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No Second Mahabharata - Message from Sananda

No Second Mahabharata -  Message from Sananda


The great history of mankind is not continued on the battlefield, but completed in the light of God - with people who are completed and who now want to be completed in God.

Celebration Of Joy

It becomes quiet on this earth and mankind comes to rest. The remaining humanity, after everything has changed, will live in harmony and peace with the extraterrestrial and intra-terrestrial siblings. We will soon celebrate the great festival of joy. That day is truly at hand, for things are inexorably moving.

During the changes, the source of love, the anchor of peace and a lighthouse for every person who seeks the light remain.

Develop compassion for all living beings and constantly and unwaveringly follow your own path. Do not be afraid, because incredible phenomena will occur and it will often depend on your inner strength. When storms are raging around you, soils are moving or oceans are evaporating, then remain anchored in the love of God and steadfast in trust in God.

Now the time begins when everything that has been prepared for a long time will become visible. Your eyes see what is happening and sometimes your mind can't believe it and your feelings can get mixed up. It is now a matter of inner navigation - you can only stay on course with God and with trust in God.

Changes In No Time At All

Major changes are now being made in no time at all. There are forces who feared this day and who are now opposing it by all means. That is why an incredible machine of fear is now being set in motion.

As many people as possible should be put in powerlessness and despair, in fear and horror, because only then can the dark forces hold on to power for one day or another longer. Everything is now being done to weaken humanity and prevent it from awakening.

Many people will succumb to the pressures of the illusion of fear. They are those who can go on with their lives on another earth.

However, at the end of all changes, this earth will be raised to the light level of the 5th dimension - with people who are able to live on this level of vibration.

Therefore, remain at peace with everything that happens now. Never stand openly against the dark forces that - wounded like an animal - are thrashing around dangerously. Say NO with all clarity and clarity when things reach you that you reject. Go on with your life in peace, harmony and love.

Never let yourself be carried away into a fight that is meant to be forced upon you.

An Injured Animal

That doesn't mean that you should put up with everything! On the contrary: Defend your integrity and freedom - and say NO. Demonstrate in peace and with a meditative mind.

Lead a spiritual, that is, a life connected to God. God takes care of you! Let yourself be guided inside and experience in everyday life that it is so.


Your most effective weapon at this time is your consciousness.

This is easy to see for everyone through your inner and outer demeanor.

The light warriors of these days stay away from the battle that has been forced upon them. There will be no second Mahabharata (1) .

The great history of mankind is not continued on the battlefield, but completed in the light of God - with people who are completed and who now want to be completed in God.

The struggle that is at stake now is the struggle of every human being with himself. This is the basis for moving world events in a clear direction and for staying oriented and with oneself on a world that has been turned upside down.

Surrender to God.

I love you infinitely

(1) The plot describes the battle of the Kauravas with the Pandavas , two related royal families, on the battlefield in Kurukshetra (north of Delhi ). It is very likely that it is essentially a historical event, for many Indians the events are a fact. The fight is portrayed as a terrible fratricidal war in which many people died. It also forms the dramaturgical background of the Bhagavad-Gita (song of God).

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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