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A Time Of Relief - February 2024

A Time Of Relief - February 2024

My Friend,

It’s such an honor for me to connect with you in this way. On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be on the path of personal growth.

It’s because of your willingness to do the inner work that the consciousness of the world is evolving so quickly now.

There are momentous changes happening celestially, so if the first couple of weeks of 2024 felt a bit rough to you, know that you were not alone.

The climate we are in now is completely unprecedented. Things that once seemed impossible to the rational mind are now becoming a normal part of life.

A Time of Relief

February will bring with it a great deal of relief for everyone, especially when it comes to our physical and emotional well-being.

It’s becoming more apparent now than ever, that what we focus on is being amplified.

This amplification is working in two different ways:

  1. For those who operate from a primal, survival-based awareness, things are becoming much more challenging and intense.
  2. For those who operate from a compassionate, loving, and awakened awareness, opportunities to expand, heal, and evolve in joyful ways are showing up everywhere.

February will offer everyone a time of relief, especially when it comes to any challenges we’re experiencing.

This opening in the energies is designed to help us easily experience what it’s like to operate outside of auto-pilot mode.

It offers a clear reference point for how it feels to be present and clear enough to recognize the personal patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions we have outgrown, and are ready to let go of.

This energetic opening is also designed to help us learn about which new patterns, behaviors, routines, and actions can help us align with the purest, most abundant, most empowered aspects of ourselves.

If we can learn the lessons and integrate into our lives the new blessings this time of relief has to offer, we will find life to be much more enjoyable and fulfilling, and will have a far smoother experience in the coming months and years.

Familiar, Yet New

In February, as we move through a time of relief, many of us will feel like ourselves again.

Feeling like ourselves is a relaxing experience that allows us to feel at home and settled in our body, mind, and energy. It brings us feelings of safety and comfort.

When we operate in auto-pilot mode, it feels like we are missing something, because we are not present enough in our beingness to notice it.

February will allow us to feel like ourselves again, in a way that is fresh and new.

Allowing the Universe to Take Care of It

One of my daily affirmations I work with, is “Dear Universe, I choose to let go, let Love, and allow you to take care of it.”

This reminds me that whatever burdens my mind is still struggling with, I can lovingly hand it all over to the Universe so that I can free myself up to receive and focus more on the blessings life has to offer.

As simple as this practice may sound, to the mind it can be challenging.

The reason being, that when the mind thinks it has to let go of something (such as control), it thinks it’s losing or missing out.

However, by letting go of the burdens that no longer serve our highest good, we’re not losing anything, but instead gaining everything.

Once we create the space within our consciousness to embrace our greatest potential, we no longer feel the need to keep playing it safe and small.

We are then open to living our lives to the fullest.

If we are ready to heal, we are being given the opportunity to do so at this time in a very real and lasting way.

If we are not fully willing and ready to heal, that’s OK too … there will be more opportunities to do so in the future.

Everyone is exactly where they are meant to be on their journey.

Bridging Worlds

There are two worlds coexisting now: The world that is still operating from a space of separation and lack, and the world that is operating from love and unity.

They are both here now.

The world which operates on the foundations of love and unity is no longer a future timeline, but a very present reality. We simply have to choose to live in it.

The gift of choice is what connects us to the timeline of our current experience.

There are many who are still unconsciously choosing the experience of living in a timeline of separation, without even knowing they have chosen it.

Usually, when we look at what causes a world of separation, we see that fear is the contributing factor.

From a higher awareness, there is nothing to fear, because at our core we are eternal beings that can never be hurt or harmed in any way.

The sooner we adopt this understanding, the quicker we can move into a world that we know is supporting us and is never against us.

So, back to those who are unconsciously still living in a world of separation—there is a part of them that is now questioning whether life really must continue on this path of separation.

Could something more enjoyable be possible in the near horizon?

Through these questions, people are starting to awaken and become hungry for a world that at its core operates in a more evolved and loving way, even if they are not able to grasp this concept yet.

In fact, that’s how many of us got to where we are today—by questioning our past realities, and empowering ourselves into new ones.

Because we are coexisting in two different worlds right now, we have the opportunity to use our knowledge, wisdom, gifts, and talents to serve as a uniter of worlds to those who are also ready to move out of the world of suffering, pain, and fear.

It can be easy to get into a space where we believe that since we’ve spent such a long time on our inner spiritual development, we no longer have to contribute to the old world we left behind.

However, this sort of mentality creates a form of separation.

It creates the kind of exclusion that many of us chose to move away from in the first place.

When we become inclusive to all, releasing all judgment that one belief, truth, or experience is better than the other, we create a bridge that not only aligns us with a higher vibrational reality.

It also creates a space for others to enter a higher reality for themselves.

Becoming the World Bridger

A World Bridger is someone who is compassionate in nature, and who knows that life is about the ”we” rather than it being just about the ”me.”

This is where their desire to be completely inclusive comes in.

The World Bridger also has a way of simplifying highly advanced ancient and new concepts, making them accessible, understandable, and digestible for the world.

Their ability to keep things simple is a kind of alchemy.

A World Bridger is also someone who has consciously or unconsciously served throughout their life as an anchor point, grounding great amounts of life force energy into their geographical location.

They tend to be someone who gets along with most personalities and can adapt quickly to whatever environment or situation they are in. And, although they can adapt to any situation, they are always consistent in showing up as their true self.

There is very little room for flip-flopping into someone they aren’t, which makes them great anchors of life force energy for the people in their lives.

They also have an ability to keep moving forward without dwelling too much on the past.

When a person is in the presence of a World Bridger, they tend to feel comfortable instantly. This creates the trust that allows the World Bridger to fulfill part of their mission of assisting others in moving out of fear and into love.

Also, a World Bridger has the ability to connect the Etheric and the Earthly realms at any moment.

They feel completely at home being on planet Earth and have a strong connection to nature.

If you are resonating with some or all of these attributes, then you are a World Bridger, and are more than likely feeling the call to use your abilities to help heal the world.

If you’re in resonance, it just means you have another role to experience currently.

As we continue to move forward, we will experience many more breakthroughs that move us out of the world of separation.

One of the most important revelations we will come to collectively understand, about what is needed to move us into a more heart-centered society, is that the world will be less about being in the mind, where we often over-analyze, and more about being in the heart, where we allow our feelings to guide us.

It’s in our hearts that we will find the key to the new world.

Leaping Out of Our Comfort Zone

For those of us who are ready to expand, heal, and unite worlds, the first thing we can do is to take a leap in moving out of our comfort zone. This can express itself in several ways.

If you are being called to learn and enhance your natural healing or creative gifts, trust your inner guidance.

You might choose to enrich your gifts by taking a class, course, or workshop that resonates with you.

Receiving support from a compassionate wellness, spiritual, or life-coach practitioner would be another way to contribute to your healing.

As a holistic practitioner, I find that it can be easy for me to forget to ask for support.

In fact, asking for support used to be quite challenging for me. But once I decided to move out of my comfort zone and ask for help, many doors that were once closed opened for me, and I even became a better practitioner as a result.

Finding an opportunity to give back and be of service to humanity is also something that will greatly support our own expansion and healing. This allows the mind to move out of the pattern of being self-involved, and redirects its awareness to the betterment of all humanity.

Restoring Balance

As we begin creating a more joyful Earth experience for ourselves, a big contributor will be the creation of balance in our lives.

There are three simple aspects we must tend to as Galactic Beings, which will create more balance in our lives.

These aspects of Balance are:

  • Mindful Inner Practice – These are the daily personal practices that remind us of the Divinity within and all around us. These are the lifelines that feed our spirit and connect us to “All That Is.”
  • Inspired Action – After reconnecting to the Divine within through our mindful inner practice, it’s time to be proactive, so that our emerging potentials are birthed into form. The way we become proactive is to continue developing our gifts, talents, and creative abilities, so that when an opportunity comes up to lead us closer to our greatest vision for ourselves, we are ready to step into it.
  • Play – This allows the inner child to come out and experience themselves in the buoyant, fun energy they are meant to experience.

Because of the societal conditions surrounding us, many of us have been taught to put more value on “doing” rather than just “being.”

This can manifest as us trying to express our self-worth through the type of career we have chosen, or how much money we have in our bank accounts.

Doing is more of a forced-and-trying type of energy.

By always “doing,” we move ourselves out of balance.

By “being” mindful, “being” open to inspired action, and “being” playful, we call back to ourselves a healthy balance.

It’s in this balance that we are able to recognize the value of who we really are, without having to “do” anything to earn it.

The Universe always provides us with opportunities to experience greater balance in our lives.

Some of these opportunities may feel more like challenges, because we may be choosing to look the other way when it comes to integrating the three aspects of balance in our lives.

Right now, we are in a time where anything we are still neglecting, putting off, or denying is demanding our attention.

This includes tending to our well-being, our personal and business relationships, our finances, etc.

Why is it that what we’ve been putting off is now demanding our attention?

It’s all coming to the surface now, so a resolution can be created.

To move forward, it’s very important that we tend to all the things we’ve been neglecting or have not yet brought into full acceptance and resolution within us.

As we restore balance in our own personal lives, we contribute to the restoration of balance around the world

Till next time,

With gratitude,

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