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This blog is not really meant to be about food and nutrition, but it is an aspect of life for which the cabal has spent so much energy to program the population, and it has many ethical, energetic, and environmental ramifications so I will dedicate one article to it.

I do not believe that food is the most important aspect of our lives and liberation, and being overly concerned and stressed about it is also unhealthy, however many lives and the planetary situation can improve a lot by deprogramming ourselves even a little bit, as I will show here.

Food is something that many people do not want to question, for 4 main reasons :

  1. Food is the way children are taught love, through breastfeeding and the relationship with their parents especially in early years. This creates many subconscious emotional associations with food.
  2. Food is associated with survival, and many people can get triggered when their perceived source of survival is questioned.
  3. Food is often associated with social connections : people eat together, and historically people gathered food together. Most people do not want to do differently than the masses and their closed ones, because subconsciously it is associated with being isolated which can be dangerous for survival (especially historically).
  4. Many substances in food can cause addictions and the cabal has purposely promoted that. Addicts can be triggered when questioned, especially when they are not aware they are addicts.

Please keep this in mind while reading this article. And for that reason, I will stick here mostly to facts, and back many things I am saying with conclusive scientific studies.

Here it is important to remember that how somebody should eat will not always be the same than for other people, and it will differ from time to time, so we should listen to ourselves and listen to our bodies, and not try to force people to eat a certain way. At the same time, it's also good to be aware that we can be programmed, and our physical bodies can be programmed, so craving is not the same as needing. For example the physical, emotional, and mental bodies may crave cocaine, and even have symptoms from the lack of it, but that doesn't mean this is what the bodies need.

Health aspect

So what does the body need ? Physiology gives a lot of clues about this :


Also, if you place a child or an adult in a room with a live squirrel running around the room, and a banana, the banana will automatically be thought of as food, but very very few people will even think about killing the squirrel and rip its body apart with their own claws (nails) and teeth, and even less people will be able to actually do it. If this is not your instinct and the way your body is designed, most likely this is not what you need. 

So quite naturally, shifting away from meat consumption has been repeatedly shown to drastically prevent the main diseases on Earth, as it's been very well reported here, and in the documentary 'Forks over Knives'. And also quite naturally, there is not a single nutrient that is beneficial for human life, that is found in animal foods and not found abundantly in plant foods (more on that later).

Ethical issues

Also, the way animals are treated is totally horrendous, as many people know. It's been shown in the documentaries 'Earthlings' and 'Farm to Fridge', and it is happening also on small scale organic farms systematically. If people saw only a quarter of what is done to 150 billion cows, pigs, chickens etc every year, done to just a few dogs or cats or any other wild animal, the vast majority of people would be so completely outraged that they would passionately try to make it stop, and for sure would not be able to consume their meat. This is another very clear sign of societal programming.


And when most people realize what their 'food' is actually made of, they usually can not eat it, another sign of programming and disconnection from the truth.


This is something many people already understand, many lightworkers already do not eat meat and fish. However, the way animals are treated in the dairy industry is actually even more horrendous than the meat industry. Animals raised for meat are only raised and killed. Animals raised for dairy and eggs are kept in horrible conditions for years, mutilated and tortured repeatedly. Animals raised for dairy experience an especially horrible life, because to get milk you need to have a baby, so both cows and bulls are raped with machines to inseminate them, which is very painful and traumatizing, and the babies are taken away at birth and killed for meat (otherwise they would drink the milk). This process is repeated year after year with no break for the animals, who would not normally reproduce as much. These conditions are so bad for the animals that the life expectancy of a cow in dairy farm is about 5 years, contrary to 20-25 years in normal conditions, even on small scale organic farms. You can see all this explained in 5min here. The story with eggs is similar, and both dairy and eggs have been proven to be just as bad for human health as meat, as shown in some of the documentaries linked above.

Environmental Issues

The livestock industry is the cause of 91% of deforestation, as it now occupies about 40% of Earth total land. The excrement produced by the US livestock alone is equivalent to the excrement of about 39 billion humans, causing a lot of toxicity for our land, water and air, as we artificially breed way too many animals than the planet could handle. Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, and water pollution in the world. Sources for this can be found in the documentary 'Cowspiracy' or here

Energetic Consequences

The extreme suffering caused to more than 150 billion sentient beings every year has huge consequences on the energy of the planet. Food is not only physical but also has plasma, etheric, astral and mental aspects, and as people consume products from animals who suffered so much all their lives, they also consume this energy. With some skills, some people may be able to clear this energy from themselves, but it is something that is not easy to do, and it surely does not remove the consequences these huge concentration camps for animals have on the energy grid of the planet as they generate big negative energy fields that contaminate the ley lines. By buying these products you fund these activities, they continue to happen because of demand from consumers, so simply blessing the dead body parts on your plate does not remove all its negative consequences and your implications in them.


The cabal is very actively spreading nutritional disinformation to keep people confused about this, and suppressing the truth from being shared, so I will dispel a few myths here.

Plant foods contain all needed and beneficial nutrients in abundant quantity. Websites that can track your nutrition intake daily such as cronometer show clearly that even only fruits can provide all essential amino acids (protein), fats, vitamins and most minerals, quite easily.

In general, whole plant foods are the most nourishing, disease preventing, and the richest in non-physical life force. Whole means that certain parts of the food are not isolated, so for example processed cane sugar or any type of oils are not whole foods. Nature designs foods as a synergistic package, and the body does not respond well to man-made isolated processed food nutrients (as shown here and here)

Vitamin B12 is often cited as a nutrient only found in animal foods and not in plants. B12 doesn't actually come from animals but from bacterias in the soil and water, and animals get it from there. People used to get it mostly from untreated water they were drinking, but today everything is so sanitized that we do not get it, and 40% of the population is actually deficient, although only 2% are vegan, so eating animals doesn't mean you will get B12, as many animals in factory farms do not get it either. The body can sometimes manufacture it itself, some rare plant foods such as certain yeasts and seaweeds contain some, otherwise some supplements have been found effective.

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for our bodies, every cell in the body runs on them. They are barely found in animal foods and they are the main component of most plant foods. They are not responsible for all the problems that many media have blamed them for (sources in the documentary 'Forks over Knives'), and it is good to center the diet around them, with healthy balanced amount of whole fat and protein.

In terms of taste, which can also be important for emotional and mental nourishment, animal foods are just raw materials that do not contain anything that can't be replaced, the key is just changing a few habits of food preparation, most of which has already been done by various vegan chefs out there.

Energetically, fruits which are mostly growing high in branches are great for raising your frequency, root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc) are good for grounding, greens are good for balance and healing. Raw foods, as well as spices, are generally the richest in non-physical life force. 


These are just general guidelines and it's always best to follow our own body and guidance, do some research and do as best as we can for our personal goals, without being overly concerned or stressed about it.

Ethically, it is true that we can hardly exist on this planet without being implicated in the matrix one way or another, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do the best we can. Saying that 'you can't be out of the system anyway so you might as well not care about any of it' equates to saying 'I already lost one arm so I might as well cut off the other'. Doing the best we can means avoiding making excuses to cover up the 4 reasons I listed that the beginning of this article why people do not want to change. If everybody did the best they can on all levels (not just food), the whole matrix would have collapsed already. Improving the way we eat is one of the things we can do to create drastic positive change for the health of humans, animals, and the planets ecosystems.

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