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Kumara: The Full Moon of Ascension Shines on the Wounds of Old Pain

Kumara: The Full Moon of Ascension Shines on the Wounds of Old Pain

Ascension Light

The Ascension light of this full moon continues to work in the different layers of your consciousness.

Through the different layers she will shine with her soft moon energy. The higher self joins in and awakens your mind. The old and lower human part is experiencing the pain of heaviness and can now Ascend. Every living being contains a higher part of awareness and growth. The higher light part renews everything.


Let the light and love shine to the painful part and you will see the mist dissolve. Now the truth becomes visible, is this too painful for you? Dissolve the trauma and give your attention to the physical lower body. Open your weaker side and see where the triggers come from. Man is scarred by the pain of the old system. The illusion is placed like a mist around the lower part, what else do you want to hide? Shielding the pain only works temporarily and takes a lot of energy.


The full moon of February 5, 2023 accelerates the Ascension process. The higher part wants to speak and asks for a connection, so that it can descend into the lower vehicle. The pain in the lower chakras shows how safe you feel, this part has missed and suffered so much. In the higher layer man can reside joyfully and therefore the heavier body may receive the unconditional love from this higher dimension. The enlightenment softens the pain and sadness of the loss.

Look at the pain or sadness from a different angle, so that the pain does not become heavier but lighter. A higher consciousness can help to shift the pain point to a mental capacity. The heart and Divine love can carry much more than you suspect.


You can focus your way of thinking on the medicine of the light, accept the situation and recognize the pain. The inner child has never been taught to embrace the pain, pain and sorrow demand attention and love. Let it ascend to a higher plane instead of aggravating the pain. Take it in your arms and take off. The lack of love produces disease and unhealthy situations.


The lower thinking creates a tension field and gives extra signals to an old painful situation. The light of Ascension reacts in the opposite way, your reflection in the light is much more beautiful than the dark thoughts of a negative self-image. Reflect the light of the observation on the gravity and see what happens.

When the Light of the Ascension Moon passes by you, it looks at you. The higher part of who you are reflects in the dream you are fleeing from. You want to leave the pain of the earthly world far behind you, but you don't know how and you feel lonely and alone. The dream flight is beautiful and can be helpful but be realistic in what you feel and be polite. to the pain that was done to you. Fine matter is softer than the hard layer in which the you lives. Pain is experienced differently there or even resolved. It has a different quality.


In the deepest depth of sorrow, a higher part rises to open the purification, this pain is accompanied but love. The embrace is the forgiveness to yourself. Forgiveness can be a softened form to better accept everything. Thought generate a force and when the process is ready, another higher frequency arises. The 'perpetrator' no longer has power over you but is even a vulnerable person of flesh and blood. The force majeure brings about strange thoughts, fantasies that seem so realistic. The problem is much smaller than you realize, don't make the mountain higher and don't give all your energy away to the fear that lurks in it all. The illusion is tricky.

If an embrace can arise in addition to the sadness, the feeling of injustice or oppression can be lifted. Embracing the rejection can be accomplished by believing in a Higher Plan. Direct your attention to the Higher Plan and what role you may play in it, give yourself a new place in the light from this position. Illuminate yourself.


Do you dream of a higher plan, is it a perfect picture that you can barely meet: "The perfect picture of impossibilities?" The higher light in your heart becomes smaller when you so reject everything in the lower self. Your frequency drops, your brain waves respond to your thoughts. Try to approach this lower part differently. Look respectfully at the lower world and the lower energies, for they know no different. The illusion envelops them, but the higher part contains the wisdom, which awakens everything and opens the illusion like a curtain.

Accept the part that has been placed in the lower world, because you are part of it. The higher light does not ask for a higher place, so that it can look down on the lower and detest it. Derogatory feelings are the very thing that oppresses everything and that makes the world on earth as it is now. Divided. There the ego starts to rise and take shape; it distinguishes the different position: 'Are you far above someone or are you making yourself smaller and smaller? When you despise someone you create an imbalance within yourself and you spread these negative thoughts to the other person. Be content with who you are as a human being and let the light of love shine.


Don't dismiss the pain, because it's part of being human. The inner child is confused and doesn't understand why so many quarrel, lie to inflate the sense of power until it shatters. The adult world seems so immensely complicated and that's how you grow up and that's how you become part of the adjustment to the old program. The higher self is a natural part of you, you can connect with it or not. It is the arrogance in yourself, but also from the ignorance to place this part far away.


Where does this come from? Place the light part next to your lower part and see what it does to you. In the silence it may be there, make contact and give it attention. Can't you believe how beautiful that light part is and is that why you find the lower part so repulsive? These are imprinted judgments and you may release them now. The new time will be different.


Just the lower simple part, which occasionally stumbles when a child is allowed to be guided by the higher part. Invite your higher self and let it walk beside you in the simplest of situations. Train this and see how this higher part looks at your lower part and vice versa. There lies the solution to all injustice, discrimination and dissatisfaction.

Knowing that the lower part belongs to you and that this part can also suffer pain is one of the hardest lessons on earth. Inviting the higher does not mean that you are above yourself or others. It means that there is an equality in you. Seeing your shortcomings humbles you, allows the higher to merge.


The inner child has been taught to look longingly for the Higher which is unattainable. It's very different. The higher self looks at your lower part with empathy, it respects that you have chosen this path. The higher learns from the lower part and can thus complement you from a higher wisdom. You look at your fellow man as you look at yourself.

The light is in everything: 'Very visible, like the sparkling rays of the sun on the water. But also, very hidden in the leaves of a plant. Create the balance in your life without pride and when pride passes by, don't be embarrassed but acknowledge it and give it the attention it needs. Your 'hidden' sides emerge as soon as the higher is invited. It illuminates the shadow side. What do you need? So that your haughtiness softens and what do you need when you feel unseen? What thoughts complete the self-image?

The solution lies in the heart and in the inspiration to look beyond your original sacred state, your starseeds touching the other from the light. Pass it on and get into the higher light.

Arkura Kumara

February 4, 2023

Translation By CrystalWind.ca


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura

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