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10 Vegetables You Can Buy Once And Regrow Forever!


As we grow older and wiser, we understand that our parents were right, and vegetables are of high importance for our overall health.

Their introduction to the daily diet offers multiple health benefits, but their disadvantage is that they go bad fast. However, there is a solution to this, and it is simple and inexpensive!

Just start growing your own vegetables at home!

The following 10 vegetables are extremely easy to grow and this is how to regrow them and have them in unlimited supplies:


This early spring vegetable, if kept properly, can produce every year for up to 25 years or 2-year old crowns. The seeds require a few years in order to mature, so you can get faster effects if you choose to use crowns. Note that if waterlogged, the asparagus will rot.


You can use garlic cloves to regrow sprouts, and one little clove can give you more than 10 garlic cloves. You can add them to salads, pasta, and various dishes, as their taste is a bit milder.

As soon as they sprout, place them in a glass with some water, and keep the glass on the windowsill, or outside. Replant the sprouts as soon as they reach a couple of inches.

Use a larger pot and fertile soil, and after a few days, the first leaves will appear. Pick the garlic when the leaves are brown and start falling.


Use carrot tops to regrow your carrots. Place them in a dish with some water, and keep the dish on a window sill or in a well-lit room. Their taste might be a bit bitter, but you can sweeten them with vinegar and mix it with garlic, and this add them to salads.

Bok Choy:

Put the root ends of the Chinese cabbage in some water, in a well-lit room, and leave them thus for a couple of weeks. Afterward, transfer the vegetable to a pot with soil. It will soon grow a new head of lettuce.

Romaine Lettuce:

You can grow your new lettuce from the bottom of a lettuce head. Place stumps of it in a half inch of water, and when you notice the first new roots and leaves, replant it into the garden or in a pot with soil. Its leaves might grow up to twice the size.

The same method can be used to regrow cabbages.


The roots of the scallions can be used to regrow the new vegetables. Place an inch of the scallions attached to the root in a glass of water, and keep the glass in a well-lit room. Soon, the new scallions will appear, and you can start picking them when they are 4-6 inches long.


Use the celery bottoms to regrow the new vegetables. Cut off the base, and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer in the sun, and in the middle of the base, you will soon notice the leaves. After 3 days, replant them in soil.


Put the stems of cilantro in a glass of water, and the new ones will grow soon. When they become longer, transfer them into a pot with soil, and keep the pot in a room with ample lighting. Expect the new plants in a couple of months.


You need basil clippings with stems of 3-4 inches and put them in a glass of water. The glass should be exposed to a direct sunlight, and as soon as the roots become 2 inches long, plant them in pots. Water the basil regularly for it not to be too slimy.

Globe Artichoke:

The artichokes should be harvested only when they unfurl to reveal fuzzy purple flowers. To grow this plant you’ll a moist, well-drained soil and sunny environment.

Plant 24-36 inches artichokes apart in rows, about 36 inches apart in a well-drained soil, exposed to the sun. The soil should be previously amended with 2 inches of compost.

You should fertilize the soil with a high-nitrogen fertilizer every month. They can be harvested in spring, but also in fall, during their secondary peak. You should harvest the flower buds when the bud is not opened, but the stalk is completely extended.

If you decide to grow your vegetables at home, your body, family, and wallet will be forever grateful!

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