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Awareness Creates Balance - Goddess of Creation

Awareness Creates Balance - Goddess of Creation

I was considering several different titles for this blog. The ultimate result of this meditation is creating balance in our lives.  This one does focus on merging our conscious mind with our unconscious mind.

In our lives, we are always aware of what we seek to have.  Sometimes it is something that is completely different from where we are. Sometimes it is a clearing out or releasing of perhaps illness or problems.  Manifestations can therefore take on many different perspectives.  I know that there are many, many people who feel as if they just don’t manifest what they seek to have.  One reason for this is because of programming or belief systems that we may have in the unconscious aspect of our minds. 

The unconscious is created most especially during the first five years of our lives. So too it is influenced by Karmic agreements. These create a foundation that in some ways helps us through protection.  Then they can also give us a network or foundation that we can work through.  However, since it is unconscious, it can also feel as if it sabotages our lives.

During this channel, you have a chance to acknowledge your conscious life and choices.  Then look at your unconscious. Once you become aware, you can shine the light and create changes in the unconscious aspects.  The Goddess then assisted us with creating a balance between the two and merging them together. In doing so, we can have greater balance in our lives. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. As I reach out from my heart to yours, I send to you light, love, compassion, and acceptance for who you are in this now moment.

Look around at your life. Look around at that which may be most important to you. Look around at all that you have manifested in this now moment. Sometimes it is as if, when you look at your life, you think ‘I am at peace. I am rich beyond my awareness’ and that richness of which I speak is another word for abundance. Abundance of joy, passion, friendship, and family. Abundance comes to you in so many different ways. Be open, feel all of what that is to you.

As you are here upon the Earth you gather the energies that are within and around you. There is you the human; your physicality, that which you can touch, that of which you are aware. And then around you in the nonphysical, you have distinct energy bodies that represent your emotions, your mental body, your spiritual and you are now opening up to the crystalline. You are the culmination of all of this.

Your physical body is the outward expression from your emotions, your thoughts and your beliefs. As you move through your days your physical body may reflect what you are very consciously aware, or it may reflect things of which you are unconscious. For example, if you feel strong and vibrant, and healthy but you continue to have one physical problem after another, after another, then your unconscious is sending more energy overriding that of which you are aware.

During our last conference, we spoke about the choices that you make and how that creates your life. This is how you make changes in your life. This is how you respond differently to other people’s influence or perhaps to your own. If you have chronic pain. If you have a chronic illness. As you change your thoughts, your beliefs around whatever that may be it minimizes and your life transitions.

So here today as we speak about the unconscious I wanted to bring this up while you were still fully present in the now moment so that you can tap into it at this point and then we will link once more in the All That Is.

You can create that ball of energy and then send it down through your energy bodies. You send a stream of energy that goes through you anchoring within the Earth and as that anchors within the Earth, it spreads out into different directions.

Feel Gaia. Feel what it is to be fully present in this now moment. Allow that energy of Gaia to come back up through that column of light. Let it come up into your heart center and then send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, send it all the way up until you link with your Higher Self.

As you are here within this space look around as if you were looking at your life. What presents itself to you? This is another way in which the unconscious is working with you. Some of you may see various experiences played out in front of you. Others may feel them and still others may not be able to tell one thing from another. I would therefore invite you to have the intention that as you take a deep breath in, phew, just send a clearing energy throughout this space. This will clear out anything that no longer serves you.

You need not be fully aware. You need not make the choice yourself if you choose not to do so. Send your energy further up. You’re shifting to a higher vibration, into a higher frequency, into a higher dimension as you allow your focus and your consciousness to merge with your Divinity at the level of your Soul. Your soul is massive. So, this is that aspect of your Soul that is in alignment with you in this human life.

Look around. Just as with your Higher Self, you may see various lifetimes. A difference is within your Soul these are lifetimes that may have already been completed, or they may be parallel lifetimes that you are working and you are living at the same time as this one right now. As if you are opening up a doorway just open up your awareness that you may absorb the unconditional love and light of your soul essence.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge, we shift moving up into the All That Is.

I invite you to first just as if you are sitting calmly within this space just look around. Without connecting or creating an energetic alignment with whatever it is that you may see, just be present within the consciousness of your soul essence, and then be present with whatever’s presented to you at this time.

I invite you to create two distinct energies in front of you. On one side put forth your conscious choices for this life. Some of it may be the things that you have already manifested. Some of it may be something that you are trying to move past. Some of it may be a dream of which you haven’t begun to manifest. Whatever it is you create on this one side, either images, or an energy, or a hologram; whatever it is that represents your life right now. Okay, Okay, so within this side some of you are saying there’s that which you are right now and then there’s that, that you would like to move into. How-so-ever it comes across to you it is your choice.

On the other side ask to be populated or ask to know whatever it is that represents your unconscious alignment for this lifetime. Some of you it’s just blank so let us rephrase that. While you were still present upon the earth plane I invited you to tap into that which was the unconscious frequency of this life. So, if you can reach back into whatever that may be and then just ask it to move forward into this moment.

Okay, some of you are now seeing things, some of you are sensing things. For the majority, your conscious choices come very readily to you. You may see them. You may know them. You may be actively creating whatever that may be. In the unconscious these are some of the images that we see. They may be yours, they may be someone else’s. There’s a sense of a labyrinth whereas you walk into it there are many different walls, but if you follow the pathway you will learn different things along the way and in the center it’s as if it’s that Soul intention for this life.

Another image that we can see are some of you with a very clear image of what you seek but it’s at a distance and between you and that image we see belief systems. In fact it’s like words, “that’s too hard; you’re not smart enough; you’re not good enough; this is not for you”, and many other belief systems are standing between you and whatever that may be.

Yet another unconscious image that I observe is someone standing in the center of a space and turning slowly in a circle. Where at first it looks like there’s nothing there, but when this person stops something manifests that gives that person a message. “You’re almost there; you still need more education; it is Okay to love whomever it is you want to love.” Then that person continues to turn a little bit more and it sees this perception of stairs, a staircase where  on the first level. “This is impossible, you’re never going to get there.” This person continues on up the staircase until things look transparent and as if there are potentials.

We very rarely go into the unconscious because it is so completely different in terms of the perception to people, but it is also frequently created through your life experiences in those first five years of life. If you had any karmic agreements they’re frequently in the unconscious. If you knew that you were going to have a very challenging life you may have put loopholes into your unconscious through a karmic agreement. So the unconscious is not only something that’s holding you back but it is created most often by the experiences of this lifetime.

Look at the other space. Look at your life. If you have a chronic problem or something that you have been seeking for a very long time that is not manifesting, look at it in this space that is part of your conscious awareness. Then look at your unconscious and say why? What do I need to know so that I can transition this? Is there something in my unconscious that I need to become aware of so that I can manifest what I seek to have?

When you ask that direct question for many of you things popped up within your unconscious. Something’s popped up as an image, as a word, as a video clip. But when you have something that you’ve worked on for a very long time, or something that you’ve wanted to move away from and it’s just not working, then take this opportunity to ask what do I need to know or perhaps what do I need to do so that I can move beyond this space in which I am right now?

Perhaps you’re just in stuck energy. You’re waiting for that promotion; or you’re waiting for that new job; or you’re waiting for that relationship; or you are waiting for that new home, and it may be there in your energy field but you have that sense of waiting, waiting, waiting. Why? Look over here. Perhaps you’ll get the answer immediately but be open that it may come to you over time. So, take a deep breath in, look at your unconscious and know that if it is possible to make a change that this is one way in which you can do so.

Okay, so take a deep breath and as you look at your unconscious as if you were sending a ball of light, phew, just send a ball of light to illuminate this entire space. For most people there is a mix; those things that protect you and those things that went out of balance may slow you down or hold you back.

Take a moment to look at your conscious manifestation. Do you see that anything is changing? Maybe you can finally let go of that pain or that pattern that you’ve been stuck within for a long time.

Your energy is moving back and forth between these spaces creating new alignments. I would therefore invite you to have this sense as if your conscious awareness is here, your unconscious is here, merge the two spaces together. You may see them as they weave together and it all becomes one big expansive, balanced awareness.

Almost every single one of you I could feel you expanding. I could feel your energy getting bigger. For many of you with this merging you are letting go of some of those old belief systems that were entrained at a young age and they’re moving away. You are here within this space with a clear intention that you illuminate as much of your unconscious as possible so that it may support you in manifesting all that you seek to have in this life.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I would also invite you to consider just clearing everything out, Phew. Get out of the habit where you are stuck because of your old patterns. For some I have pain. No matter what I do I have pain. I can’t go do that run or take that trip because I have pain. You may have physical pain but you can change how you look at that. I have this pain that I’ve had for 15 years but I’m choosing to let it heal with that direct influx of light from the Universe and through my Soul and I am creating new belief systems in which I am pain free. I am active. I have zero limitations within my life. If you then wake up and pain the next morning once again you affirm, “there’s still some pain today but I am creating a new reality and in my new reality I am pain free.”

Anything that you have your focus upon becomes bigger and bigger. Therefore, focusing upon your lack, your pain, your anger or your frustration is only making it bigger and bigger. Find a way to change. Sit here objectively with your conscious and unconscious in front of you sending love and light to transition your everyday reality through your conscious and unconscious awareness.

You are so powerful, but you forget that you are. Take in that breath affirming, “I am balanced, I am love, I am the creator of all that is happening within my life. It is my life, my choices, my awareness that creates and reflects everything.”

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you would allow all of that energy to kind of fold together or come back within you I invite you to shift your focus back to the group. Create a circle and then from within that circle call up the hologram of the Earth. As you look at the Earth, become aware of what it is that may be changing in your perception. Infuse into this Hologram your own blended energy illuminating your unconscious and balancing with your conscious frequencies. Let that all flow from you and into the Hologram, and all of the Angels and Light Beings also infuse that energy of illumination and balance.

The hologram expands it takes on the energy and light and then in doing so it sends an aspect out into the Universe. It moves out to those that are anchoring these energies. The remainder moves down. It moves through the Collective Consciousness. It moves all the way down into the center of the Earth for those crystals, those rocks, those energies. It anchors within and then it comes back up. It moves through all the layers of the Earth.

Your own energy comes back up within you through the way in which you anchored with Gaia. This energy comes up and is available to anyone who is seeking change or balance within their lives. This energy of balance and the illumination of the unknown moves through the atmosphere of the Earth. It helps to clear out places in which the energy has been shut down and instead it illuminates that which has been unknown so that it may become known.

I invite you to bring the rest of your own consciousness back down. You flow from the All That Is, into your Soul, to your Higher Self and then down within you, within your human reality. As you feel your energies flow up and down through you be open to integrate and expand your knowledge of your unconscious awareness. Allow for all of that to be within you. Allow for that to become your everyday reality. You are so much stronger than you may think. You are so much more open to your gifts than what you may realize. Create a new beginning.

In particular this time on the Earth as the entire planet is ascending to a higher level of awareness become aware of how you are connecting to, living with, and working with that of which you are conscious. Be open to the awareness of what is unconscious so that you can shine the light. Moving forward I invite you to be less weary or weary of the unconscious. The more that you align with it and look into it the more it brings to light old patterns, old beliefs, old roadblocks, and in doing so it allows you to create and manifest through much greater balance and consciousness.

Be who you truly want to be. Express your Soul as the vibrant person that you are because you are love and you are light.

Beloved know that I am ever within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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