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The Holidays - A Great Time to Let Go of Old Patterns

The Holidays -  A Great Time to Let Go of Old Patterns

In one way, it always feels exciting to know the holidays are here.

Maybe we’re remembering our childhood, or when our own children were young, and all the fun and celebration that took place. There might have been deep exhaustion afterward, but it was still always worth it.

But maybe, if we really remember clearly, there were also family issues that would tend to come up during these times. As much as family members might have wanted to make the time fun and relaxed, there would always be certain uncomfortable and unresolved patterns from the past that would emerge between people.

Arguments, hurt feelings, resentments and jealousy would arise and burst out of certain family members, ruining the mood for everyone involved. These episodes might have been accompanied by heavy drinking, creating further unpleasant scenes. Somehow, the holidays would just bring these issues out.

It’s Even More Intense These Days

But these days – with so much chaos, anxiety and grief already in the air due to the events happening in the world – the holidays may be even more challenging to find our way through.

It’s good to be aware of this, especially if we tend to be an empath, easily picking up the emotions of other people around us.

And then, of course, you may be someone who has never enjoyed the holidays much – maybe even dreaded them, because you have felt obligated to get together with family you didn’t really want to spend time with.

Or perhaps you’re someone who usually has nowhere to go on Christmas. This can be really miserable, too, if you generally feel lonely anyway. So, again, it’s important to be aware that the holidays may bring up unresolved issues in you.

Planetary Energies are Rising

Even if you can’t relate to these kinds of experiences, and you really do tend to enjoy the holidays, this year may be somewhat different.

This is simply because, this year, all old unresolved patterns seem to be coming up for everyone – for some, in a very intense way. As we’re realizing, these patterns can’t remain with us, as the Earth continues her journey toward 5D and is pushing everyone and everything on her up in frequency.

This experience of having to deal with old unhealed traumas is not new for most of us. They have been arising for some time now, as our ascension process accelerates more and more. It’s just that we are now approaching 2024, a year in which extremely intense changes are likely going to be occurring, including both personal and collective timeline jumps that may prove to be somewhat arduous.

So it’s probably safe to say that the more old energies and traumas we can deal with and clear out now before the new year begins, the easier it will be to weather whatever storms hit us in the coming months.

It can also be helpful to realize that we might not even recognize some of the patterns that are coming up as part of our family dynamics in this lifetime.

They may be from past lives – or from our ancestors’ lives. There’s all kinds of stuff that’s been stuck down in our unconscious for a long time that is now surfacing to be released.

So if you’re experiencing any of this, be aware that there is purpose to it. It’s not just your “stuff coming up again;” it’s a whole lot of stuff surfacing at this point because it’s on its way out for good.

Honor Your Emotions

But, to help the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible, be careful not to resist the feelings that may be arising – allow yourself to feel them. Honor them.

At the same time, once you’ve allowed yourself to feel them, don’t hold onto them. Tune into your love and forgive yourself and anyone else involved. Perhaps see what you may have learned from the pattern.

And then do what you can to just let the pain and the whole issue go. This is a process that can really be over much more quickly now than in the past. The 5D energies act as a catalyst for the process of letting these old energies go.

More Authentic Relationships Come into Being

In this way, you can be grateful that the holidays have brought unresolved issues up for you.

They’re a great time for this to happen, because they can also remind you of the love you probably have for family members that you have maybe forgotten.

While continuing to remain honest and authentic about your feelings, you can perhaps also remember the deep connection you may have with them. And resolving the past conflicts can strengthen these bonds.

On the other hand, if it’s time to let an old relationship go, because you’re really on different paths now, you can perhaps allow this to happen.

Either way, with love and forgiveness, the karma dissolves – and a more honest and realistic relationship can come into being.

Whatever your experience is during these holidays, remember to keep loving yourself through it all. Stay in compassion and empathy as much as you can.

And, when possible, experience the joy and love and hope that can certainly also be in the air during this season. Because these energies are definitely present too. We just sometimes need to consciously tune into them to feel them.

Finding a Sense of Stability and Security in Today’s World

Meanwhile, if you are just generally feeling out of balance and insecure due to everything that is occurring in your life and in the world, you can watch my latest video. It will help guide you in finding a sense of stability and security in this ever-changing world.


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As an author, energy healer, and licensed transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has had a passion for exploring the phenomenon called the spiritual journey for over forty-five years.  Along with experiencing her own journey, she has also closely studied it, as well as those of her friends, colleagues, clients, and students. Serving as a unique bridge between the worlds of psychology and spiritual awakening, Vidya acts as a “wayshower” to a wide spectrum of people internationally: from those who are just beginning their spiritual search to those who have experienced profound awakening.
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