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The Energies of March 2023 - Planetary Sovereignty

The Energies of March 2023 - Planetary Sovereignty

Beloved Ones,

We are entering into one of the most intense and important months of this year 2023.

March ruled by Piscean energies is going to signify the threshold for many who are still oscillating between two timeliness, and need to heal and clear old baggage, before they can step into a more harmonic space. Saturn moving into Pisces will help us take responsibility for everything that we have created, until this moment, as we cannot evolve if first, we do not revise all we have experienced and take full responsibility for it.

This is a month for us to begin understanding what becoming sovereign beings truly means. Saturn in Pisces will signify a tremendous impact for those who are beginning to master responsibility, for it is going to show us the areas of our lives where we are not yet in charge, for as humans we tend to blame the circumstances or others for what occurs to us. 

We are ending a cycle, as this month clearly reminds us, and we are receiving all the necessary assistance for us to realize what needs to be changed, transformed, or removed from ourselves and our personal reality, so we can finally accommodate the new frequency that we are gradually integrating. 

March is a tenth universal month, 1 reduced. A number that indicates endings and beginnings, and that perfectly represents what is taking place during March, the completion of a cycle on both a personal and a planetary level, for the collective is finally taking responsibility, for their own lives, moving into a totally new Era, starting a sovereign and empowered cycle. We are under a portal in which everything that is opposite in frequency is immediately split, for both cannot coexist.

We cannot hold on to an old memory and live in the Now. We cannot want to ascend and move into a harmonic timeline, by keeping in our emotional and mental bodies the same beliefs and habits from our past, for we cannot move on from where we are. This is what March will show us, where we are and what we need to remove to get to where we wish to be. 

Number 1 is another reminder, together with Pisces, that we are ending/beginning a cycle, and it is pivotal for us to end with all that used to limit us, as we keep expanding within the new worlds that we are now bringing into form. 

We are still immersed in a massive transition, and as we reach the shore of our new destination, our main aim is to keep dissolving the lower layers of an old self, as well as learning how to navigate through a passage that is revealing to us, and that will continue showing us more truths as we grow and integrate higher levels of consciousness. 

Number 1 in tarot, is represented by the Magician, one hand pointing to the sky and the other one towards the earth. This archetype represents very well where we are, for He knows how to work with the Universal Laws, as He has mastered the art of descending into the physical what is first created in the ethereal. This is where we are - birthing our deepest soul desires - by mastering our personal energy, how we work with it, and how we can use it to have a benevolent impact on All. 

We all are magicians as we all have the power to manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, we just have to focus our precious energy on what is truly important, as it is not a time now to waste our personal power on delusions and past situations, but in the new life experiences that we are building and that has nothing to do with who we used to be.

This is a month for us to focus on self-healing, clearing, and expansion, depending on where we are. A month for us to become neutral witnesses of all that we cannot change, but that we can lovingly affect by holding unconditional love for All. A month for us to move away from separation, so we can finally begin to co-create within Divine Love, Unity, and Harmony. 

Astrological Alignments

We now initiate a new journey of conscious co-creation that will lead us to another initiation in our ascension path, for it is with March that many will begin to awake while others will finally complete a cycle, beginning another one of conscious evolution. We begin March by having Mercury, the Planet of Communication entering into Pisces on the 2nd of the month. Mercury in Pisces is indeed a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses - retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. 

For the ones who have already awakened their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time from the Illumined Realms, in the unique form they receive guidance, and help them in their ascension path as well as to assist others. 

Mercury in Pisces takes communication further than just in our earthly plane, and it is a good time for us to commune, in this Piscean season, with the non-physical aspects of ourselves, for even though those we consider our Guides, are often future/parallel selves of us.

On the 7th of March, we have two important events, a Full Moon at 16 degrees Virgo, together with Saturn entering into Pisces. The second event especially will mark the end and beginning of a new cycle, one in which we are the only authority in our lives, for there is no more excuses not to take full charge of who we are, what we create, as well as our lives. 

Virgo and Pisces are very similar in nature, as both signs are about harmony, peace, unconditional love, and above all, service to All. This is precisely what we all in this conscious path are heading into: a conscious way of living that includes not just ourselves but others, as a part of who we are. We are invited to make our lives a living prayer, and that everything that we create will be with the pure intention to serve All Creation, for this is why in truth, we came to this plane, to remember who we are, and to serve others. 

For those who are working in clearing, whether a physical, mental, or emotional one, this is a perfect time for us to detox, and through natural remedies or what we are guided, begin a period of profound cleansing and rejuvenation as Virgo especially reminds us. 

The second and most important event of this month, and year as well, Saturn in Pisces is going to influence us, so to speak, until February 14, 2026. The last time that we had Saturn in Pisces was between May 1993 and April 1996. This is going to be of great importance as it represents the end of a planetary cycle, as well as a personal one, especially for the ones who are having their Saturn's return, whose dates are: from 1935 to 1938, your Saturn return, if you are born between 1964 and 1967 your second Saturn return, and finally your first return if you are born between 1993 to 1996.

As this is one of the most important events that we are going to have this year, together with Pluto in Aquarius too, in this same month, I will enter deeper into it as the month progresses, for it is vital to share about this alignment in detail. 

The next and most important planetary event is on March 12th, with Jupiter conjunct Chiron. This is going to help us grow and heal massively, at a time when we need to take responsibility for everything we have created, felt, thought, and experienced, for all begins with a thought, starting to live now from a healed and whole space, rather from a still fragmented one, which is what also brings the same old results. 

On March 16th we have loving Venus entering into Taurus. The Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus is going to be focused on the things we most value in the physical: our relationships and friendships, our creative essence, and everything that involves bringing all the love we have within into our tangible plane. As with everything, if we distort this essence, we can fall into the egoic trap of being possessive of material things and/or people in our lives.

This is why creating a balance and practicing not getting attached to anything or anyone is pivotal when we have the Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus. It is always an opportunity for us to begin understanding that in truth we possess nothing and that authentic love is about letting all free and simply focusing on enjoying the co-creation until it is meant to come to an end.

A few days later on March 19th, Mercury enters Aries. This is about focusing on the power of our word and personal beliefs. How we communicate with the world, and with ourselves, remembering that there is always a further communication that goes beyond the physical one, as we can all connect through the power of our hearts, for we dwell in many invisible dimensions, where communication is done through the heart and mind.

On this same day, we too have Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus. In a month of many changes, for the entire month of March is a massive shift, we have Jupiter the planet of expansion, and Uranus, the Planet of Change and Transformations, helping us achieve first a higher state of being, for all physical transformations come from this first one, and secondly, the complete reorganization of our lives, for we are heading into a totally new way of being, doing things and co-creating with others. 

For some, this will be a time of great changes. However, others will be already immersed in them or already beginning a cycle and stabilizing their new lives. It is not about a fixed date that brings change or the planetary events included in it, but about what we, as souls, planned or choose now to do, with where we are now, what creates this change, as the energies simply help us in whatever we are experiencing.

On March 20, we pass from Pisces to having the Sun in Aries together with the Equinox, when the energies will reach their maximum apogee. It is with Aries that we start again into this endless wheel of life. We pass from Pisces, the ultimate evolution, where we finally acknowledge All as One, to Aries, where we begin to know the self, working with it until we can regain a sense of others. 

Leadership and self-empowerment are key to this sign. However, with Aries also comes the gift to burn all that is not serving us. We have with the element of Fire another opportunity to help us bring more transformation and purification to ourselves and our lives. 

On the next day, we have two important events just with the Equinox, Jupiter semi-square Saturn, which represents the challenges - opportunities - that many are experiencing to remember who they are, to heal, to re-discover the Truth, and to stand tall in who they are and personal truth.

Secondly a New Moon in Aries, which will be the one that triggers the change that we will pass to anchor in the following months, for when we talk about change it is not an immediate outcome, but something we begin to create from the inside, through healing and through the embodiment of higher levels of love-consciousness - until we can finally anchor it in our bodies and physical realm. It is an entire and long-term process to be able to achieve a new personal goal, state of being, or anything we desire to manifest, transform or remove.  

From March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius, just with a few key retrogrades back into Capricorn, which is the next, after Saturn in Pisces, the most important event of this month and year. Its uninterrupted 20-year journey through Aquarius will begin on January 21, 2024. This will be just a notion of what we will be experiencing since 2024. Pluto, as you know, it is a planetary Force that will help us retrieve our personal power, both in the collective and at a personal level, beginning a journey of conscious creation. 

Finally, we end March with Mars entering Cancer on March 25th. The Warrior Mars in loving Cancer will teach us to be merciful and to be compassionate towards others, for we are all here to learn, in our unique way and time, unconditional love and the true nature of our Essence. This is an opportunity for us to direct all of our energy and power into becoming the most powerful Force in the Universe: Love.

This is also a good time to heal genetic ties, distortions, and DNA manipulations, directing our inner force ad strength to finally remove the many genetic cages that are still imprisoning us from experiencing our true potential. 

With March comes awareness, the Great Shift for All who are willing to step on it, and the opportunity to look at our fears face to face, being courageous to disengage from what we thought to be true, and we know now was an illusion.

It is with March that we are assisted by all benevolent Forces within Creation to heal, transform, and rebirth as the lovelight beings that we are, that we always were, and that we are here to shine, serving All who like us once, are lost in their shadows, for this is the ultimate lesson for all of us, to remember unity, through conscious assistance.

We have ahead a wonderful month with powerful healing energies, it is our personal choice how we choose to co-create with them, for we all are free to decide what to do with our Presence here.

May your Presence on Earth be a blessing to All, Beloveds.

Have a miraculous March!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

Natalia Alba : Is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master, even though, she prefers to heal in her unique and personal way guided by her Unified Self/Guides, using crystals and sound healing therapy, as she considers that studies help us to expand ourselves into our journey of self-mastery and assistance to others but nothing external can give us the wisdom that we already possess within. Her services are based on the Guidance she receives from her Unified Self and Spirit Guides, which comes from the same Fountain of Love and Light of All That Is. Giving you the messages you need to evolve and keep discovering more about your life path as well as your Soul quest/mission. She also helps you to realize where you are at the moment and what can be shifted for the betterment of you own self and human experience, so you can be able to transform your present moment to create the future you are eager to experience as well as giving you some direction to get to where you want to be by solving and transcending the troubles that are impeding your happiness and natural soul evolution.

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