you already know what is happening!

You know that more of the perpetrators of the old power structure are being taken off planet, with substitutes (clones, solid holograms, or "look-alikes") put in their place. These will also be removed in future.

That future is not far away.

It is already occurring, and this is another subject, as Time on the planet is speeding up to where it will soon no longer exist as you have known it.

When you speak of NESARA unfolding, you are (as many are) still thinking of it as something that happens to humanity and to the Earth. In fact, all of your vibrations, and Earth’s own vibrations, which have been rising and evolving to where they are unrecognizable from where they were even six months ago, are what is birthing NESARA. You are wondering if the impediments, the roadblocks that seem to be holding NESARA back, are being removed or dissolved, and we would say, Yes, on many levels.

Yet Light Bearers’ own progress, and their own requirement for a just, equal, and Abundant world, is one of the three greatest parts of NESARA’s enactment.

The other two have to do with the vibrational shifts that are increasing now, to bring Earth’s vibration to where Her environment will no longer resonate with (tolerate) the low vibrational behavior of the old power structure.

The other has to do with the astrological configurations of the new age, which are a mighty portal to Transformation and Liberation, opening wider now.

COR: That is all good news, thank you! So now I need to ask, What is happening that people are so exhausted? And the emotional upheavals—do they serve a purpose? Or is that just the outcry from whatever has sat in shadowy corners inside our subconscious, ignored or shunted aside, because they're too painful to deal with?

THE COLLECTIVE: Most assuredly, all that is unhealed flows to the surface now! That is true of Earth’s institutions—medicine, government, education, religion, and so on—and it cannot help but be true of each person's inner life.

That which has not been faced, tended to, admitted to, healed or transmuted—all of it, rising to the surface now.

That is part of what exhausts so many now. And the Light particles flowing to Earth now speak to every cell.

With their vibrational tone as well as their highly conscious Light, they remind everyone that it is time to evolve, if they wish to remain on a timeline that is increasingly the New Earth 5D timeline. Some will choose to remain in what they are used to—and this is exhausting many, this fight against evolvement!

Many will choose to move up, though it means facing a great deal that they have indeed pushed aside for millennia, in their great drive to simply survive, to get on with what life hands them.

COR: Is this part of why so many people are leaving their partners now? So many are looking at a spouse, friend, or some other loved one, and realizing, “This isn’t working.” Then they let them go in some way, if not completely.

Are we becoming another person? Or have our loved ones changed, or both?


No one is able to remain their former 3D version in this Light, unless they desire to flow to a lower dimensional timeline.

That would halt much of their evolvement, yet you are still a free will planet. Creator Source energy protects all in this respect, and honors their choices.

And so, you will indeed find that you no longer resonate with some persons you love, or once did love.

Allow the shifts! Bless these dear ones on their way.

They mean you no harm, in the final chapter of your connection.

They are as confused as anyone now, as they uncover their true selves—as all are doing, despite the best efforts of many to try to keep life as it has been for thousands of years.

That would be impossible now.

COR: Thank you! Can you tell us what is happening with human communication? Are we becoming more telepathic with one another, and with plants and animals, and maybe with Earth Herself?

THE COLLECTIVE: Most assuredly. This is one of the many abilities you are increasingly regaining.

Watch your thoughts, particularly those punctuated with emotion, including laughter, derision, or any repeated imagery.

Energy is molding to your commands more and more now.

Many will say, “Manifestations are happening more and more frequently, and more quickly now!” and this is so.

Yet we do not call them “manifestations” in the sense that they are something special and unique that suddenly happens, or unfolds over time, if you concentrate hard enough.

Those days of narrow limitation are over now. Be conscious and aware of the power of your thoughts, emotions, and expectations!

For most assuredly, you mold your world with these.

You have heard people say that “Life is not happening to you—it is happening with and because of you."

And we would completely agree.

COR: Not sure we all know how to take responsibility for all that power, but it’s good to know!

THE COLLECTIVE: As many say often, “Takes practice.” Your awareness of your own energy-molding projections will develop over time.

COR: Yes, thank you. Of course I must ask also about the mass unfolding of Disclosure of the ET presence, which seems to be happening. It’s not just for fans of The X Files or Ancient Aliens anymore. Is this a sign that humanity is taking its power back from the old power structure, which looks to be weakening by the day, despite the media façade, though even that seems to be waking up a bit.

THE COLLECTIVE: First, release any fascination or need you may feel for following news reports, unless they are positive and uplifting.

There are energy transmissions being sent out now, by what remains of the old matrix, that are 10 times what they were, to induce a populace’s energetic vibration to be lowered from negatively slanted reports, as well as those that are complete fabrications.

The interest is in bringing the emotional vibration as low as possible, with all this chatter of "nuclear" this and that, and images and stories of so many struggling in different scenarios.

They’re not going to show images of the many ship sightings occurring now, or of ET brothers and sisters aiding thousands with food, clean water, shelter, or medical help!

They’re not going to talk about the Schumann Resonance climbing ever higher, or how consciousness has shifted so powerfully over the past year, to where many millions no longer see the need for armed conflict now, of any kind.

And they will not speak on the vital developments occurring in your solar system, except for a few highly veiled and restricted scientific reports on the Sun that do not fully address his Transformation, let alone how this affects Earth and humanity.

Their comments and concerns are superficial, full of fallacies, and nowhere near the “expert” status that they claim.

And so, consider their inane chatter to be completely irrelevant. To become “better informed,” as they say, get quiet and ask your Spirit team to tell you what is happening on the planet now. They will be happy to assist!

COR: What is the best thing any of us can do now, to assist our own Ascension?

THE COLLECTIVE: We would ask, What brings you Joy?

What lifts your spirit to where you see only the good in yourself and others?

What assists you in blessing releasing all who have done you harm in this and other Earth lives, and what assists you in realizing that their own pain and ignorance led them to these words, these acts that still sting within your memory.

What meditation, what music, what places in Nature, which acts of pure self-caring and self-Love, lift you to where you are thankful to be alive, even on a planet experiencing the chaos of Divine Rebirth?

Engage in these things, and know you are on a path that no one can deter you from now, no matter what.

Then you arrive one day upon that path as a fifth dimensional being, climbing ever higher. So full of Grace and Love for all, including your own life, no matter how small and vulnerable you may feel at times. Fully within, you are a god or goddess who has only just begun to rise.

COR: Thank you, dear ones! Yesterday as soon as I brought you in, to channel answers for the weekly Platinum & Gold Member Abundant Living Q&A Call, you came in with a kind of joyous excitement, as if great things were happening. It still feels like there’s an excitement building now. Similar to how the music builds from something very quiet to powerful, heart-shifting moments in the song “Peace Calls.”

If you have anything to share—any new development as far as something occurring now, we would be happy to hear it! THE COLLECTIVE: Ah, now you have hit on it!

We would say, come out of the mind and its left-brain insistence on “words, words, words," as Hamlet would say!

Come well out of that, and as you listen to “Peace Calls” and any other stirring and revelatory composition— Or see a painting or a place in Nature that seems to be a portal to another world—

Or see the miracle in the simple Joy and trust in Life that a child has—

Then you will begin to understand that it is not mental training or expectation that you open to receive now, but the rise in consciousness—the rising of the high heart—that all of you have sought for millennia.

Open to the awakening of the heart and soul, far more than the demands of the logical mind, despite the mind's many questions!

There is no “news” or information that can bring you to that state that that song describes, in tonal vibration. So resolve now to travel through that sound portal to remembering Who you are, and why you are here.

This is one great cause for the excitement and Joy you felt as you brought us through yesterday, and it is the biggest one.

Bigger than mass landings, and even NESARA itself.

All of you seek healing, yes. But mainly, you seek Transformation, and that is what we see occurring within you now, dear ones!

Nothing less.

Namaste, friends! We are with you in all of this, and in all other moments besides. For you are never alone.


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The Ascension path can be challenging.
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