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Unveiling the Source: Do Negative Thoughts Truly Belong to You?

Unveiling the Source: Do Negative Thoughts Truly Belong to You?

The road to True Alignment and Awakening includes understanding that most thoughts are not ours and being able to manage or completely dismiss those illusions. ~ Aniel Lia Love

Recently someone asked what we can do to move out of negative thinking and actions.

First, determine if the negative thinking is your or not yours. Very few, if any, are yours. The ones that are not yours may seem like yours because they are playing in your head.

The logic is you are thinking them so why wouldn't they be your thoughts? Thoughts can come that surely don't feel like ours. We become dumbfounded, shake our head in disbelief, question our sanity and think - surely that isn't me - I don't feel that way!

So, when our own thoughts don’t resonate even for us, we have to wonder… Why are we having these thoughts? Where are they actually coming from?

Our Beautiful Minds

Thoughts can be powerful, beautiful and helpful at times, and dangerous at other times. It can feel like walking a tightrope; consciously navigating the convoluted, at times treacherous minefield of the thought world, and determining what is valid for us in the moment and what is not.

Our minds are powerful tools, and we use the mind plus inspiration/intuition for creating. That is a beautiful aspect of mind’s function when it works in our favor. Our minds are also critical and analytical, and can drive our attention to ‘beneficial’ fear, helping us to identify real, imminent danger. However, usually that kind of situation is accompanied with life experiences and gut-level feelings of authentic danger. At that point, our feelings, other instincts and the mind lead the way together.

Discerning real fear from false fear can be very tricky though — and it may seem as if I am talking out of both sides of my mouth here — as sometimes a fear thought that is not ours will create fear in our bodies where it did not exist before, and thus produce a false read. This is when we have to tune in and really ‘listen’ to our inner guidance. Tuning into our inner guidance and smartly assessing the present situation, in combination with the logical tools of the mind, will help us figure out if we are truly in a compromising position or thinking fearful or negative thoughts that have no purpose.          

Where Are These Thoughts Coming From?

We can be bombarded with thousands of negative thoughts daily. When I say “negative” I mean thoughts that are not productive, not character building or soul supporting. They are thoughts of destruction, in one form or another, either toward ourselves or others.

Negative thoughts can be so powerful that we may feel compelled to make efforts to override them with positive framing or even grander efforts of completely detaching. If we don’t, the negative drain-train can overwhelm and capsize our lives. Sometimes these negative patterns/thoughts are so powerful they create intense feelings of vulnerability, self hate, fear etc. and oftentimes we act out behaviors that we would have never normally considered.

So, if these negative thoughts don’t serve us, overwhelm us, and steer us toward negative experiences and feelings, why are we being bombarded with them? Why can’t we be bombarded with positive thoughts instead? I mean, what’s up with that?! Why is there a consistent negative speak in our heads, instead of something uplifting, encouraging and loving?

Effortless Streams of Thought

You Think You're Thinking, But You're Actually Listening. ~ Terrence McKenna

Have you ever noticed that, when we are just sitting idly, not really thinking or even trying not to think, thoughts can keep coming anyway? One negative thought bomb can build on another one and before we know it, a good day has turned into an out-of-control downward-spiral kind of day. Streams of stuff that can be downright psychotic have free rein in our heads, and we can’t help but wonder where in the blistering hell this stuff is coming from. This happens not because an event has happened or because someone has called with bad news — it is because of the words playing out in our heads! We are actually listening to a stream of consciousness that is not our own!

Can it be any clearer than that? I think not.

So who decided that our thoughts would be mostly negative and destructive? What keeps them cycling through negative cycles with no end in sight?

Really think about this: Would you say that when we have negative thoughts, it keeps us occupied? Would you say that these negative thoughts take us to places that do not serve us? That they can build and create a reality in our head that is not Who We Really Are, then manifest an outer reality to match that?

Who would be invested in creating thought bombs to keep us from connecting with Who We Really Are and creating from that level?

Polarity/Duality Matrix

The polarity/duality matrix in which we currently reside is designed to keep us from true connection with Who We Really Are. That is the name of the game here. To a degree, we have created this game, however there are other puppet masters at work too.

We are unable to see them with our physical eyes, but they are there running the show. We consciously cooperate because we are unconsciously asleep at the wheel and participating in victim consciousness to the hilt. Some of us are awake to it, but the majority are not.

Many are not yet ready to give up victim consciousness and prefer to sleep walk. And for those who wish to remain entangled in victimhood for personal purposes, there are mechanisms in place to accommodate that desire. Since the polarity environment is maintaining that victim experience now, then polarity structures must be maintained. Making sense so far?

Negative Thoughts And Feeling Bad Keeps Us In It

Negativity creates the trauma and drama of the 3rd dimensional density field - the field that rolls out the red carpet inviting one into the theatre of terrifying and numbing adventures and catastrophes. We are unable to feel the contrast of dread and horror without there being negative thought forms/feelings and the like to jerk us into action.

Spiritual Guilt And Shame

Some spiritual teachings say that we are responsible for all our thoughts, that we create and need to handle them. Believing that we are somehow responsible for every screwball and demented cogitation that pops up yields whopping amounts of guilt and shame.

Does it follow that if we have such self-created distortions in our head, we are also severely distorted in who we are? It seems so when a rigorous spiritual tenet says it is so. Talking about part of the problem...this really, really is a  mindf*ck.

So if we are told we create every single thought we have and those thoughts are dynamically unsettling to say the very least, then how can we maintain any kind of self love or self worth believing that our behavior, our beingness constructed every quark of that madness?

That seems part of the plan of keeping us down and out. We have to wonder what and who is really behind that spiritual mishmash. If you are reading this and feeling guilt and shame, I am gently requesting that you please stop now...don't continue to punish yourself.

Unveiling the Source: Do Negative Thoughts Truly Belong to You?

7 Origins of Thoughts That Are Not Ours

The usual suspects, although not conclusive.

  1.  The Matrix Of Duality Consciousness And Accompanying Curriculum

The matrix is so sophisticated and all-encompassing that books can be written about it. Both sides of duality consciousness, the dark and the light, participate in this intricate and interlaced grid. The matrix is the mother lode in thought and programming production. All of the following are just adjuncts embedded within it.  

  1.  Collective Conscious/Unconscious

For as long as humans have been on the earth, a collective conscious/unconscious vibrational mass has been perpetually growing exponentially. In it are stored thoughts, ideas, programming, etc. from individuals and organizations since the beginning of time. Humanity is enveloped by and influenced in every second of every day by this mass. There are things we can do to detangle from that convoluted clump, but staying detangled is the challenge. 

  1. Religious/Media/Conventional Schooling Thoughtforms/Programming

As soon as we are born we are exposed to myriad influences and absorb them like a sponge. Participating in religious or spiritual groups can cement in hard-core beliefs about what god is or god is not and the fear that comes along with that programming. Conventional schooling and the media play a significant role in how we form opinions and make choices. When we can begin to recognize that this conditioning is not our own, we can then begin to ignore it. Recognizing that conditioning while in complete saturation, though, is the kink in the link.

  1.  Distorted And Compound Energy Packets From Others

We also pick up wounded energies (energy packets) from others in this life and other lifetimes. Sometimes these hitchhikers are often accompanied by their own hitchhikers which then compounds the mayhem. The load can be significant in just this regard. And all the information in those energy packets are expressing 24/7.

  1. Creepy Critters And Their Intrusive Manipulation

You know what wascally wabbits we are talking about here - entities from both sides of the polarity scale. Their names are legion, and it may not a good idea to trust those with pointy tails or fluffy wings...just sayin'. Their mind manipulation tricks generate unhealthy and especially destructive suggestions. They also, individually, whisper sweet nothings in our ears.

  1. False Guides Feeding Us Crappy Information

From my experience we are born with one Super Guide and other minor guides. The Super Guide may vacate its position for various reasons and other not-so friendly influences will then fill in that vacuum. The same goes with the minor guides. Most times we don't even know there are interlopers because we seem to be getting the same quality of communication, but they dress it up that way - in pleasantries and feel-good vibes. Tricky, tricky.

  1.  Generic Thoughtform Masses And Verbal Clouds

This is almost the same as collective consciousness but not quite, yet works in the same way. These can come from the folk who populate our immediate vicinity. 

Is it any wonder that we are in the soup we are in?

7 Diversions

  1.  Minimizing the Thought River Using Meditation

One exercise that may help:

Visualize yourself relaxing on a beautiful, peaceful bank by a fast-flowing river. See the green lushness of the trees and grass and feel the welcoming arms of the earth. From this position, watch the river flow at a rapid rate and envision myriad fish going with the flow.

Now see your mind/brain as the peaceful riverbank, the fast-flowing river as the thought train flowing thru your mind, and the little fishes as intrusive, non beneficial thoughts. Practice detachment from the little fishes.

Make up your own correlations or find the gold that works for you. There are many meditation methods available.

  1. Do Not Hook In

If unable to minimize the thought river and little fishes and detach, the next best thing is not to ‘hook in’ to the thoughts. In other words, do not feed them with emotion. When we hook in, we step into the poopoo pile. All manner of disfunction - physically and emotionally, psychically - happens when we hook into thoughts and give them energy. If we can manage to be the witness instead of the participant, life flows smoother and we manifest less dis-ease in all our bodies of consciousness.

  1. Take A Walk.

Get into nature somehow and focus on the greenery, the beauty and fragrant smells. Stay as long as you can. Being in nature is always a good move no matter the circumstances.

  1. Music - The Great Equalizer.  

Sound is a wonderful tool to break up invasive energy patterns. Dancing to the music lifts us even higher.

  1. Get into Creation Mode.  

Do you write, paint, color? Do an activity that puts you squarely in a place of creating something out of nothing.

  1. Go to Zero Point - Sacred Space of Nothingness.  

This is sorta like number one, but not. It is dismissing the craycray thought train by taking your mind, your focus to Zero Point.  I have tried all kinds of techniques over the years and this one works the best for me for now.

  1. Envision a classic number line:

-10, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, +10. 

It may be helpful to google 'number line' to get a better visualization.

Visualize looking at your body, from head to toe, at a distance face front. Now take that number line and superimpose it onto your body. The Zero Point will run down the very middle of your body. That is the neutral zone - your Sacred Space of Nothingness. The numbers now to the left and right of you are duality and the place where the thoughts enter. Zero Point is the land of nothingness - no negative or positive charges, no duality.

When any negativity comes to mind, I immediately shift my focus to Zero Point, imagine my space of nothingness down the centerline of me. I am then able to detach and/or not invest any emotion at the very least.

Sometimes when I am in a space of really focusing, I will track an especially invasive thought train.  If we are unusually sensitive we can feel which direction the thought(s) are coming from whether it is from the sides, back, top or bottom. This may seem strange but try it. Feel into the thought and then follow and track the energy. All of us are naturally energy trackers. Now see step 7.

  1. Neutralize 

Either you track or ask your Authentic Self (or whatever you consider your Highest Source) to track the thought to its source and flatline and neutralize it.  

When Thoughts Are Ours And Helpful

Sometimes these thoughts are ours, such as our own wounded energy from this lifetime or another existence. The thoughts attached to the wounds are, most times, screams for help that point the way to the pain - the stored energy of an event. This is usually a good time to either take measures to self heal or reach out for help. 

There is so very much going on in, through and around us that it is amazing any of us can walk around and function. Pat yourself on the back for just breathing. 


Source Here
Aniel Lia Love
Soul Remediation can simply be described as the resolution/expulsion and/or realignment of energies/entities/inner conflict that block our alignment and communication with our True/Authentic Self/Source Consciousness. Soul Remediation work also improves the flow of universal life force energy in, through and around our physical body and Quantum Fields creating greater potential for physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and freedom. Aniel Lia Love speaks on her journey/perspectives and remediation practice, consciousness and adventures and activities on her property named Iti Chaha meaning Tall Tree in the Choctaw dialect. 

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