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We Are Spiritual Beings Learning How to be Perfectly Human - Part 1

We Are Spiritual Beings Learning How to be Perfectly Human - Part 1

As most of you already know, I view us as eternal Soul/Spirits learning to deal with matter and each other in a dualistic system which conceals more than it reveals. Unfortunately, the human condition is plagued by fear, delusions, and what His Holiness refers to as “the self-grasping, self-cherishing mind.” Today we take a new look at who we think we are and who we really ARE.

Our world is currently struggling at the threshold of our collective transition out of separateness, fear, illusions, and superstitions, and yet millions of us know that it’s all merely an illusion on its own plane of perception. We know we are Spirits in the material world, but what is the relationship of Spirit to the body, feelings, and mind we believe we have?

So what is Spirit, what is Soul, what is Mind, what is ego, what is personality, and how do these all fit together into the larger scheme of our evolution? While hundreds of books have been written about this vast subject, today we'll explore a brief overview of our visible and invisible bodies, and the interrelationships between the spiritual and human components of our life.

I’ll begin by again stating we are all Eternal Beings having human experiences. We have a body, we have feelings, we have a mind, but we ARE a Soul/Spirit. We are all Beings of Light, existing on a variety of frequencies simultaneously that eternally transform within a larger universe of Infinite Light. If we are all Divine Sparks within a great Light/Lifewave of a Universal Consciousness that manifests as “All-That-Is,” then how do we become the ideal of Love, Wisdom, and Divine Intelligence which is our true nature?

By way of introducing this profound topic, I’ll begin by stating there are 7 planes of existence, from the most dense (matter) to the least dense, through the feeling plane, the idea plane, the aspirational plane, and the planes of Soul and Spirit, which are non-dual and exist eternally on their own level. So let’s take a look at the highest planes of spiritual existence, and work our way into the lowest, or most dense, plane of existence.

The Planes of Spirit

Pure Spirit Itself is an aspect or quality of what we call "God," or “All-That-Is.” We have come to except that the nature of “All-That-Is,” or “God,” is Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence, which express across all the planes of our existence as Power, Love-Wisdom, and Intelligence in Action.

All that is comes from the Limitless Light that we call “God.” In the beginning was the void, the Cosmic Pralaya of eonic stillness. And then “God” awakened, and Nothingness became Limitlessness, which manifested as :imitless Light all in One, forever and eternal. Because of the limitations of our consciousness in the planes of existence in which we live, breathe, and have our Being, we can only know the aspect of “God” that is called "Limitless Light." Limitless Light is the larger field within which our Inner Flame is sustained. It is the eternal field of Devachan, the Heavenworld which exists beyond the planes of dualism.

The Inner Flame

Our Inner Flame is Eternal, Its growth is infinite, and its radiance never weakens. It is whole unto Itself, and is never separate from All-That-Is. We are told in the venerable Magic of Space that

You send out to others a radiation of your own Inner Flame -- the Light. No words exist which can exactly express this Inner Flame -- it is one of the most silently apparent of possessions. It travels from heart to heart in its own channel of expression and exchange. You always sense it -- even those sense it who do not acknowledge it with anything better than mental sophistication.

It is a unique and unmistakable thing, the kindly radiation of one who conducts, even though unconsciously, the current of Universal Force. This radiation is the one thing which does not work in alternate rhythm of activity and rest.

Radiance should not wax and wane in power depending upon the earth's recognition of it. It is continually existent under all conditions, whether others see it or not. This is your own bit of frequency, which you alone can manipulate. Therein is happiness secure -- the control of destiny is in the steady maintenance of a course satisfactory to your highest apex of perception; radiance is the reward of permanence of heart.

The Eternal Self Learns Skill Through Managing the Energy Field Around It

During our evolution through various views and experiences of Self-Realization, the Eternal Divine Spark that we ARE, the "I AM THAT I AM," is pulled by its own nature to manifest in different frequencies of form. It is not enough to be Self-realized in limited ways; we are here to learn all we can, accomplish all we can, grow all we can, and kill out our sense of separateness. In our Earth sphere of evolution, these manifestations are conditioned by the three great Laws of our system, those being Magnetic Attraction, Synthesis, and Economy of Energy.

As we learn about these Divine Laws, we understand why we are attracted to people and things at one time but not another. We learn how all that we go through helps us to see the bigger picture of our life and relationships. And we learn that to let go is to attract the next thing which comes. This is part of being an Eternal Intelligence. Welcome to humanness, itself but one of many forms we will experience throughout Eternity. There are many more subtle frequencies where intelligent life manifests than many people suspect.

Even the Solar Intelligence at the center of our solar system has a greater distant Sun to which it turns for light. The Sun of our Sun is the star Sirius, which holds the key to many ancient mysteries about where humanity came from and where our entire Solar System as an intelligent multidimensional harmonic holographic awareness is evolving toward.

How Do Our Spirit and Soul Come Into Manifestation?

We are told by the ancient and venerable source material in The Secret Doctrine, translated from two extraordinarily ancient Chronicles by HP Blavatsky about 140 years ago, that ALL beings in this scheme of things, whether mineral, vegetable, animal, or cosmic substance, have 7 “bodies,” of which the physical is merely the densest. When our Eternal Self is moved to experience itself in form, temporarily individualized within All-That-Is, that Spark of Spirit that we ARE emanates and magnetizes chitta, or "Cosmic Substance," attracting to itself holographic forms of its nature in both subtle and dense forms. We are One and yet we are also many.

The non-dual Spark we ARE has been called the Monad. It approximates a unique form of what I've termed "Our Father-Mother God in Heaven Which Is One Indivisible." We cannot know That directly, but we can know our unique experience of That, even if we can never describe it.

When our Monad is moved to manifest, the emanation creates first the higher subtle bodies and then the denser "lower" bodies. The frequencies of attraction move from the subtle, higher, purer forms to the denser and lower frequency forms, all of which exist simultaneously, much like a 7-toned evolving harmonic, or a 7-colored evolving vision.

The Upper Triad is composed of Atma (Spirit), Buddhi (Soul), and Manas (Pure Mind). These are mirrored holographically as a "lower Triad" of body, feelings, and ego-mind.

Atma(n) is pure Spirit, the nondual eternal Spark that ignites pure inspiration shining through the higher, subtle, refined feelings that are sensed and felt by the Soul (Buddhi). Atman is “Spiritual lightning in a bottle.” It is uncontained, unstoppable, and always its own nature.

The Soul is the vehicle with which we experience pure Love on its own level. It is said that the Buddhic level of existence is where "Heaven," or "Devachan," exists.

On Atmic and Buddhic levels there is still no experience of duality, since the emanative pulse hasn't yet reached the still denser Manasic level of Mind where duality exists. All duality begins in the mind.

Our Soul stands ready eternally to open us to greater forms of experiencing how to give and receive Love. Our Soul is never confrontational and has no negative feelings. It is our Magnetism of Loving Harmony. It is our higher or more subtle and refined "feeling vehicle" just as our Astral (emotional) body is the more dense and unrefined feeling vehicle.

The Soul knows ONLY the highest feelings, and is never split from itself or Spirit. That's an impossibility given the nature of the human emanation, our 7 vehicles, and how we incarnate. No part of us is ever separate from anything else in the universe.

The Soul's function is to Love. Its nature is Love. Its expression is what we call compassion ("fellow-feeling"), connectedness, and is what infuses higher thoughts with love and united-ness. It is the vehicle of cohesive Love. There is no inner conflict on a Soul level. All conflict exists only on an egoic level, the level of duality.

The Soul does not recognize duality, as its nature is the pure undiluted experience of Love. The Soul can feel the sorrow of humanity as well as the suffering of sentient beings, but experiences only compassion arising from strength of heart and an unending experience of Love.

The Higher Mind and the lower mind

The next denser subtle body is the Higher Mind, which naturally finds its complement in the lower mind, or ego-mind. The Higher Mind is where our Higher Self exists, that part of us which has noble ideas and ideals it believes are the highest and best manifestations of our human self. Our Higher Self is receptive to, and seeks to express in various mentally constructed forms of, our Soul's compassion and Love infused and inspired by the pure Spirit of Atman.

When our Monad manifests and eventually attracts the chitta that forms the substance of our Higher and lower Minds, duality is created in us. Pure Godhead knows no duality, but we experience duality as a result of our incarnated mind experiencing substantial reality.

Duality in the Higher Mind gives rise to ego mind, which is the shadow of the Higher Mind. Ego mind is separative and judgmental using its process of sequence and selection to compare and contrast all the distinctions that exist on the frequencies of mind. Ego mind is also heavily influenced by the desire mind, which exists at the densest levels of the lower mental plane as they resonate with various subplanes of the astral frequencies.

A Brief and Profound Meditation

There are many more things to explore along these lines, but for now please reflect on what I've written. I have been told it’s good to re-read it a few times to “attune” to the frequencies where our Higher subtle Bodies exist. This actually opens the door to a very good meditation.

Find a space where you can relax into pure receptivity to the experience of Atma-Buddhi. Still the mind from needing to perceive "higher awareness" and you can experience your non-dual Self. That's the eternal state. Open to experiencing that which observes your personality and loves you throughout the ages.

Try to forget you are meditating. Let go of your mental desire to perceive that you are (or believe you are) in a higher state, and simply BE open to experiencing that which you are when you are not thinking, feeling, and doing. Once you know your Eternal Self even for one moment, you will never forget that experience.

Part 2 will explore how our Higher Triad relates to our ego, personality, and the other parts of our human experience.


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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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