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Polarity Therapy - A Primer


Polarity therapy was developed by Randolph Stone, who found that the human energy field is affected by touch, diet, attitudes, movement and sound and by relationships and environmental factors. It is a wide ranging therapy that incorporates Eastern and Western approaches and it is based on the idea that a form of energy flows around the body from one pole to another, rather like a magnetic current. The energy can be positive, negative or neutral and it flows between energy centers known as Chakras.

There are four techniques that have been designed to help the body balance and heal itself:

Manipulation and Touch

The therapist will use his hands to release and then polarize blocked energy currents that are causing illness. There are 3 types of pressure that can be applied. Positive, which is manipulation of various parts of the body; Negative, deeper pressure and manipulation especially of the tissues and Neutral, which is a light, soothing touch that is done with the fingertips. Healing is believed to come from within the patient and the therapist is merely a facilitator or helper and not the external curative force.

Stretching Postures

This involves exercises similar to yoga postures, such as sitting with your legs crossed, squatting and clasping your hands behind your head to open up energy currents, tone muscles, sinews and ligaments and to strengthen the spine. You will be asked to shout and groan during the exercises to help release tension. Movement posture and sound is believed to affect the human energy field and promote healing.


You will be put on a cleaning diet to help clear the system of all the accumulated poisons, sometimes for up to 2 weeks. The diet consists of fruit and vegetables and plenty of natural fruit drinks. Once you are cleansed you will be put on a "health-building" diet, which is then followed by a "maintenance" diet which is intended to maintain fitness and health.

Mental Attitude

This is done through counseling and any negative attitudes that may be causing ill health are dealt with. This stage helps to balance and stabilize the mind.

The Energy Field

staff_of_hermesThe ancient Greeks and Egyptians depicted the shape of the energy field as the Caduceus or Staff of Hermes, which is now commonly known as the symbol of allopathic medicine. The shape is of a snake entwined around a staff. The parts of this symbol correspond to the 4 distinct yet interdependent parts of the human energy field:

  • The Globe at the top of the staff in the centre is the core of Primary energy, and is found in the Cranio-Sacral structures and functions.
  • The intertwining snakes are the 3 Principles of attraction, repulsion and transitional stillness.
  • The 5 intersections along the central core are the 5 elements.
  • The wings represent Consciousness, which is humanity's potential to transcend materialism and reunite with its Source.

Polarity therapy claims that there are 4 parts that underlie the totality of the human experience - preceding and determining spirit, mind, feelings and body. Understanding these 4 parts and their applications is the main scope of polarity therapy. Good health is experienced only when these 4 parts are working normally. Energy flows smoothly, without any significant blockage or fixation on any level. Disease only occurs when there is a blockage or energy is unbalanced. Blockages are a result of stress and trauma.

Therapy is about finding these blockages and releasing and maintaining energy to normal flow patterns.

The Four Dimensions

Primary Energy- Techniques are centered on the cranio-sacral system. The subtle movements and functions of the cranium, sacrum and spine are studied, focusing mainly on the potency of the energy and the free movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, as this fluid is considered to be a conveyor of the most subtle and most powerful energy flow in the body.

The Three Principles

This is the basic study of the Yin and Yang. All the tissues and functions, all microcosmic and macrocosmic relationships, can be understood in terms of charged energy, categorized in polarity as positive, negative and neutral. These three are in constant dynamic tension with each other, creating the basis for physical manifestation. The Three Principles are applied in terms of location and quality of touch, in methods for balancing the nervous systems, and numerous other ways.


Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Methods

Consciousness is affected by techniques for releasing old trauma and establishing new blueprint-level attitudes and expectations about yourself and others. Cognitive methods help the patient become more aware of the factors that affect consciousness and Non-Cognitive methods occurs when energy is released, new behaviours arise spontaneously without any conscious effort.

How Does It Work?

You will first be asked to give your full medical history and then the therapist will analyze your energy patterns and physical structure. By testing the body's pressure points and reflexes he will be able to detect any blocks in your energy pattern. The four techniques that are discussed above will be used to help balance the energy patterns and their physical repercussions. The patient has to be aware of the healing process of his body, as a person’s emotions concerning the problem can cause the body to stop healing or even increase the healing rate. You may be asked to keep a record of all the food that you eat so that your therapist can assess how your diet is affecting your health.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who is ill can benefit from this type of therapy. However it concentrates on achieving polarity or balance, rather than dealing with specific symptoms. The patient must give full co-operation, commitment and belief for this therapy to give any positive results.

Researched By Body and Mind

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