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Jeshua: The Way of the Lightworker

Jeshua: The Way of the Lightworker

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I salute you all today and I am closely connected to you from my heart. We are deeply related and there is a level at which we are one.

The one, undivided consciousness that unites us can be sensed as an energy of freedom, creativity, kindness and joy. This is your true origin and home. You have now manifested in bodily form, located in time and space, but there is so much more to who you are. I ask you to now feel this grand and unlimited consciousness that you are part of. Feel God within and feel how simple this energy is. God is not at the top of some hierarchy looking down at you. God is the flow of energy that runs through everything: through you, through all living beings on Earth and even through what seem to be inanimate things in your material environment. God is everywhere.

God is not limited by forms. God is pure, creative consciousness, connecting with material forms in time and space to experience life in a myriad of ways. Now feel who you are in this great, divine flow: one spark of light within an ocean of living awareness, but an indestructible spark who offers a unique contribution to the whole. Feel the indestructible force within you, it is there forever. You are part of God.

Your consciousness is divinely creative. You choose your life path and experiences. Even though it often does not feel that way to you as a human, deep down inside there is a creative force in you that designs certain pivotal happenings in your life and attracts the experiences that you wish to go through in order to understand, grow and expand. Essentially, you are never a victim of this world. At the core of who you are, you are never truly powerless or devastated. Because in that core is the spark of God who says “yes” to the experiences you go through in bodily form, and who knows that you are able to learn from it so that your consciousness becomes even wider and more compassionate.

Embrace this creative power within, which attracted to you the life that you now experience. Embrace your life with all the ups and down. You have the power to live it well. The greatest fulfilment you’ll find is when you remember who you are while you are in form, caught up in the demands and challenges of life on Earth. Remembering who you are allows the spark of divine light to connect fully with your human self. Surrendering to this spark of unlimited, creative light inside will change your life and it will change the lives of other people as well.

You who are reading this, and who feel drawn to the Christ energy, are someone who longs to shine your inner light out into the world. You long to manifest as a lightworker, meaning that you feel the desire to spread light and raise awareness on Earth. Your passion is pure and real; it comes from the core of who you are, from your soul. It is the spark of God within you which leads you to this desire, for it is natural for God to want to share joy, light and compassion. Whenever you feel happy in expressing who you really are, you are feeling God’s happiness too, for you and God are one at heart!

You often wonder what light work is really about. What does it mean to spread light, or to offer healing to other people? This is the question I’d like to address today. First of all, we need to take a closer look at the relationship between people when one is helping the other. I would like to point out that something strange is going on with the distinction between healthy and sick, or between whole and broken, as it is used in your society. When you go to the doctor with a medical problem, you are a “sick person in need of treatment”. Doctors are supposed to know something you do not. They are the expert, and you easily get the feeling that your health is in their hands. It is not so much different when you suffer from mental or emotional problems. If people see a therapist, psychologist or a healer, they silently presuppose that these experts have some superior knowledge or skill which can help them solve their issues. By the very way the relationship between patient and doctor, or client and therapist, is defined, something happens to the self perception of both parties involved.

By framing this relationship in terms of one having more knowledge and insight than the other, it is suggested that the client needs the therapist/healer/ doctor to receive something that they themselves lack and cannot give to themselves. It is assumed that the therapist is whole and healthy, offering light and healing to the one who is ill and/or broken. From this viewpoint, the therapist or healer is ahead of the patient, and is in possession of something that they hand to the one who is lacking this knowledge or ability.

From a spiritual perspective, this viewpoint is false and distorted. It starts you on the wrong foot right away. However, it is deeply ingrained in your society, in both physical and mental health care. Notice how easy it is to feel smaller than the person you are seeing for medical or spiritual advice. You are the one with the problem; they are the one with the solution. It’s a common pitfall for people who help other people on a daily basis to identify so much with their role of helper, that they cannot let go of this role. They define themselves by it and this makes them dependent on their clients or patients, as much as the other way around. The client may feel they need the helper to cure or heal them, but the helper needs the client as well to sustain their image of being the helper: the knowledgeable, bigger person who is willing to share their achievements with the ones in need. It is easy now for unbalanced relationships to arise, which center around power and dependency.

Light work is something very different. To understand what light work or spiritual healing is truly about, you need to let go of the traditional image of “therapist helping client” or “doctor curing patient”. You need to let go of the very idea that helping is about giving something to someone else. The very notion that the other person is lacking something is detrimental to their healing process. The truth is that the only way to help someone is to make them aware of their own power and ability to heal themselves. It is the mark of a good teacher that they make themselves small rather than big. Real teachers invite you to take back your inner power and they do not buy into the suggestion that you are small, needy and dependent upon someone else. Real teachers never present themselves as authorities. It is a silly thing to do. The true gift of a healer is to make the other person aware of their own inner authority, the fact that they are a spark of God and have all the knowledge available to them that they need.

True healing is very simple. It does not require elaborate methods or knowledge. I am speaking here of healing for the soul. Of course, physical problems may need to be attended by medical experts which have very specific knowledge and skills. Healing that affects the soul, however, is very simple. If you go to the root core of mental as well as physical problems in people, you will somehow encounter the belief that they are powerless, unworthy, unlovable, lonely and doomed.

The root cause is that people feel disconnected from their true being, the spark of divine light that they really are. To offer healing to people is to open up their memory of Home, to remind them of their perfect beauty, strength and innocence.

How do you do this? First of all, there is no fixed method or medicine. It is not a mechanical procedure. It is an energy transmission which can happen in a variety of way. I’ll get back to this. Second, no one heals unless they decide to open up to healing. You cannot force healing upon anyone. It is their decision. In fact, real healing is something of a miracle: it is the birth of a new consciousness in the soul. It is their creation and it cannot be predicted ahead. In everyone’s life there are moments in which you face the choice between dark and light. The dark represents giving in to self-judgment, self-hatred, negative thinking and fear. The light represents opening up to the kindness, forgiveness, joy and abundance that is truly the mark of divinity. It is up to you to choose. Even if the most beautiful angel is beckoning you to let go of the past and enter the kingdom of God, meaning to merge again with the spark of Light that you are, it is up to you to decide. If you are still immersed in deeply negative pictures of yourself or other people, if you are in the thralls of fear and anger, you may not even notice the angel. In truth, the angel of healing is always near you. It is your higher or true self, your divinity trying to remind you of who you are. Sometimes, in your life, you meet with people who play the role of healing angel for a while. They may not even be aware of it, but they remind you of who you really are. By the way they listen to you or speak with you, a spark of the true you suddenly enters your awareness, and you feel joyful and inspired after having been with them. This may inspire you to choose for the light, to make decisions in your life that serve your higher self, your true passion and love of life. The presence of the angel may serve as a reminder, and it may be the key to changing your life, but even then, it is your decision to trust and take the leap of faith. Only you can make the miracle happen!

You may have encountered angels of healing in your life and you probably have been an angel of healing for others on several occasions, even if you did not know. My point here is that this is what light work is about. It is not about curing or fixing people, it is not about offering solutions to their problems. It is not about teaching them certain skills, or knowledge or ethical rules. All of these actions presuppose they are lacking something, that they are small and helpless. Spiritual healing turns this picture upside down. What you offer someone else if you mean to offer spiritual healing is really a change of perception. Instead of focusing on their problems, their issues and their feelings of disempowerment, you focus on their essence, their wholeness, their radiant beauty. If there’s anything to give by the spiritual healer, it is the gift of the true vision. If you are able to look beyond someone’s pain, anger, fear and self-destructive behavior, and see the angel of light in their face, you offer them something very precious. By seeing their true essence, you are gently summoning it and beckoning it to come forward. Perceiving someone else’s true power and inner light, even if they don’t show it on the surface, is like calling someone by their true name. Nothing is as powerful as being called by your true name.

What I did when I performed so-called miraculous healings in my life on earth as Jesus, was that I got in touch with the divine essence of someone. By seeing and feeling the spark of the divine in someone, it became awake and it was their divine essence that performed the healing, not I. It was their self-remembrance that restored mental and even physical health to them. Not always did such a meeting result in healing, for it would always depend on whether the other person decided to open up to healing. The miracle was upon them, and this is important to remember whenever you work with people for the purpose of spiritual healing.

All spiritual healing comes from within. You are not healing anyone as a lightworker. You are creating a space of openness, of being without judgment, which invites the other person to look at themselves with openness and compassion. Instead of trying to solve any problems on the outside, you are connecting to the other person’s soul and you are holding a vision of trust and clarity for them. This is the way of the lightworker. You are trying to return to the other person their greatness, instead of focusing on their smallness. Working with someone on the soul level means that you show them their responsibility for their own life. Because you do this lovingly and without judgment, this responsibility will not feel as a burden. It will feel empowering and liberating to take responsibility. By really believing in the creative powers of the other person, you mirror their own strength back to them through your eyes and words. By focusing on what is whole and untainted in them, you reinforce it.

You can only do so if you truly believe it. If you doubt at some level that they can do it, you affirm their sense of weakness instead of invoking their strength. You are most powerful as a healer if you completely trust the other person’s ability to solve the problems and let go of any notion of them being dependent on you. Many of you feel that returning responsibility to people in this way means to abandon them or to tell them to solve the issue all by themselves. However, to release all ties of dependency does not mean you are not there for them anymore. You are still there, holding your faith in their true strength and inner power, encouraging them to go beyond their self-imposed limitations and be all that they can be. It will be their choice what to do with the healing space you offer.

I know that many of you have a very hard time watching other people suffer, especially if they are loved ones. It may seem impossible to stop “helping them”, to let go and put your energy elsewhere. But, please take a moment and consider if you are really helping them by holding on. If they are dependent on your energy of kindness and support to feel good, how will they ever face up to their own lack of kindness and support towards themselves? From the soul level, you may be reinforcing their weakness instead of awakening their true inner power. This affects both of you negatively.

Being a lightworker or spiritual healer means that you seek to connect with someone from soul to soul. On the soul level, every being is equal, and no one is ahead of anyone else. You are all sparks of the divine beingness you call God. It may seem on the human level that one person is more knowledgeable, evolved or wise than another person. However, if you look at it from the perspective of the soul, this kind of judgment becomes obsolete. All souls are travelling through the infinite universe and go through various cycles of experience and growth. It may be that you are helping someone who is suffering from severe emotional imbalance due to very difficult circumstances they encountered in their life. You may be the one offering assistance at this point of time. But later on, once the suffering one has regained their strength, they may become your teacher and show you a depth of wisdom and compassion that will blow you away.

To offer spiritual healing or be a lightworker, it is important to always remember you are equal to the other person on the soul level. It is essential that you recognise your own humanness and that you are really in the same boat as the other person. You may be holding a space of light and compassion for someone, but that does not make you different from them, in the sense of ‘being higher’ or ‘above’ them. Don’t identify yourself with being a lightworker. If you feel drawn to helping people discovering their true inner power, follow your passion and do whatever you love to do. Light work may take all kinds of forms; it is certainly not limited to offering therapy. Generally, if you do what you really love to do, you will see that you inspire others to do the same. Being one with the God spark in your heart will naturally lead you to the right type of work, or relationship or place to live. Living from the heart is really very simple. It is about connecting to your heart’s desire, your true joy, and daring to act upon it. Doing this will make you a lightworker and not necessarily because you are “helping other people”. It is because you are bringing your soul’s unique song to the world that you will inspire other people to also believe in themselves and bring out the best in them. Light naturally radiates outward. You don’t have to focus on the question on how to spread light in the world. Don’t try to be good and helpful. Try to live according to your own unique and divine nature, and the world will be a better place because of it.


© Pamela Kribbe


Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan
Pamela Rose Kribbe (1968) works as a psychic reader and healer in her own practice in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She obtained her doctorate in the philosophy of science in 1997, after having studied philosophy at the universities of Leiden, Nijmegen and Harvard (U.S.).
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