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Fruit, the Source of Health and Energy

fruitcopiaSeveral health researches defend that fruit is the source of health and energy because fruit contains all the vital nutrients the human body requires to maintain it in a healthy and balanced state.

They explain that water is the most plentiful substance in the body. More than two-thirds of the body’s water content is found inside cells. The rest is found coursing through the body, carrying vital nutrients and blood cells. In addition water functions in chemical reactions, serves as a lubricant in joints, aids in maintaining body temperature, and serves as an insulator and shock absorber in body temperature.

They say that the body requires an intake of over two quarters of water every day to function optimally. About one quarter comes from the foods people eat. Not drinking enough liquids or eating enough high-water content foods puts a great deal of stress on the body. But people must be careful with water supply for many chemicals are added to water. The best way to take water is from FRUIT. It’s logical for the human body to consume food that contains as much water as the body itself.

FRUIT provides the body with natural water.

They defend that after water, protein is the next most plentiful component of the body. The body manufactures proteins to make up muscles, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails and other structures.

They say that proteins also function as enzymes, hormones and as important components to other cells, such as genes. Adequate protein intake is essential to good health.

They explain that proteins are composed of individual building blocks known as amino acids. In their opinion the human body can manufacture most of the amino acids required for making body proteins but there are nine amino acids that are essential, which the body does not build and obtains from food intake.

There are several researches that do not believe that fruit contain enough protein, but….

There are several FRUITS with high protein percentage such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, brazil nut, avocado and dates (for further information click on nutritional contents of fruits).

Researches say that carbohydrates provide the body with the energy it needs for its functions. There are two groups of carbohydrates, simple and complex.

They explain that the body for a ready source of energy, quickly absorbs simple carbohydrates, or sugars. The natural simple sugars in fruits and vegetables have an advantage over sucrose and other refined sugars for they are balanced in a wide range of nutrients that help in the utilization of the sugars. Complex carbohydrates, or starches are composed of many sugars.

They say that the body cannot use starch. Starch must first be converted into sugar and the complex sugars into simple sugars before they are absorbed. This is done in the process of digestion and begins in the mouth.

They believe that the body’s need for sugar can very well be supplied without the need of commercial sugars.

They defend that sugars should be eaten as nature provides them FRUIT has natural sugar.

Health researches affirm that there is very little fat (hydrocarbons) in fresh fruit, but the fats that are present are essential to human health. The essential fatty acids function in our bodies as components of nerve cells, cellular membranes and hormone like substances. Fats also help the body produce energy.

They explain that besides the fatty acids supplied by the fats in our diet, fats also contain fat, soluble vitamins and minerals. Large quantity of fat is not required, but a small quantity daily is essential to normal development and maintenance and to good health.

They say that fat serves as a protection and as a packing and support for organs, forms emulsions and lubricants, serves as storage for reserve “fuel”, enters into the constituents of the walls of the body’s cells, and is an essential element of the nervous system.

They strongly believe that fats like sugars are best taken as nature prepares them. Most nuts are rich in fats and oils such as linseed, cashew nuts, walnuts, olives, avocados and bananas (for further information click on nutritional contents of fruits)

FRUIT has essential fat

Researches explain that vitamins are essential to good health, without them key body processes would not be able. There are fifteen different known vitamins, each with its own special role to play. Vitamins function along with enzymes in chemical reactions necessary for the body to function, including energy production.

Minerals function, along with vitamins, as components of body enzymes. They are needed for proper composition of bone, blood and the maintenance of normal cell function. There are twenty-two different minerals important in human nutrition.

They explain that plants incorporate minerals from the soil into their own tissues; fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of many minerals.

One of the primary nutritional benefits of fresh fruit is that is very rich in potassium and very low in sodium. The balance of these two are extremely important to human health. The cells pump out sodium and pump in potassium in order to function properly. Potassium maintains in the body the water balance and distribution, acid-base balance, muscle and nerve cell function, heart function, kidney and adrenal function.

FRUIT contains the most valuable amount of vitamins and minerals.

FRUIT has it all…. no wonder you feel healthy, light, strong and energetic.

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