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The Group: Portal Work

The Group: Portal Work

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Scientist of the Heart. I join you with such pride this day, for you have reached a milestone in your history.

You may not see it for a few years because that’s typically how humans work. Most of you have traveled back 300 years from the future to be here at this moment. There were a very specific series of events that all of you decided you needed to be here for, and this is one of those magical moments. You now have many opportunities to hold this new light, to reflect it and to ground it.

A New Spin

This is a time when you can change your world, but you are not the only one experiencing this portal. The Earth herself is also experiencing it and many things are starting to take place with her as well. Keep this in mind, dear ones. It was not too long ago that we told you there was a critical point coming up on planet Earth, when the planet reached 8 billion people. The planet herself had to decide what to do. Could she still supply 8 billion people with everything they need and provide them a place of safety? Could she carry that load? Well, Earth had several choices that she needed to make.

The portal opening actually creates another opportunity for her as well. So, you’re not the only ones that are experiencing this now. In 2007, we began speaking about some things taking place on Earth that are continuing today. We talked about the Earth being out of balance and explained that one of the ways the natural balance would be restored to the planet was through the redistribution of water.

Redistribution of Water

It’s very simple, dear ones. If you have a wobble over here and then bring in more water, you can balance it out. You’ve seen the results of this many times, moving water from one place to another either through massive floods or droughts. Of course, there are three elements that you have to deal with related to water and the human experience: too much water, too little water, or water that is too dirty. Yes, fresh water is going to be a huge concern going forward. We’ve talked about water wars that will take place, and these are already beginning in some areas.

The core of your Earth, the very heart of your planet, is largely made up of nickel. It’s a very dense and solid material, which is interesting because it’s also about the temperature of the surface of the sun. Of course, that solid ball floats in a pool of magma. The first wobble on planet Earth was caused specifically by this inner core changing its turn in relationship to the outer layer. So, you’ve got the mantle or crust of planet Earth that’s turning 24 hours a day, shifting around and completing a full circle. Then you’ve got the core, which was actually moving faster than the outside. And that caused an imbalance, or energetic wobble, in different areas.

Although the wobble wasn’t serious, it certainly was something that caused a reaction. This is why you have all this redistribution of water that is rebalancing things, and it will continue for some time. In 2009, the inner ball seemed to stop moving. Yes, there are a lot of arguments and frustrations among scientists trying to quantify exactly what has happened and whether the measurements are correct. After all, this is what the scientific community does best, it questions things. So there have been many discussions about whether or not this was actually happening.

We tell you, dear ones, the Earth was continuing to move and the ball in the center was moving very, very slowly. And that movement created a magnetism, although not the same type of magnetism you see on the surface of your planet. What you think of as the magnetic north is basically a massive deposit of magnetic stones fairly close to the surface. Those deposits are able to move and they are part of another field of magma, which also shifts that field around quite a bit. What you have here is very basic magnetic energy. So, now keep that concept in mind with regard to humans. We talk about the brain being electrical and the heart being magnetic. Well, this is the heart of planet Earth and it definitely sends out an energy. Although you can’t always measure those areas with your measuring devices, it does create an energy field on your planet.

The last time this energy shifted was back in 2007. Then in 2009, Earth started experiencing massive redistributions of water. Although people also felt that same energy, it had much more of an effect on the planet itself. What’s happening now is a little different. The portal has opened and that inner core is starting to move ever so slightly in the opposite direction. This is creating a new magnetic field, a new heart energy of planet Earth. It’s actually very exciting for us to watch, yet we know it’s very confusing for humans.

Earth Portal

How can you use this portal? How can you keep it open? Well, you’re not alone in this. Earth is going through it as well. But it isn’t only the planet, it’s also her inhabitants, all the animals and plants. Everything on planet Earth has use of this portal. You are multi-dimensional in nature, dear ones, and this portal is opening the multi-dimensional walls between your own existences. And this allows you to improve yourself, which is why we’ve offered special courses while the portal is open. These courses are human lessons for the spirit, starting with the body suit.

With the portal open you now have the opportunity to gain things from your other dimensional realities, which are normally closed. You have a complete blind spot when it comes to your other realities and how they work. Now with the portal open, you have opportunities to regain some of these pieces and bring yourself to the next level. That not only improves your life, but it also raises all of humanity by little increments at a time.

Some systems on your planet will have difficulty with this rise in vibration. The systems that were built on lower vibrational principles, or built for lower vibrational people, will either need to adjust or they will fail. So, as things change these systems are going to experience difficulties. You’re seeing that happening now with the banking industry. In different areas you’ll see vulnerabilities showing up, that you didn’t even know about. Will this be a complete financial collapse? No, we don’t think so. We think you may have caught it early enough to be able to stop it before it spreads. All of this has to do with the human attributes and energies. It’s related to what humans are thinking about, and more importantly to what they’re afraid of. We’re also working with your body suits to help encourage you to reach this next level, and to start improving any area of life that you can.

What Can You Do?

When you hold the energy and try to improve your life,  you not only change your life but you also plant important seeds. Yes, so much is happening right now. And there are other systems that may experience difficulties because they were built in the lower vibrations, such as relationships. Some relationships will naturally seem to go apart, while others that have been apart may seem to come together again. As you raise the collective vibration of humanity, you also make it easier for Earth to ground her new energy. Then she can find what she needs to make all of these things come together and provide a safe space for humanity working together.

It’s an incredible time to be on planet Earth, dear ones. With this wonderful connection, everyone can find more perfection in themselves. However, we also tell you there is likely some fear that will emerge from this. Rapid vibrational change often causes fear, but that can be overcome with love. If some fall into fear, as conscious creators you can create more of what you’re holding between your head and your heart while the portal is open. And so, we ask you, how much love can you hold? How much love can you experience in every aspect of your daily life? That’s what will hold the portal open. Counteracting the fear with love changes everything, and you can begin the new game.

Thank You for Taking Your Power

It’s very easy to give away your power on planet Earth, because it’s one of the most comfortable things a human can do. You say, “Oh, I don’t have to worry about this because someone else is taking care of it.” Well, in reality, you’re the only ones who can do that. The word “Espavo” acknowledges that with its meaning: Thank you for taking and holding your own power. That’s when the magic happens, not just for you but for all of planet Earth. The time is here, dear ones, you’ve done an excellent job of preparing for what is coming. You’ve all known it on some level, you re-member it from Home. Many of you have contracts about bringing in some of these things, and that’s underway now. You made it, welcome Home.

Now with this, we’re going to ask you to connect to your other dimensional selves. You already have a base with the triad that we asked you to build. Actually, whether it’s three or four people doesn’t make any difference. Build a triad of people that you trust who will help you mark your evolution. The bodysuit itself always measures its growth against societal norms. Change is at hand, dear ones, and humans don’t always do change well. But this is different because you’ve always been perfect beings.

Yes, you are a perfect spirit. But because humanity cannot support perfection on planet Earth, you hid it in 11 dimensions. Now you can start reclaiming some of that perfection. However, it means that you’ll have to change some of your belief systems and be open to new ideas. You’ll have to be willing to take those steps and try new things. The time is here and more is possible than ever before. And we’re very excited about it, dear ones, your connection is here. You have created it purposely, well done.

Espavo, I am the Scientist of the Heart.
Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin. The magic that you all hold is far beyond your understanding. Now that this portal has opened, you have opportunities to connect with your magic. We can’t wait to see what you do with this. Many of you have been waiting for this for a very long time and here it is. Some of you have positioned yourselves to be in the perfect spot when this happened. Now, the question is, what are you going to do with it? Well, many of you, as the Keeper has mentioned, are here holding space. Even just holding that energy creates a solid ground from which seeds can grow and have all the nourishment they need.

The 11 You’s

You are now opening the portal between your other dimensions. There are 11 of you, or 12 including the higher self that connects all of you together. You’re the same spirit in different levels and circumstances. You set many of these up intentionally, so your spirit could have different experiences. You have hidden parts of your perfection in each dimension.

It’s important to be imperfect, dear ones. Even what you consider to be beautiful is the perfect imperfection. You have not had to deal with your other dimensions, and now they’re starting to open. It’s a fascinating opportunity for people to step forward, yet most will not move into it until they are activated. How does one become activated? Well, you can take courses or come together with other light workers to be activated. Or you can also do this yourself in meditation by talking to your own higher self. Give yourself permission to connect and integrate with your other selves, allowing yourself to become more perfect. Then act as if it has already happened.

Body Suit of a Creator Being

Your body suit has certain areas that it works in and feels comfortable in. You’re now opening up so many possibilities, but most people will feel it’s too much. “I can’t deal with it. I don’t know what to do next.” But all you have to do is take that step, dear ones. You don’t need to worry about where you’re going to end up in the long run. Activate yourself, dare to give yourself permission to move forward.

You’re always measuring yourself against society in some way, that’s part what the body suit does. It naturally finds its own position, and then validates it by what everybody else is doing. Well, give yourself permission to do something different. Dare to be the different in this situation and to not fit in to some of the societal norms. Give yourself permission to hear new things and to step forward. You are receiving new channels that have just opened but you’re not quite hearing them, because you aren’t yet attuned to them. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, for that’s one of the greatest things that humans can do.

Each and every one of you are fantastic creator beings. Make it something special by daring to reach well beyond the norm. Dare to set your energy out there and step into being the healer or the teacher. Or step into simply holding the energy, if that’s where your joy is. Dear ones, the reality is that no matter what you do now you’re going to leave a trail of light behind you. And then that trail can be followed by others, which is huge. As you walk through life, you ground your light in different ways and that leaves a trail for others to find. If you take it a step further and become a teacher, you are daring to put your information out there for others to find in a more traditional way.

Emerging Light

Yes, now you’re stepping up. You will feel the weight of the portal that has just opened behind you, giving you confidence and the energy to step forward. So, dare to try new things. Although you may never have considered yourself to be a healer before, you may hold the answers for someone who’s physically ill or having emotional difficulties. All it takes is the ability to see that big picture, to channel it, and then speak it. Ground that light, dear ones. Keep in mind the illustration of the different levels of connection with multidimensionality. Those who are directly across from you will tend to be somewhat opposite of you. It’s just how things normally work. For example, maybe you’re an engineer and you’re really good at technical things over here. But the person directly across from you in the circle of 11 is may not even be able to figure out how to use their cell phone. You do that so that you get a wide variety of experience as a spirit on Earth.

Yes, you set it up that way. But does that mean that with this portal another you will enter your world? No, it means is that they’ll suddenly have insights and opportunities to do things. And they won’t be afraid of it any longer, because suddenly things they were uncomfortable with before will now start to work for them. Sometimes it can even be extreme. Maybe on one side of your experience you may be a white supremacist, but on the other side you may be black. However, most of the time it is not taken to those extremes. Instead, there are just leanings in one direction of another. Now that this portal is open, the capabilities are endless. And the first thing to do is give yourself permission to step into it.

Feminine Energy

This portal has also opened possibilities for the feminine energy to ground in a new way, and to form a base to build upon. That hasn’t happened before, at least not to the level that it is now. Dear ones, it isn’t a competition. The masculine people on planet Earth also need to carry feminine energy, they simply need to carry more of it. Many of you are extreme empaths and you pick up other people’s energies all the time. Sometimes you know what the energy is and you can actually use that in your work. But other times, it kind of gets in your way. While the portal is open, you will also be empathic to your other dimensions.

Belief Systems

With this empathic energy, you’ll feel and hear more things. You’ll get new ideas, even though sometimes they will be in opposition to what you already believe. Does that mean that you’ll change your belief systems? No, it simply means you’ll take it in. Nobody’s trying to change you, all you’re doing is perfecting yourself. And sometimes that means letting go of your belief systems that have held you in a certain place. Yes, belief systems are BS to us. A system around your beliefs usually leads people in very awkward directions, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have beliefs. You’ll have a number of strong beliefs while you’re on the planet. When you have a belief system, it means that if you believe this then you also believe that. Take just the one belief, because that’s all you need.

Clear your field, dear ones. Find your triad. Give yourself permission to step forward into this portal. Then start grounding that light and energy. When you get new ideas, write them down or make a video so you can share them with people. The light will come in fast, so be ready to ground it. Your purpose is to bring this in and ground it in some way. Then you can build on it, use it, and you can leave that beautiful trail of light behind you.

You’ve worked a long time to be here at this exact moment. It’s very magical for us to watch, dear ones, the light from Home is in your eyes. Bring it out in others. Watch what happens when you make someone smile, all of a sudden you can feel Home. When you start integrating other parts of yourself, you become a little closer to perfect than you have been. Now you’re starting to evolve the whole game of pretending to be a human. The Earth is evolving as well, so you’re going to see changes with the planet. Most of the challenges were meant to degrade the Earth. But now with the reversal of that core energy, she is able to move in a different direction.

Higher Love

There’s a new basis of love and magnetism on planet Earth, so tap into it. Find the hope and grab hold of it. Make something very special out of every moment that you’re here. Don’t worry whether you’re doing it right, or even if you don’t feel like you’re doing it at all. You are here, dear ones, and you are doing it. You’ve heard the messages and have already integrated them to some degree. So, just allow it to come forward. When you reach up and grab one of those new ideas, call it your own. And if it resonates with your spirit, ground it and share it with other people. Consciously leave that trail of light and you’ll see magic start to unfold in so many different ways. The time is right dear ones, it has begun.

The portal is open, but will it stay open? Well, that is up to you. How much love can you carry? How much can you hold in that beautiful being of yours? It’s with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you create this beautiful new game. It’s here and you’re here, well done. I am Merlia the feminine energy of Merlin. Welcome Home, dear ones, I love you dearly. If you get a chance, come up and see me sometime.


The group

The Group:  Espavo Awakening


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