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Be the Anchor for Universal Light - Goddess of Creation

Be the Anchor for Universal Light - Goddess of Creation

With each of these meditations, we are going deeper and deeper into the energy of the universe, our soul, God, or whatever term we would like to use.

The Goddess began this channel by talking to us where we were still grounded about what might happen. She mentioned many speak about the rough energy.  Others speak about a lack of manifesting what they seek. And still, others want to know when this in-between time will be done.  

As we cleared out the space of our higher selves, it was easier to see the higher flow of potential.  In some cases, we could see where people’s energy moved to a higher frequency afterward.  Even if you don’t want to let go of a dream, by letting it go in your higher self, you are open to a new potential for it to manifest.  It is always essential to clear out disappointment.  

As we blended with our Souls, we had a chance to look at past and future lives.  They are always there and can give us insights into other ways of manifesting and living.  I think we just get busy and forget to use this tool.  Once the Goddess blended with us, we moved into the All That Is.  Here, we created a hologram of ourselves.  What is interesting is that some people when creating this, created another aspect of themselves!  Whoever showed up was there for communication and to help with whatever is happening in your life.  

From there, the Goddess opened the energy to the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and people who have crossed over as a means of bringing another level of communication.  This is where the energy really ramped up.  It was intense and pulsating.  Rather than creating the circle of light, we all stayed spread out in the All That Is and each person anchored directly into their human self, this light energy they were working with.  It set up the potential to always be in the flow directly from the universe and God’s Energy. 

I invite you to feel the love, the light, and the flow of this beautiful energy!! 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in your everyday life.

During this time of transition, there are many of you that feel topsy-turvy in your life. For some of you, I have been receiving messages about wondering; when is this confusion going to end, when is my energy going to be more balanced, and when will I be able to manifest those things that I have been seeking to have for so very long? The answer to all of these. Is that it is present inside of you, right now. You are in the flow of your divinity, right now. You have the ability to manifest anything at all that you would like to have in your life.

One of the key changes that is taking place is learning how to look for everything inside of you rather than outside of you. You are so accustomed to looking at things you need to change in your environment or waiting to manifest something. That it becomes a challenge to shift that, or flip it around so that you are then able to always get into the habit of going within.

So, take a deep breath into your heart center. Take a deep breath bringing all of your consciousness inside of you. As you tap into your heart, feel that energy body that represents your heart. Take a moment and as you allow your focus to be in this part of your physical body. You might feel as if your chakra expands and contracts. You might feel as if it flows in a direction. Howsoever you perceive this working for you, the biggest key is that you are discerning your heart center.

Create that ball of light. It’s as if you can just literally pull this energy out from that energy body. You can pull it from the energy that is in your aura. And as you create this ball of energy, literally feel the resistance with your hands. And then as you send it back inside, it becomes a ball of energy that swirls down through each of your energy bodies, and it goes into Gaia.

As you feel this alignment with Gaia, allow your consciousness to spread out in different directions. Discern the ways in which the earth is transitioning. Can you perhaps hear a tone or a frequency? Does it feel as if the movement and flow is easier? Understand, that it is essential for you to have this relationship with Gaia.

You allow that energy to flow back up within you. It comes up through that column of light into your heart once more. It moves through your throat, your third eye, your head center. And as it goes out through the top of your head, you come into contact with your higher self.

As you look around this space most likely you can see these various things that you are seeking to manifest at this time. Some things may be stagnant as if it no longer serves you. Some things maybe were accomplished in a different way, but the original idea is still sitting to the side. If there’s anything up here that no longer serves you. Phew~ clear it out. Let go of whatever it may be.

As you do so, you then begin to feel your own energy expanding even further because you’ve created a space where you can expand your energy. You send that thread of energy up even higher? It goes up, through that threat of energy and light so that it links into your divinity. As your consciousness arrives within this space, feel as if you are merging with that key focus, the essence of your soul, that aspect of your soul that is God Source.

As you discern what this is, you can feel as if you are blending, becoming one with your divinity. As this happens, can you feel your essence getting bigger and bigger? You are taking the consciousness from your everyday reality and now looking through the eyes of your soul. For some, you may see things differently. For others, you may notice more detail about something you’ve been working on.

Your soul is the pathway to your past lives, your future lives, the other aspects of the universe. Your soul is magnificent! In each one of you, I can feel the warmth, the love, the expanding energy of what that represents.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. You may see me as a ball of light that is moving toward you. And as our energies merge together, we shift so that we are moving out into the All That Is.

Look around at this place. It is beautiful, it is filled with the light and energy that is a residual from when the Buddha and the Christ’s energies blended and sent that down into the earth. This is your opportunity to create in front of you a hologram of how you see yourself right in this now moment. As you create this hologram some of you may be actually creating an image that looks nothing at all like you. It may be that you are tapping into another lifetime that is important for you to see or know at this time.

Others of you may be looking at a hologram and you see yourself exactly as you are in your everyday life. However, look with the high vibrational energy in which you are at this moment. 

For the people that were asking those questions at the beginning; how long will there be turmoil in my life? As you look at this hologram that’s in front of you, ask for more information. In some, I hear them sending back telepathic messages. In others, I see images that are being created. So, if you feel as if your life is in unrest right now, you can ask that question. And then also ask, how can I create calm and balance within my life?

As that question was put forth to your hologram, some of you converted to a completely different hologram. Others of you separated until you saw multiple different potentials reflected in a hologram of you. Others I noticed that it was as if that hologram of you turned and looked as if to look at a big screen or something and you could observe potentials that were around you. What I invite you to take from this is that you receive the information in many, many, many different ways.

Be open. Be open to understand, be open to see how you can have calm and balance within your life. For many of you, I could just feel it wash over you as you looked at that opportunity. Other people were asking, when are certain things going to manifest in their lives? So, you first of all, can see how to create the calm and balance within you. Now, if there’s something that you’ve been seeking to manifest that as yet has not come into your life, ask that question. Put that forth that you may know.

I heard several responses. For some, I heard it’s not the right time. Others I heard it’s there but you’re missing the frequency. Still, others I heard that it’s better for you to fine-tune some of what this is so that it may better support you. I would say that the essence of all of that is that when you seek to manifest and things are just not happening, then release, whatever that may be, clear it out, and simply open to the flow of your divinity.

Sometimes that’s hard to do. As humans, you are accustomed to taking action. And there are occasions when you do need to take action in order to manifest what you seek. But that action needs to be in alignment with your divinity. Not in that controlling essence that sometimes comes from your ego or your everyday self. Can you feel how now, whatever it was that you were seeking to manifest, it now feels like it’s much more present in your energy? What I am noticing is that as this is in your energy field, there are some of you that feel quite awkward and uncomfortable. If this is the case for you, then clear out whatever may need to be cleared out. Then transition your frequency so that it turns into something that you are comfortable with. There you go.

That is most likely the primary reason why things have not manifested because you emanated a particular frequency or energy and what is coming in was coming at a different vibration or frequency. It is a way of creating clarity to have an opportunity to do this, however, you can always if you feel frustrated or out of alignment, just simply clear out at that moment and ask to have balance.

You need not go into every single specific. You need not consider and analyze and think about it all. This is how you expand your energy, you create that flow, and you, therefore, manifest with much greater ease.  

It is always interesting to share these times with you in the All That Is. My intention is to facilitate ways in which you yourself become more open or in alignment in such a way that it helps you with manifesting. The All That Is though, is also a place that you can strengthen your communication with the angels, the guides, the ascended Masters, the universal beings. Because this is a much higher vibrational frequency and the higher the frequency, the easier it is for any of them to communicate with you. In one of the recent teleconferences, when you were celebrating at the fair, you each connected with the guide, a master, someone that it was very important for you to receive messages from or downloads from. There was so much that was going on that day, that I was hearing from you that some of you wished to strengthen that again.

In this space of the All That Is, you’ve just created that much greater connection within you, through working with this hologram. Because even though the hologram represents energy, and it has an electrical impulse to it, it also was representing you and your thoughts, your experiences, whatever it was that you were seeking to manifest.

So therefore, you can remain in your own personal consciousness or you can have that perception of this hologram working with either the single individual or the group of individuals that you would like to communicate with. Whew, this place got filled up very quickly! So, we expand the energies.

There are many individuals that have crossed over that like to come back and speak with their loved ones. Perhaps that is his first communication that is coming through for you. Some of the others are working with specific angels or ascended masters. And if this is you, then allow that flow to just move from you into them, creating the expanded energy and light.

I am noticing that there are some of you who are here and others are coming to find you so as to receive information from you. As I am present and observing everyone, there is a sense of sparkles of light and energy that just seem to be released into the air as it fills up this space.

There are some of you that are working with perhaps a particular guide, perhaps a group; but you will have an ongoing experience. This is an opportunity to move from your consciousness into your unconsciousness. The intention is that you are available and you will receive the messages that you seek.

Howsoever, you have been working within the All That is, I invite you to make a conscious choice to integrate that hologram that represented you. Or integrate whatever the communication was that included you and feel as if you’re just bringing it all back into you. As it blends within your consciousness, it begins to create a flow of energy and light.

You have the ability to expand all of your senses. You can see more clearly, hear more clearly, smell or taste more distinctly. While we are still here in the All That Is, I invite you to look around and become aware of the energy that is represented within this space. Become aware of the ways in which each individual can be very expanded, or more constricted.

Rather than creating that circle and confining the energy, I invite you to tap into all that is here so that everyone can learn from each one, each other.  Become aware of how this moves past the All That Is, it moves into the universe, it’s almost as if it’s expanding like a cloud of energy or light that just moves and it finds the light frequency within the universe.

As the remainder comes down, it goes wherever it needs to go within the earth, and you can allow your own consciousness to stream down. You stream all the way down, coming back within your physical body. And then you reach down, you anchor all that took place through you into Gaia. As you do so some of you feel that energy go all the way down to the center of the earth and you are connecting through your own physicality. With the center of the earth. It anchors where it needs to and then it flows back up within you, filling you up.

This flow that comes from the universe through humanity and into the earth. Is a much more powerful way to anchor these energies. You are all connected to one another. And if there was someone else that had a better ability or a more easy flow, then they will help you. If there’s someone that you can help, then you will help them. It moves back and forth between each one of you while on the earth, just as it did while in the All That Is.

Take a deep breath in. And breathe out.

As you’re continuing to anchor here, take a moment and just consider how much more you have that direct link into the All That Is.  It’s here, it’s available for you. It expands your perception of your higher self. It expands that open flow into your divinity. And you are here, sitting, or lying down, wherever it is that you may be and you are the conduit that is anchoring this energy and light.

Maybe that’s not the best word, you are creating individual portals of light. It moves through you, the physical body, that also includes your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, it just moves through everything, creating that balanced flow.

For some, you may feel as if you need to kind of narrow in your energies a little bit because it’s hard to be in that overexpanded energy. So, allow it to balance within you in the way that feels best for you.

So beloved, I invite you to consider the multiple ways in which you can communicate through your soul. The ways in which you can access any vibrational energy, any frequency. I invite you to be fully present in your everyday reality, and in doing so, you’re manifesting the energy of the universe.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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