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Jeshua: Love Knows No Boundaries

Jeshua: Love Knows No Boundaries

In this evening, we will talk about the journey of the Holy One. The journey that truly as you have written in one of your textbooks, that is without distance. Because you are the journey as you become aware of who and what you are. Allow yourself to relax into the Allness of the deep breath. Breathe with me now that deep breath.

Feel yourself expanding into the breath. Know that truly it is why you have put it into your experience -- to know the expansion and the freedom of the deep breath. Allow yourself to go deep within that breath.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph. Jesus, you have called me. And it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in this timing to go to that place where all love abides.

Allow yourself every time you take the breath, to know that you are breathing in love. How does that feel? It allows every cell of the body to expand. How does it feel on the emotional level? It feels healing. It feels whole/w-h-o-l-e. It feels that you are one with all you behold, one with everything that you can bring forth into the mind and into the experience. And know that truly you bless every experience.

You have brought forth a most wondrous world. You have brought forth a world that so far as you understand it has the duality in it. And yet what you are doing is what has been termed the journey without distance. The journey that goes within and knows that everything that seems to be outside of you is truly being formed by you. That is why it is within your experience to know various pieces -- parts as you call them -- of the whole/w-h-o-l-e that is you. To bring up different circumstances, different interchanges with friends (and even ones who do not agree with) to know the vastness of the God Self that you are.

Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate the vastness of the eternal soul. And that is without definition, without the individualized boundary around yourself. Know that truly, as you will accept it, you will know more of the One -- capital “O” -- that you are. For truly you have come to reap and to put back together that which has been seemingly torn apart, that which has been separate from the whole/w-h-o-l-e.

You have come to experience friendship and love with each and every particle of what you are experiencing. With the friends, yes, With the ones who smile at you. With the ones who frown at you and make critical remark. They are you as well. Coming to that place of acceptance of all that you are. And not to be in judgment. For indeed, as you will perhaps move back from every occurrence and to look at it from what is called the distance. To look at it with fresh eyes and to say, “Wow, I can really bring together an adventure. How wonderful, I must be,” And you are. For you are manifesting all that you experience.

Others may share experiences with you. And others may have their own seemingly separate experience. But know you that anything you can think of you have experienced -- and more. For you have wanted to know omniscience. You have wanted to know everything about existence on the human plane, existence as a small snail, existence as the furry pussycat, existence as the beloved pet of any size and shape. And to know even the more, as you call them, exotic examples of life.

You wanted to know what does it feel like to be a flea, a very small flea upon the cat or the dog?

And you tried that for a bit. But then you said, “Well, how would it feel to be the very tall giraffe and I could look down on the flea if I could find it.” And you have experienced that which we have just spoken of and much, much more.

You are the individualized (as you understand it) Godhood. And yet, there are times even in what seems to be a separate experience, you have gone beyond the boundaries and known yourself to be one with the wind, with the rain, with the sunshine, I have seen you be out in the sunshine and there has been a moment where you have forgotten that you had boundaries. And you allowed yourself to blend with the sunshine. To take the deep breath and to know, “I am.”

And then you put words after that to make definition. And you are and more. That is why you have certain of your as they are called commercial slogans that come forth. “And there is more,” to remind you that yes, that which you experience is but part of the whole/w-h-o-l-e of you. And to resonate with the friends, the loved ones, and even the ones you would term in this individuated life the enemies -- the ones who may see the world differently than you do. And yet, when you take the deep breath and you stand back, you know that they too experience the ups and downs of human life. And you reach out in the breath, to know oneness.

Know you that every time you take a breath, you are breathing, someone's exhale? “Oh my goodness, Jeshua, Oh, I can't do that. No, no, I wouldn't do that. No.” And yet you do. But you bless it with your consciousness and it does not harm you. It gives you a pause sometimes to reflect on the expansiveness of who and what you think you are. So, allow yourself to celebrate. To come to that place of saying, “Wow, how great thou art that you God have brought forth so many of us, so many individuated seemingly experiences of life.” And yet, beloved one, you are not separate from anything or anyone.

You are the experience of the One -- capital “O.” So have fun with it. Rejoice with it. Even if you wake up in the morning, and the body is achy or tired because you have slept in a certain position. And you think, “Oh why do we have to be bothered with a body?” Because it is your gift to yourself to experience all. To know that you are the creator of all that you experience, all that you bring forth and to be in a place of celebration. Not judgment that says, “Oh how stupid I am. I have this pain. I wake up in the morning and I feel stiff.” Etcetera, etcetera. Wake up in the morning and take that first deep breath and celebrate. Say, “I am all that I experience and I call it good.”

Because it is good. And you go forth in that day feeling renewed, feeling like, “Yes, there can be ups and downs in the human life, but I celebrate the fact that I can and do experience all.” The good and what you term the not so good -- celebrate experience. And yes, as you go through life, you develop what are called the gray hairs of wisdom. And then sometimes if you don't like the gray hairs, you go and you put color onto it. Yes. And you know that truly you are the one experiencing, putting it forth, judging it and then calling it good. Because it is fun.

You have come here into the human experience to have fun. “Oh really?” Yes, really. To know, to look for and to call everything good. Because you are the extension of God/Goddess/All That Is into this point of reference. “Oh, I don't know. That sounds like a heavy.” Call it good and it is.

You are finding, those of you who are being tuned in to asking for a new message -- not the world message of, “Oh my, how I suffer.” But the new message of joy. You are asking to know examples in every day of love. Yes, there is love.

Allow yourself when you perhaps walk by or drive by someone who has the hand outreached and wants the golden coins. Do not pass by without acknowledging the brother, sister, one who stands before you. Even if you have only a small token of a smile to give to them, acknowledge them. And say, “It is good to share life with you.” And yes, they may turn to you and they may say, “What's good about it?” And you say, “The sunshine, the rain, the breath.”

“Uh,” and he will say, or she will say, “There is a fool. How can one be in love with life?” But I ask of you and of them, “What better?” To be in love with life and to celebrate life when you have it? Yes. No matter how you are experiencing even the body.

You are bringing forth the body to know human experience. And yes, I know you say, “Well Jeshua, I know enough of human experience, especially the side of it that is not happy.” So, I say unto you, call it all good. “But you know, my knee isn't working, right? It hurts.” Bless it. Rub it. Touch it. Call it good. “But what if it gives away and I fall down and bump my nose?” Bless the nose. You are the one who is bringing it forth. You are the one who is experiencing whatever you bring forth. Therefore, go ahead and judge it. And then say, “Oh, I did it again.”

Because yes, you do over and over and over, do it again. Until you come to a certain point and you say, “Uh-oh, maybe there's another way to look at this.” And that brings you to a certain place of knowing that, especially in the human experience, there are more ways than what you can count to look at experience. So, call it all good.

Yes, the deep breath -- that is your blessing to you. You bring it forth. You breathe it. You exhale those good vibes as they are called. And ones (as you have a smile on the face), they feel an upliftment. That is your gift to them. Then you say, “Well, I wasn't really thinking of it as a gift.” But yet that is what you are doing. As you will acknowledge another example of God's demonstration upon this plane, you are gifting to them opportunity to smile back. Or to say, “Oh, I suffer, please put something in my, my bag or whatever.”

And you say -- you have a very famous saying, “Gold and silver have I none. But that which I have, I give to you. I give you a greeting and a smile. And I acknowledge that you are God's perfect love.” And they will say, “Thank you.” Or they will say, “There's another one of God's fools” But I ask of you, what does feel better? To be in a place of judgment and say, “Oh, what a horrible day this is. I have to go here. I have to go there. It's just really, really terrible.” Or to be in the place where you say, “I wonder. I am so excited to see what is this day going to bring me? What? Who am I going to meet?

Who's going to smile at me that will surprise even them as they smile? Where am I going to go? What am I going to see? And by the evening, how am I going to feel about the gifts of this day?”

Because you, in every moment, have the opportunity to give a gift to other ones that you see. And in every opportunity, you have a gift to give to yourself. And to say, “Hey, you know, I thought when I looked in the mirror, I thought I was a little bit extra heavy and maybe I should go on a diet or not. But you know, I really like the abundance. And I'm happy. I do like to eat. Yes, I do like to eat and I take pleasure in the taste and the imbibing of the liquid.” I digress here.

Call it all good. There is nothing that you manifest that is bad. Everything is good. Even the experience where perhaps you have had a bit too much of this and you have believed that it had power over you. And you got to the place where you did not feel exactly steady on the feet. I know that hasn't happened. No, never, never, of course, I would suggest unto ones who have not experienced it, try it and see what the other one’s experience. Just a wee bit, do not overdo.

But I will share with you that in the day and time, when you walked with me, the essence of the grape was something to be enjoyed and it did not put you out. You knew how to be one with the essence of the grape, and not to stagger around or not to feel -- there has been what you call the negative advertising about the essence of the grape. And it will have an effect upon you as you decree. Full stop period. So that is why you see some and they can drink and drink and drink. And at the same time, they breeze. They are with it. And they are okay.

Now, if you have tried it and the body is reaching out for it in a certain way, you do not have to go there in order to prove I can do it. Use the wisdom that you have up here. Use wisdom. Many lifetimes, beloved one, the essence of the grape was part of a ritual of knowing oneness with all of life. And there was not belief that it was going to make you (Jeshua gestures woozy). That it was not going to affect you in that way. That you were going to find yourself in a place of oneness with the grape but not to the place where you could not function with a physicality.

So, allow yourself to know that you are of an ancestral line that knows how to manifest and to not be swept under the rug. Allow yourself to know, “Every experience that I have, every essence is God made.” Because you are making it -- and know that truly it has no power over you. And as you might experience it because of the teaching of the world, you do not have to go there. Drink of the pure water. Put some coloring into it if you want to fool others. But allow yourself the wisdom that you have put into the human experience. In other words, if it is not doing you in a place where it feels good, looks good, experiences good, you do not have to go there.

“Oh, I had to… I thought I had to overcome it.” No. There are some things that because of the God given wisdom, you say, “Okay, been there. Done that. Do not have to go there again.” You have many choices, as you have seen in human life. Do the ones that benefit you in a good way. And I will share with you that as you do not rise up in fear beloved one, I went nowhere away from you. Very good.

Yes, well. You are the essence of God energy coming forth, which is why we have spoken of the elixir of the grape. And in truth it has no effect except that which you will put upon it and have belief. Therefore, you are able to, during COVID, travel anywhere with it and be at one with Self -- capital “S.”

We have spoken of love having no boundaries. And this brings me to the place where we are speaking of the experience of coming together in a meeting such as this -- a collection from one seemingly living miles away from each other. And yet in love, even in now your technology, there is no distance. You are one with each other. One of the reasons that you are manifesting a problem with the technology is for you to have time to go within at this point and know that that which is being spoken, you already feel, know, experience within the Self --capital “S.”

You are the joy of the Father. I have said that many times. You are the joy of the Mother. You are the joy of living and bringing forth even what seems to be a separation in the technology. And yet, at the basic level of love, you are all one. That is why you have come to be in that space of love. To give the hugs. To be in the place where you can show up in a display upon the screen as it is called – I have to learn your technology, technical terms. You are one no matter where the feet say that you are. Because some feet are in this political grouping. Some feet are in what you call Canadian province. Some feet are in Scotland and some feet are in Brazil. And yet they are all the feet of God/Goddess/ All That Is.

And when you begin sharing with each other, as you have done many times, you find that distance does not exist. The heart knows no distance. The heart only loves. And then sometimes the heart will prompt you. “I'd like to put the arms out and go heart to heart with another one.” That is why you do the hugs. And even I have seen ones thinking that they will do separation. And they say, “Well I'm gonna

hug someone from the back.” I have news for you. You can approach the heart from the back as well as the front. But I digress.

You are wisdom walking on two feet. You are wisdom walking on four feet. You are the wisdom of God/ Goddess/All That Is. And everywhere you go, you take with you the possibility, probability of Isness of love. Everywhere. And so, when you look out (seemingly out) and you see a brother/sister, give of yourself with a smile. It costs you nothing and it is as the sunshine that comes forth on a gloomy rainy day. And know you the gifts in the gloomy rainy day. Of course -- your trees, flowers. They are in every cell of their being saying, “Yes, I need the water. I need the coolness.” And they accept. Same as with you. When ones will smile at you, you accept the warmth of their smile and you feel an expansion of love.

The human life, it has taken a bad rap. Many times ones will say, “Oh, why did I ever be born?

Why? It's been just really a struggle my whole life. Nothing has been good about it.” Well, this is why I say to you so often count your blessing. Look on the positive side as to what you have done, can do and will do. And if you feel that there is not much behind that you have already done that can count as good, start planning for the future.

Know that you have in every moment the power of choice, the power to display that which you are. And to reach out and smile, to reach out and hug, to reach out and offer a word of encouragement. Your world as you have made it through eons of time -- this world here on Holy Mother Earth -- has been a challenge. But you have made the challenge in order to know the strength of being, the strength that you can manifest the gifts that are in human life. And I know that for the ones who have (as they call it) fallen in love – “Ooh, I'm so in love” -- count it all as good because you are manifesting that which you experience. And you are judging and calling it that which it is to you at that moment. Call it all good.

Because you are wealthy in experiences.

And yes, if the body you have chosen in this lifetime seems to be a bit on the missing side, missing some attributes that you would like. “Well, I'm not as tall as others, I can't reach that top shelf up there. I can't run as fast as others can. I can't even digest my food as easily as others. And when we have a big feast and I try to eat a whole lot because it all looks good -- Ahh.” Yes. Count it all as good. And if you do not have the effect, resultant effect afterwards, use the God given wisdom to maybe not eat so much.

Sometimes I wonder the same thing goes for the experiences that you call forth. You do not have to suffer. “But Jeshua, didn't you suffer on the cross?” No, I did not. I knew at that point that I was displaying, bringing forth the experience and that I did not have to suffer. I looked upon the ones gathered at the foot of the cross and I blessed them. And I love them. Not past tense -- I love them.

Each and every experience that you have, hear this well -- call it good. There is always something good in it. If it is only by your judgment that you say, “Well, look how strong I am, I can bring forth this terrible experience. And I can survive. And I can call it good. But you know, it sure didn't feel good.” Call it, name it good. It is your experience and it shows fourth the creative power of the God that you are

-- Goddess/All That Is. And if it is not to your liking, choose anew.

“But Jeshua, I don't think I can do that.” Yes, you can. Take it from the master. You can call it all good.

Now, beloved ones, there is a belief in this reality that everything takes time. You are the creators of time. You have decreed that everything is going to happen in time. Sometimes a long time. Sometimes a short time. Sometimes almost never. At least it feels like that if you are waiting for something. You (believe it or not) are the creative one, the essence of Godhood/Goddess-hood. You are the essence

decreeing what you are going to experience and how you are going to judge that experience. You are the essence of God come forth into this plane. If you hear nothing else from this gifting this evening, hear that. You are the Godhood bringing forth the experience and it is for you to judge and call it good.

“But Jeshua, what if the body doesn't like it and there's a lot of pain?” Breathe, space into it. Did I do this? Yes, in the beginning, I felt pain. I was as human as you are experience, experiencing humanhood. I was yes, human. Did I feel pain? Yes, I did. Did I study with ones who knew how to move beyond pain? Yes.

“Well Jeshua, if you had that experience and you knew how to overcome pain because there were wise ones who taught you. But I don't have any wise ones around. Am I just missing something?” Take the deep breath. Allow yourself to know you are the one who is calling forth that which you experience and you are the one who judges it.

Did I feel pain? it was possible to. When I was upon the cross, if I wanted to feel the pain of the quite huge spikes that were pounded into my hands and feet, I could. But I had experienced the openness of love. Loving not just the ones who were doing this to me because in truth others do not do it to you.

They do it and you are the one who takes it and judges it. Allow yourself to love them.

“How can I love someone who is pounding a spike into my hand?” With practice, my boy. Did I know in the beginning before I practiced? No. I was human. I am when I take human characteristics and I meet you in your shopping mall. But I know that it is choice. And for you it is choice as well.

“I don't know. If I have a big spike pounded into my hand.” Yes, habitually, that is supposed to (you have been taught) supposed to bring forth pain. But it does not have to. You can do what they call the essence of taking yourself lightly. Becoming light. Where you do not have to associate with, claim, know yourself to be only human. Human is good. Human does not have to suffer.

“Oh, well I was taught as a small one, that when I fell down and scraped my knee that was what I deserved.” Well, next time you fall down in any way, say, “Wow, how good I am at developing experience. I am developing this experience in order to move past it, in order to know my power.” The power of bringing forth something to experience and then the power to call it good.

“But you know Joshua, my knee is really bothering me. And if I call it good, won't that just encourage it to do its thing?” No. Allow you to smile. Allow you to know that you are creating and call it all good. That will be what you call a learning step. You did this in the beginning of the getting to know the human condition. When you first tried to stand up, you fell over. Okay. Tried it again. Held onto something. “Oh, this is how it feels to stand up. Oh, okay.” You did not analyze it. You did not put it into language. But you did experience. And you knew what worked and what did not. What gave you another outcome of the result.

You can live the human life without pain. “Oh, wow Jeshua, that is just so far above me.” Yes, that is okay. Allow yourself to reach for it. In experience. In non-judgement. In the place that says, “It is okay. I breathe my Christ Self into it. I call it maybe not good at first. But uhm, okay.”

How did you learn to stand up? “Well, I fell down a few times.” Yeah. That happens when you are doing the knowing your power even in physicality -- that happens. Did I fall down when I was saying that I am not the body, the body is of my making? Sure. Did I try -- not with the big, huge spikes, no. Did I try it with a pin? “Oh, yeah, well, I guess I could try it with a little pin.” Try it. You might like it. Not really.

But you can graduate gradually to the place where you bless it with your God Self. Afterall, you are the one who said yes to a human life. “Jeshua, you say -- did I have choice?” Oh, yes beloved one. You

had choice and you rushed into it. And then you say, “Oh, why did I do that?” For the sheer joy of creating, and experiencing, and of calling it good. “

“No, I don't know. I think that's the advanced course.” And it is. But if you can think it, if you can study it you can express it -- and experience it with joy. “Well, I don't know about the joy part?” Practice my boy/girl. Practice. Because it did not come to me at first to know that even a pinprick was of my making. How did I know that I was going to have the huge spike put into my hand? I did not. I did not see that at the point where I started experiencing the pin.

Now I am not saying that you have to suffer. That is not what I'm saying. I am saying you are the one bringing forth the human body and all that goes with it. And you can change how you experience humanhood. “Oh, oh, really?” Of course. But start with small things not with the big spike. That is probably going to be more than what the hand is going to want to do. But I digress.

Beloved ones, we often speak of the journey of life. And the journey of life takes many avenues -- follows many trails, follows many highways, follows sometimes in the sky with your invention of the airplane. That was someone's idea (someone in a collective sense) of flying like the birds do. Except you do not -- in the airplane, you do not especially want to have the wings during that. That might be a little concern. But, beloved one, everything is of your making. Take that deeply to heart. Everything that you experience is of your making. Call it all good.

“Wow, Jeshua that's a stretch.” Well, yes, but you are made of flexibility. You can stretch, you know. You are not lying in the bed as the infant any longer. You are up and running about. Stumbling over your own two feet, falling down, bumping the head, getting up, driving the vehicle, et cetera, et cetera.

You have allowed yourself to expand in energy, in adventure. Call it all an adventure because life is.

And sometimes you do not know what is around the corner until you get there. As my beloved friend and teacher was sharing with you earlier. Some days, you look back on that day and you say, “Wow, that's not what I had planned. But you know, there were good parts in it.” Call it all good. Celebrate the God-ness. Celebrate the God-ness of you. I think you need to make up a slogan. Put it up on your mirror perhaps -- Celebrate the God-ness. “Oh, there's a thought.”

Beloved ones, I am very pleased with what and how you are experiencing human-hood. I am very pleased with how you're asking for more. How you bring forth -- even into your advertising of the various substances and products as you call them – “and there is more.” Yes, there is more to the human experience, more to bringing forth the Christ-ness of you in the human-hood to bring you to that place, the knowing that I am the one bringing forth this experience. And I call it all good.

And so it is.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus April 21 through May 21 An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristi... Read more

Taurus Mythology

Taurus Mythology

The Taurus Myth The Taurus myth is most often interpreted as the story of Z... Read more

The Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck

The Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck

The Crystal Wind Oracle™ The Crystal Wind Oracle Myth & Magic Card D... Read more



TAURUS April 20 - May 20 Read more



The Heart Path Stone Jade has an overall balancing effect on the heart. It ... Read more

Birth Totem - Beaver

Birth Totem - Beaver

Birth Totem Beaver Birth dates: April 20 - May 20 Read more

Bright Beltane Blessings!

Bright Beltane Blessings!

The wheel turns to Beltane, also known as Mayday, marking the beginning of S... Read more



The Heart And Love Stone Emerald brings soothing harmony to ... Read more



The Feminine Balancing Stone For thousands of years chrysoco... Read more

The Seven Chakras and their Meanings

The Seven Chakras and their Meanings

If you could imagine chakras as circles of energy, flowing all the way throu... Read more

Frogs Return Moon

Frogs Return Moon

Beaver – Chrysocolla - Blue Camas – Blue April 20 – May 20 The Frogs Retur... Read more

Cartomancy - Fortune Telling Using Playing C…

Cartomancy - Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards

Cartomancy is the act of divining using cards. Divining means to find out by... Read more



The Love Commitment Stone Kunzite has a pronounced calming effect on the he... Read more

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