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Activating All Your Senses - Goddess of Creation

Activating All Your Senses - Goddess of Creation

Have you noticed many of the titles lately have been about activations?  I believe the Goddess is assisting us with expanding our energies and becoming more aligned with the higher frequencies.  The world has arrived, and now is the time for humanity to also live in the higher frequencies. 

During this channel, the Goddess began while we were still grounded by activating our 3rd eye, crystalline chakra, which in turn activated the pineal gland. I could feel such energy flowing through my head, and everything was expanded.  We have always had these energy bodies, but now more than ever they are activating which means they work for us to create greater awareness and balance.  

When in the All that Is, the Goddess had us reach out to our own aspects that have lived various lives when these gifts were very prevalent.  As we connected with each aspect, we were able to receive a direct flow of each ability into our energy fields.  I saw different aspects sending each energy which in turn led to standing in the middle as all of the aspects sent light and love into us.  From there, we connected with the Central Sun, creating greater clearing and alignment. 

Are you ready to grow and expand?  Here is your chance! 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to everyone that chooses to come together in this now moment.

This is your opportunity to nurture yourself. This is your opportunity to let go the clutter or the hassles that may be going on during your day. This is a time in which you just simply allow your energies to be present within you.

The last time that we were together I was working on everyone’s pineal gland and I was working to activate the crystalline energies within you. As we begin this evening close your eyes for a moment, let your focus go to the back of your head, and tap into that crystalline chakra. As you feel it in your everyday life, you will begin to feel your energies as they expand, and then they assist you with receiving even more information.

Your crystalline chakra is what is associated with the higher light frequency. It is what is going to move the vibration and the frequency of your body into that expanded space. As you look around, pay attention to what comes into your awareness. And then, as you’re activating and focusing on the crystalline chakra, you may also feel how it activates your third eye, and then directly between that, your pineal gland is receiving energy.

My intention was to speak of this and assist each of you in opening to this flow and this awareness while you’re still present in your everyday life. Usually, we create the ball of energy around your heart. This time focus on creating a ball of energy that pulls from your head center, your third eye, and your crystalline body. As you envision it in the center of your head feel as if there are impulses of light that move into your pineal gland and in doing so create within your imagination a ball of light. You then let this come down through all your energy bodies.

As it hits your heart center send love, awareness, and those other frequencies of your heart center into this small ball that you’ve already created and it grows. From there you send it down further. It goes down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and it goes into Gaia.

As you feel that ball of light anchoring into Gaia, how does your head feel? Do you feel now you have grounded and you’ve brought every part of you onto the Earth? Do you feel Gaia? Do you feel these energies? They are here in support of you.

You then allow that ball of light to come back up within you. As it returns into your heart center once again, you feel the anchoring of Gaia. You feel how your heart expands even further. You then send that ball of light; it moves up through your throat as it connects within your head center you may have a sense of completing a loop. That ball of energy started there. It went down through your energy bodies and came back up. For many of you you’re feeling pressure within your head again. Once more send that expanded awareness into Gaia.

You then send that energy up through the top of your head. You almost immediately arrive at your Higher Self. As you look around, what does this look like to you? For some, the perception is different because now you’re looking from that expanded consciousness that you began this alignment with. For others, you may see your everyday life and things that are happening but take a moment and look at your potential. What resonates with you? What are you seeking at this time?

If you notice that there are certain aspects in your Higher Self that are already complete and resolved, phew, clear them out. As you clear them out, they very easily dissolve and transition. You then send that stream of consciousness even further up. As you merge and blend your energies with your soul essence, look around. What does that look like to you? Are you able to pick up on more things?

When you look at your Soul, are you able to discern lifetimes or life experiences? As you connect with your Soul, do you feel more drawn into the earth plane, out within the universe, or perhaps a blend of it all? As you utilize those expanded energies that we activated at the beginning pay attention to how things may be perceived differently at this time.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out and embrace you in such a way that our energies merge, blending together. As they do so, that shifts all the energy into the All That Is. Look around here in the All That Is. Look around. You may see certain life experiences as if you are watching a movie screen. You may see things about the Earth, or the Universe.

At this point, I invite you to open up a space in front of you. I wish for us to work with your expanded awareness. So many of you have said you wish to be able to see things energetically or be clairvoyant. Now many of you already are, and if you are, I invite you to go to a new level of ways in which you can work with this gift or ability. For those where this is new to you, or you’ve been trying to do it for many years, I invite you to look in front of you, is there anything that you see?

You have had lifetimes in which you were very clairvoyant. You could see many things. You could sometimes just see colors. You could see energy in an abstract way. You could see people that had transitioned or were perhaps in a different location. You could be talking with an individual and see the aura around them. At this time as you looking in front of you, you will see manifesting lifetimes in which you have these abilities and you use them all the time.

Indeed, I see a number of you that have four or five lifetimes. I see some of you where it is one or two. There is of course, no right or wrong. If your perception is that this has never happened to you before, phew, clear it out. Because every one of you have had lifetimes in which you’ve been able to see energy.

Now then if it is still not open to the best of your ability, let us clear out any blockages that you may have from trauma in the past. If there have been times in lifetimes and perhaps there was sitting in front of you. If there have been times when you’ve had problems in a lifetime due to your ability, your psychic ability, it may have created something inside of you that shuts it down, or a cellular memory or perception. So, if there is something like that with you, let us tap into whatever that may be so that we can bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up phew, and let that go.

You notice that the majority of you had a lifetime or more in which you had trouble due to your gifts. As we continue to clear that out, you may have a sense of closing your eyes for a moment, and then as you open them up, look in front of you do you see those aspects of your life, or shall I say those lifetimes in which this gift was active within you. Open a direct link into those lifetimes and then feel that flow of energy, of light, of love as it moves within you. You are receiving the energetic ability from those other lifetimes so that they may help you right now. Look around again. Can you perceive that expanded awareness at this time?

We ask all of that to move to the side. If you had lifetimes when you knew that certain things were going to happen. You may call it precognition. Sometimes you read the energies and you knew the outcome. Sometimes you would have images. Sometimes it would be just thoughts in your consciousness, but you knew when things were going to happen and what the outcome would be. For many of you, you have an easier ability to see those other lifetimes and then again you allow that to come within you. It comes into your consciousness and it moves through you once again anchoring the ability to know when things are going to happen.

The next energy is about feeling. Those times when you are sensitive to things around you and you therefore pick up messages. As you consider this many, many of you in this current lifetime find that this is your easiest way to discern energies or that your gifts manifest. If you can feel, or if your perception is that you’ve had lifetimes when you would get a feeling and then you may have an image that then led to the knowing. You see how these interlock with one another. Sometimes you get a flash of an image that would cause you to feel a certain way and then you would understand something that was happening.

So many of you are very sensitive in this lifetime and feel overwhelmed, so you, therefore, have shut that down to a certain degree so that it would not bother you. If this is you while we are here within this space open up all of the abilities that you have to be able to sense or know energies. You can feel it as the energies move through you.

As you were here within this space, I discern that some of you feel overwhelmed when you open up your sensitivity. I would therefore suggest that while you’re here in the All That Is you integrate all of that sensitivity and then in your everyday reality you can make any adjustments that you may need. For so many of you that are accustomed to damping down your sensitivity it feels wonderful to let it be just wide open, does it not? Experience what that is to you. What I am noticing is that each one of you are practicing what it is to be in balance with these gifts and abilities.

How about touch? As you open up your ability to touch where you can feel things or touch something, and you begin to get messages. It may be an image, it may turn into a feeling, it may be as simple awareness. But consider how touch is a way for you to receive information. It’s amazing is it not?

Do some of you hear tones when you get quiet and you go into meditation can you hear certain tones or frequencies and you don’t know if it’s coming from within you or if it’s something you hear from outside of you? What I have playing that you may hear are certain tones or frequencies that are activating this ability within you.

Continue to be within this space. Now I invite you in your mind’s eye to walk into the center of this group so that you have surrounding you the many different lifetimes in which you had certain gifts that allowed you to perceive information that you used both in healing and in a multitude of different ways. As you are here within the center of this group, you can hear those tones. You may begin to see into the shadows or into what may not be physically present. You may begin to just let all of your senses expand.

As you are here in the center of this group, they come into you as if they are beams of light and then you send that back out. I noticed that many of you are levitating. Do you have that perception that as you take in all of these energies, it shifts your balance in such a way that you are literally levitating into the higher frequency? How does this feel? What do you know about yourself in this now moment?

Through this I invite you to look towards the Central Sun and look towards the source of all love, of all light. Can you feel the impulses as they come into you. What does it look like through your expanded energies or what does it feel like? Are you able to discern something new and different?

Be open to receive unconditional love. Allow this unconditional love to transform your entire life. For many of you it feels as if there are electrical impulses that are moving up and down through your consciousness. These impulses are what support you’re expanded consciousness. As you receive love from the source of All That Is, have a clear intention that everything that you’re feeling, everything that you’re activating, moves into every cell within your body.

You are converting into the crystalline energies. It is happening more and more and now when there is another impulse or flare you will already have these activated cells within you that will then receive even more and expand and rebalance even further within you.

You allow your focus to come back within you and your space in the All that Is, and while you may have a sense of disconnecting from these other aspects of you, you still internalize the alignments and the gifts that are given to you. You let all of that stream down within you.

I invite you to gather together as a group. You come together in this circle. Notice how different everybody looks. There’s less of the image of the human and more just the glowing light body energy of each one of you.

Coming up within the group is the hologram of the Earth. As you send your impulse and your energy into this hologram it activates the other aspects that are already present even within the hologram. It takes these on and it begins to rotate. It sends an aspect out into the Universe. The remainder of it comes down. It moves down for the many levels or dimensions.

When it comes into the physical Earth there is that sense of it expanding and moving through that edge of the magnetic grid. It then goes further down all the way into the center. Within the center it anchors. You may have that perception of crystals, or rocks, or even just space and then as it anchors there it comes up. It reverses outward, moving up to the many layers of the Earth, activating, clearing out, and assisting with this integration.

Your own energy comes back up through where you anchored within the Earth. Take this moment and feel how every cell within your physical being is activating so that all of your senses can stand and help you in your everyday life. It moves into every human upon the Earth giving them the potential to open up. It comes up into the earth, the grass, the waters, and it moves through clearing out the energies around you as it anchors within the Collective Consciousness.

You bring the remainder of your consciousness down from the All That Is. It moves through the soul plane. It streams down through your Higher Self, and it comes back into and around you in your everyday experience. What does this feel like? Take a moment as if you are programming your greater ability to see, sense, touch, feel, hear, and know. It all anchors within you.

Send forth from you that your daily experiences will be in alignment with this new integration; that your relationships with people will be in alignment with this new integration. There is so much that is happening right now and your expanded abilities assist with that even further.

My beloved family, with the ascension process taking place upon the Earth more and more, you are going to live in the higher frequencies. Therefore, your expanded awareness will begin to help you in all aspects of your life. It may be through insights. It may be through ideas. It may be through your communication. There may be times when people are saying something to you, but you read their energy and understand that it is the total opposite or it is something different.

 Be open to receive the information that is coming to you. Be open to interpret whatsoever that may be and then feel how you are integrating deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the 5th dimensional energies. You’re there. You’ve done it. This is now training your everyday self to understand it

Beloved, know that I am ever with you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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