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The Group: Feminine Rise

The Group: Feminine Rise

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with great pride, for we have seen many changes on your planet. It’s amazing for us to watch from here. Yes, you see all the difficulties and challenges.

You see people arguing for so many different reasons. But we also tell you that down the road, there is an opportunity to work together instead of arguing about everything. Understand, dear ones, there are those who benefit from the separation. Some are actually propagating the situations causing these divisions, which they ultimately benefit from. We tell you, dear ones, that you now have an opportunity to change all of this. There are those who are trying to introduce things to frustrate you and make you angry. Please don’t think that we’re talking about politics, because it is way beyond that – it’s about money.

Yes, we’ve mentioned this several times before. We’re bringing it up again, because we see an opportunity for unity coming and we want you to be prepared. When you see the glimpse of sunlight coming through ahead, grab and anchor it, then pass it on. There are so many things taking place right now, it’s fascinating. At the same time it’s very difficult for you to be on purpose, but that’s also changing. Sometimes you look at yourself or get into a bodysuit that doesn’t quite fit. Or perhaps people don’t accept you in some way, so you start changing things inside to match the bodysuit that you’re wearing outside. And that’s actually the nature of most lies, because they come from projecting who you want to be rather than who you actually are in that moment.

But the bodysuit itself can sometimes get in the way of the spirit. Rather than your spirit actually having the experience, you end up pretending to be human. All of these things are shifting now. You should be very proud of yourself for being a human that has taken part in this. Although you may not feel as if you’ve done anything in particular, you’ve held that energy. Without enough people holding that energy safely on planet Earth, none of this would be possible. In fact, in the United States, right now you would already be in a civil war. Yes, you may see many difficulties with people constantly arguing and trying to take sides. But keep your eye on the larger picture because you’re actually making a difference. And by holding that energy, you become not right or wrong, but simply people looking at something from different angles. If you pull back far enough, you can see all of that. And that’s what we hope to bring you.

Healing Circle

Now we’d like you to join us in a healing circle for just a few moments. You may bring anything or anyone into this healing circle that you wish. You can bring in your animal, daughter, son, parents, or anything that you’d like. Even though there may be one thing you’re focusing on, you will also have an effect on all those other things. Yes, we talk about maybe healing your son or giving him something that you normally wouldn’t. But what we’re actually talking about is letting go of the fact that you think he’s ill, and basically moving in a different direction to simply shine the light.

That is what you’re waiting for on planet Earth, unconditional light in all situations. Ultimately, healing must be done by request. If you’re putting someone in the healing circle that you don’t have permission from, what you’re actually healing is you and your relationship to that person. It’s fine, dear ones, do whatever you want. There really are no rules and that’s the really interesting part.

Releasing the Jagged Lines

Walking around on planet Earth you’ve bumped into and touched things, picking up vibrations and carrying them in your torus. Yes, your torus moves around your body in the two different directions. On the outside of your torus are all these little jagged lines where you bumped into things, or you tried to correct energies that were not matching. Sometime in your life you tried to harmonize those and that scar tissue stays on your torus, simply repeating over and over again. But it’s the perfect opportunity now to release and straighten out those jagged lines, almost as if we’re combing the knots out of your torus. So, that is what we’re going to offer in today’s healing circle. We want you to be able to completely let go of the difficulties and challenges.

You are powerful creator beings. But the interesting part is that you want proof of this, so we’ve been working on showing you how it works. If you look back on your own life, you’ll see that the dreams you had years ago are manifesting in some way, whether you know it or not. In the healing circle you can release some of those jagged lines that keep you from your own creations and manifestations.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath and release all the tension in your body. Good, now let it out. Open up your heart chakra and close your eyes. You’re in a sacred space and time around you stands still. We’d like you to become aware of any restrictions or challenges that keep you from being everything that you can be. It’s okay if you’re not able to completely identify the problem as it shows up in your life right now.

Bless the Problem

The problem has brought you a way to improve your life, so bless it. Yes, thank the problem for giving you the opportunity to move directly into gratitude. Excellent. Now as your chakra and torus move around, as the energy flows through your heart chakra, it’s starting to clear. Feel the pressure easing with every breath. You’ll feel empowered in a way that you haven’t before. Even though you may change your feelings about things, you will also see other areas open up. You’ll see magical doors open up. Things that you’ve been looking for or that you think you need will magically start showing up. Take credit for it, don’t think it’s only luck. You are manifesting things consciously right now. It starts with your own healing, working with the physical body that houses your spirit. As you step onto the Esayoto and move into higher vibrations, the equation will change. We’ll give you an illustration. Right now you’re roughly 80% physical, and only about 20% of your spirit gets to reveal itself from time to time. But we’re going to shift that around. Yes, it’s going to take some time, but just imagine what it would be like to have 50% of your spirit.

Conscious Creation

You also spend a lot of time taking care of your physical body right now. Even moving it from place to place takes incredible amounts of energy. What if you were 50% spirit and 50% physical? That would become much easier and it’s certainly something to look forward to. So, take that energy and put it into the healing circle right now. Close your eyes, open your heart, and tap into your mastery. You are master beings placed here with a gift of creation, but a blindfold keeps you from seeing it. Take a breath, and open the heart chakra. Beam the light into a circle all around the globe. Right now, people are shining light from their heart chakras into that circle. Breathe it in, take it in. Beautiful.

Take a deep breath and release. You are marvelous beings, and you knew this was going to happen before you came in. Most of you made extra sacred contracts just in case, and here you are. Well, guess what? It’s time for them to unfold. Many of the Plan B, C, and D contracts that you put into motion for yourself are now starting to manifest. And those are the doors that will open for you, when you let them. Play the game of pretending to be a human, but know that you are a creator being first. Love and gratitude hold the answers you seek.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way, not to tell you anything but simply to remind you of who you are. You are magical beings, the greatest angels that have ever lived. Welcome Home, dear ones. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am Observer. . . and I like to watch.

Greetings, dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time. Walk with me for a moment, we have much to cover. The reality is that your energy is changing. You are creator beings, but you also create in unison. When the heart of the collective changes, everything starts moving in a slightly different direction. Yes, that is in motion now. Where will it lead? Well, that’s up to you. You’re not there yet, but it is in motion. That’s a key element of it, because overcoming inertia in the very beginning is a key part of putting it all into motion.

Creating in Unison

When the Observer came in, he was talking specifically about a very big event that’s coming in the future. With your permission, I’d like to take you a little further into that. The interesting part is that it has been predestined. Yes, there are many things in place that you have set up. As we say around the big table, you made these contracts before you came in. You were able to bring them to you, so you could resolve them on the planet.

You also have collective contracts that were set into motion before your entrance onto the game board. Those collective contracts are about to start moving and you’ll have many opportunities. In the beginning, almost everything looks like a problem. It’s just the way humans deal with change. The reality is you don’t handle change that well, but the process just needs to get moving. Once it’s in motion, you can more easily direct everything. For instance, if you’re in a car and try to turn the wheels while the steering wheel is locked it’s very difficult. But if you start pushing the car down a hill, then it becomes very easy to turn and change the direction of the motion. Well, that is very similar to what’s going on here. Some big global events are about to unfold. They may look difficult in the beginning, but these are opportunities for massive change and you’ll be able to start working together.

An Opening for Change

There is an opening in the energy coming. It may be a series of events that open it up, or you may simply have a feeling that the energy has changed. It is coming in late January or early February of this next year 2023. You’ll see different things open to produce this opportunity of change, but importantly it’s there to get your attention. You are the creator beings that have held this energy. You’re the ones that have opened the door for all of humanity to take this step up into a higher vibration. Right now, you carry less of the physical body and more of the spirit.

And that is what is coming ahead. Opportunities for the collective of all of humanity to figure out where you wish to be in this process. Ah, the word unprecedented doesn’t even begin to cover this. Dear ones, you’re being set up for the larger collective contract. What does that look like? That’s up to you, so we’re asking you the same questions. How is this going to play out? Is it important to know all the details? No, it isn’t. This is the great re-set.

Living Locally

Much is changing about the way you do things. You noticed that as you came out of this virus and started traveling again. Although you aren’t actually out of this yet. And you had a major problem with your supply chains. The break in the supply chains caused other breaks, these same challenges over and again. Down the road you’re likely to have more of that too, for different reasons. But the most important thing we are going to suggest to you right now is to start buying food close to home. Especially if the food is raised close to home, it does your body more good. You live where you live for a reason, and your body has adjusted to those vibratory patterns. When you eat food that is raised in your area you receive at least twice the amount of nutrition out of it, because your body’s already in that vibrational state.

You’re aware that you get almost all of your bananas from one place on Earth. And that’s true with a lot of the foods you eat. The important piece is to know that you’re in charge. You have opportunities of recreating this in different ways, for the outcome is entirely up to you. And that’s the most beautiful part of it. You are magnificent beings that are here by design. Not only do you have individual contracts that you set up around the big table before you came here, but more importantly you’re part of a collective contract.

As part of the lightworker family, you came in with this very specific intent. Some simply hold the energy, so the collective vibration of humanity could rise very, very slowly. And when the energy jumps it’s a major change, but humans don’t do change well. So the idea is to bring it up slowly, which you have been doing. And now if the rug is pulled out from under you, you’re in a state where you can balance more easily. Watch for this, not out of fear but out of awareness. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside of your local area. But the more that you can localize your experience on Earth, the easier the days ahead will be. Live local, think global.

There’s a great deal taking place right now, and several collective contracts are starting to kick in. You’ll see much more of it in about three months, so don’t concern yourself with the details yet. And if it happens that’s fine, because it means the problems were straightened out before the event. Or if it does come, you’re in the right spot at the right time, dear ones. There are many of you that have traveled back 300 years from the future just to be here now. And yes, you came back to shift things. Oh, we know you’ve got all these quantum challenges and ideas of altering the future by going to the past. None of that is the way that humans think about it. The reality is you’re here. Now, does that mean you’ve traveled backwards in time for 300 years? No, you were born here. But your spirit had to be here at this time right now. You made it, welcome Home. Now, let’s get busy.

We send you the greatest warmth that we can. You’re all part of this grand family, as you’ve gathered in different places throughout the universe. And here you are at a critical changing point on planet Earth. You made it, welcome Home. It’s going to work! And with that we leave you for the time being, knowing that you’re part of a large group that has been throughout the universe. The family of E has been in many different places, and now decided to take off your wings and incarnate on a planet long enough to make a difference. Here you are. Welcome Home.

It’s with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time and I love you dearly.


Thank you for taking your power.


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