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The Central Sun & Solar Flares - Goddess of Creation

The Central Sun & Solar Flares - Goddess of Creation

For the past year, the Ascension of Humanity has been very prominent.  It is as if we can see multiple timelines playing out at the same time. I believe this is why there is so much varying information.  As a result of the greater amount of higher vibrational frequencies, everyone can access their divinity with greater ease.  The last channel (Gratitude Comes from Within, November 21, 2021) went in-depth for people to align with their divinity and practice tapping into the various aspects that make up who they are.  It is this practice that opens the flow of light from the divine into each person on Earth. 

During this channel, the Goddess took each of us deeper within our Soul, through that essence, and into the Central Spiritual Sun.  We have heard of this before and worked with it as a means of accessing God.  This is where we are all from that inhabit this universe and it is the unconditional love, light energy that creates each one of us.  Once aligned with the Central Sun, people were able to at their lives through the eyes of love and a much broader perspective.  

It was interesting to see that in truth, many, many people like to have their divinity; but not too much. They want something new and different but don’t make it too different. They want abundance; but not the responsibility that goes along with it.  This is key for people to consider when they complain that they are not manifesting something. Perhaps the limitation is coming from their ego. 

The Goddess also explained the ways in which the central sun will send impulses of light, called solar flairs, as a means of nudging people along.  Frequently it will be individually, but can also be for a mass awakening. She also explained how the solar flairs would not be so strong or terrifying as to wreak havoc on humanity.  That is not compatible with the 5th dimension and higher. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved loving family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out through my love for all of humanity into each one of you so that I may reflect within you the essence of, not only who I am but who you are.

Humanity is moving through an ascension that is based within spirituality. In the past you have had episodes of ascension that might have been in technology; it might have been in ways in which you went from say, horse-drawn carriage to motorized carriage; the industrial revolution. You’ve had different words for them but it basically indicated a time of transformation that allowed Society to move forward in their development.

Even looking over the last 30 years there have been great increases in technology. However, the key to this ascension process is the ascension of spirituality, because what that is doing is helping each one of you to know that you have that direct alignment into God source energy.

Each one of you as humanity are breaking free from a mold that says you must be in this job, or you must have this education, or you must have this responsibility. As if it was decided for you without you giving it a conscious choice.

With the spiritual ascension you as humanity, through that own knowledge of who you are, recognize that you are way more than what you thought in the past. The more that you access your divinity which is what we do every single one of these channels as we go into the soul plane; each time you access your Divinity and allow more and more of that to come down into your reality here upon the Earth you are bringing with you your higher light frequency. That may not be the focus as you move through that process. However, that is what is happening.

Spirituality is something that is within each one of you. Through your spirituality and your link to the Soul Plane and the All That Is you have access to the massive amount of knowledge and information that is available throughout your entire Universe and beyond.

So, take a moment. Consider for yourself what is spirituality to you. Okay, most that are within this group recognize spirituality is when I was just describing, that it is something within you. That it is coming directly from source energy. However, there are still many that look at spirituality as their religion, they’re Baptist, they’re Catholic, they’re Jewish, they’re whatever it is that they were associated with growing up and in their adult years. There is absolutely the link of spirituality within the religions of the world. However, the religions have been an interpretation of spirituality, and sometimes it was interpreted in such a way as to control humanity. Sometimes it was a means of giving people a sense of individuality because they knew they were not alone and they could resonate with other people that believed in a similar way.

If you look at the religions throughout the centuries and millennia in which some of them have been around you can see the difference is in the changes that have taken place. One reason I speak of this now is to encourage everyone to make that direct link into their own Divinity by connecting first and foremost with God through you and then to anything else around you. In this way, you were taking back the strength, the power, the individuality for who you are as this person and as your Soul. Then you’d have that strength and that awareness that you may share with others, either in relationships or as you go into these traditional religions.

Once again create that ball of energy or light within your heart plane. You may perceive it as it just turns gently and easily. You send it down into the energy body and it goes all the way down into the Earth. As you align with Gaia take a moment to feel the strength and the balance of who she is. You may have that sense of the many, many times that you come together to experience this and you may see all that you are doing. You allow those energies of the Earth to anchor you. You then let that come up through the lines of connection that you have always going into the Earth. It comes up into your heart center allowing your energies to be present within your heart. You then send them through your throat, your third eye, your head center and all the way up until you feel the alignment with your Higher Self.

Look around at what this place is for you. Do you recognize that it is a place you come as you are working through whatever may be happening within your life? Do you recognize that this has more of that open flow of your own Divinity and then you merge with it allowing it to come down into your human experience? The flow of your consciousness between you the human and you the Higher Self is much more open allowing for that constant flow and shift.

As you are ready to do so allow that thread of your consciousness to move even further up. You go all the way into the Soul Plane. As you merge with this higher light frequency look around. See what this place is for you as you. As you look at all that is here you have an opportunity to once again connect with those experiences from the last time that we gathered together.

So too, many of you have been coming here on a much more consistent basis and you, therefore, are very aware of these other aspects of you. Aspects are your other lifetimes. Some consider them parallel; others consider them past or future. It’s more so about the recognition that you are this individual that is so much more than your human self.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. As my energies merge with you we transform moving into the All That Is. Look around at this space. Here is a true place of creation for you. Here is where sometimes you come up with your new ideas. Sometimes you merge with those other lifetimes to get insights and now more than ever you are using this space to link out within the Universe.

As you look around have a sense of the energy opening up to the Universe. Invite to know front and center your soul essence. Through the eyes of your current consciousness look through your soul essence as you follow it into the Central Spiritual Sun. It looks like your sun however it is different. This Central Sun is the place of creation for this Universe.

Every single one of you have come through it. Some of you began on other planets. Some of you began and have stayed within the earth plane. And others of you have moved easily between the earth plane, the Galaxy, and this Universe. Your Soul is the conduit. Not only for the impulses of information to move through, but to take you from place to place to place.

With everyone aligning with the Central Sun you see that it has the perception of coming in closer and closer and I ask you to listen to the heartbeat or the soul of your Universe. You forget in your everyday life that you are truly a part of this massive, magnificent ball of energy and light. Listen to the heartbeat.

Open up your perception so that you may receive this expanded awareness. Allow that to impact you so that you can take this moment and just as if you were bathing in the light allow it to fill up everything within you. As this happens recognize that you have multiple opportunities available to you. As you step back a little bit coming back into the All That Is and now that central light is as if it is in the distance consider your life. Is there something within your life that you would like to transform?

Very interesting. As I asked that question, I could also hear from the soul essence of a number of you, do you truly want the consequences of this change? That’s a big question to ask yourself. Perhaps for a very long time, you have wanted to manifest something. However, have you gone down that pathway considering how once you have that in your life what’s going to happen? Are there things that you have tolerated that you will no longer be able to tolerate? Are you open to the potential that as you move in this alignment new doors may open up for you and are you ready to move through those doors? As you receive change within your life are you ready to experience everything that comes along with it?

What I was able to perceive as I spoke about this looking at you is, that unconsciously this is why so often the brakes have been placed upon you manifesting what you seek because at the end of the day you were afraid to open up your heart. Or you were afraid that you would have to leave that job. Or you were afraid that you might end up manifesting something totally different in your life, but you know you wanted this other opportunity.

Humanities perspective of placing things either in a box or in a way that suits them, or causes them to understand, from within the framework that they already have is more comfortable. This is why as you practice expanding into the Central Sun and expanding into your Soul so this God source energy begins the transformation within you that allows you to release the box. Release the expectation. Release the intention that it can only look one particular way. It allows you to open up to the movement and the flow that comes from being in the direct alignment with your Divinity.

That can be very, very difficult for some people and I absolutely honor and respect that that is your truth. It is with respect that I ask you to trust that you’ve got this. You’ve already got this because you are so open and then the flow and the alignment from your Divinity.

You guys always make me laugh. I’m seeing some of you bargain where you say, okay I’ll be open to this but make it easy.  I’m also hearing Okay I’ll be open to this but not too much too fast. Okay, I’ll be open to this but don’t leave such and such behind. So, you are immediately putting boundaries on that which is coming to you from the divine. You are certainly welcome to do whatever it is that you need to do so that you may be confident and that you may be solidly comfortable and secure within your life.  For many security is the number one element that they seek to have.

In this space of the All That Is as you’re feeling that continuous flow of the light from the Central Sun are you able to open up to feel the security that you need to have. Can you open to this direct flow of love and light and understand it has you, it supports you, it is here to help you receive everything you seek to have. Just bask in the flow and the light of this God source energy.

Let me speak for a moment of solar flares. Solar flares frequently create within the Central Sun and they are literally impulses of energy that get expressed so as to create balance between the planets and within a particular planet. Sometimes these solar flares that are having an impact upon the Earth are doing so as a means of awakening individuals that are still within the confines of their boxes. Sometimes those of you that have already opened up to the flow don’t even notice it because it’s in alignment with you.

People speak about massive solar flares that are going to knock the earth completely onto a different access. I do not see that happening. That would cause nothing but fear, anxiety, pain, and sorrow within humanity. However, I do see smaller gentler impulses that one might call a solar flare being released so as to shift the vibration and the frequency of individuals.

Look around at this place. You can see how much is available here for you. You can see how much you were already doing. Believe in yourself. Believe that it comes from within you and you are supported. If the perception is that you are not supported that is coming from your Ego. Have a clear intention of transforming these energies of your Ego so as to release this essence bringing in more and more of your Divinity.

The more that you are in this flow the easier it is for you in your everyday life. The more that you are in this flow the more it raises your vibration in such a way that you can feel the security that you seek to have within your life. So once again I’m going to, phew, phew, just clear out this space helping you to let go of anything from the past so that you may once again look at your life.

You can see that change is happening. Look at your life through the eyes of the divine and take note of the many, many ways in which you are supported. It may be ways that you are already well aware. It may be ways that you have been unaware. Open up. Open up and receive the unconditional love and support that comes directly from the source of the Universe, directly into you as your Soul, and directly into you the Human that you are in this lifetime. That is a very, very powerful and consistent flow of energy.

Here you are. You’re living in your life. You are very aware of things around you that are taking place. Be all that you are knowing that you are in the full light and support of creation of this Universe, of this planet. The Earth is a beautiful place. Allow that beauty to resonate within you and allow your own beauty to shine forth over everything that comes up for you.

You shift taking a step back for a moment. Open once more to that continuous flow of light and as you do so come together as a group. Look at this group now. It is this massive column of white light. You could see the sparkling iridescence and as you look in a particular way you may see the gentle soft violets, indigos, magentas, those very high vibrational colors, and perhaps colors that have no name.

See the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within this group and as it does so send into that hologram that deep alignment for who you are. Allow that alignment to support not only the hologram but you. You in this now moment. You see how the hologram absorbs all those lights and frequencies. It transforms into something that looks like the Earth but also quite different. It is much more filled with light energy.

There is that aspect that goes out into the Universe and the remainder of it comes down. As you observe it you see it as it moves through the magnetic grid around the Earth. It moves through the collective consciousness going all the way down into the sector of the Earth. As this consciousness anchors within the Earth, you are anchoring your own Divinity, your own expanded awareness.

It anchors there merging with all of the center of Gaia and then it comes back up to the many, many, many layers clearing out old energy, clearing out what no longer serves humanity or the planet. You feel your own energies coming up within you in your human self. It comes up through the water, the trees, the grass, through everything, and as you observe it absorb it within your physical body expand your consciousness.

Expand all of your energy even further so that you may integrate everything that happened within the All That Is. You send your awareness back up into the All That Is and allow the remainder of your consciousness to flow back. You leave that higher light expansion letting everything flow back down through that column of light that you aligned with your Divinity.  As everything is balancing within you take a moment to just sit quietly, feel the integration.  Know that you are actually an aspect of the Central Sun expressed as you. Allow that light frequency to flow up and down through every part of your body, into every cell within you.

As you continue to allow for that integration continue to put forth your intention to live your life as your God source energy. Allow that to release any boundaries that you may have. Allow that to release any fear or anxiety.

As you move through your days upon the Earth be always open to the potentials and opportunities that come your way. Especially after this journey in which you were so directly aligned with the Central Sun, with that God source. Understand that that is you, that it is you, not only as the foundation but that as every cell of your being.

Allow that to be your foundation.  Make a conscious choice every day to remove any boxes or limitations that you have.  Become comfortable with being in the flow of energy that allows you new opportunities and when those opportunities come if you need to give yourself a little hug for security do so, but still step into the opportunities.

Beloved know that we are ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation

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